March, 2008

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March 3 - In response to a question from Paul Belfay, I added photos of the vestiges of Northeastern Speedway from me and from Justin St. Louis. Thanks Justin !I am going to have an upcoming features page that previews upcoming projects, like new drivers' pages, for instance. I have tried putting a few more photos on the Thunder Road page. I'm having a very bad time with the tables on that page, so I can't guarantee what it's going to look like.

March 4 - I made a few updates to the Malletts Bay Speedway and Race Tracks in Colchester pages. The waters continue to be muddied, in the case of getting straight facts on the five race tracks in the town of Colchester, Vt. Now Ron Barcomb [former driver and nephew of track owner Walter Barcomb] has insisted that the main track, usually referred to by most as "Malletts Bay", is not Colchester-Bayview and never was. He claims the Harvey Moody track, which I have been calling Green Mountain Raceway is actually Colchester-Bayview. Who knows !? It's very exasperating.

March 7 - Happy Birthday to my lovely bride of twenty years. I made a couple of changes to the Catamount Mini Stock Competitors page, including adding Monique Proulx and repairing Don Therrien's address.

March 8 - I added a Column #7 to that area of the site. It includes some updates to the original that appeared around 2005 or 06. I have made a serial page on Canadian driver Frank Hodge. This is a different format, with separate pages for each decade of his long career. With minutes left in the day, I added a link to AMEC, an ice racing club whose site message board has a great section on vintage racing in the Capital District area of New York. Thanks to Joe Grossetti. See it on my links page.

March 12 - I have noticed that Otto Graham's site is not coming up lately. I certainly hope whatever the tech problems are over there in Burlington Flats, NY that he can re-appear. It was his site that inspired me to start this one.
        I have added two photos from Mike Watts onto the Saranac Lake Speedway portion of the Northern New York Drivers and Teams Page. I also placed some more of the numerous Bob Mackey photos, from John Rock and Bobby Castine. I have gotten some exciting pix from a message board in New York. Seeing as I have the Frank Hodge series done, I have changed the Upcoming Features page to now include the Teresco and Mancini 685 of the "Flying Judge" Jack Farquhar.

March 15 - I have made a small update on the Links to Related Sites page. Otto Graham's site is off line, and it may not return. He was apparently the victim of some sloppiness from a web access provider, or something like that, and he just doesn't feel he can start over from scratch again. Otto's site was what inspired me to do this one. He is a friend, and I regret the loss of his site.

March 17 - I have to use today, which is supposed to be a day of celebration, to announce that we have lost Henry Montandon, according to some news I heard this weekend. He died on Thursday, March 13. What a nice man, and a great driver. My particular sympathies to Lloyd Hutchins, Henry's brother-in-law [and closest friend]. I did a small page on Henry; I didn't have many photos.

March 18 - I  have added to the Henry Montandon page, thanks to contributions from Justin St. Louis. I also recommend you check out Lloyd's little site: . It has a lot of good stuff on his restored 176 Bobby Edwards "Alligator" car. Thanks again to JSL.

March 19 - I  hope nobody else gets what I have. I've been out all week, so far. The only reason I am the keyboard is lying down gives me a horrible headache. That's OK, sitting here makes every muscle ache. What crap this is ! I added a few to the Bob Mackey Photo page. I also put some of the photos from the LeFrancois Family on the Fairmont Speedway - older section. This is highly - significant because, before that, I wasn't sure I had any photos of that Fairmont era.

March 20 - In between long naps, I have created a map of Vermont Racing to show every race track I could think of. The #37, which is Rhythm Inn got left off when I made it on Pagemaker, so I tried adding it with the program I use to update the site. It didn't work as well. The map will have a second page that is a key to the numbers.

March 21 - It doesn't look much like Spring, does it ? Brrrr. I have placed two better photos of Spencer Parkhurst on the Fairmont Park Motor Speedway portion [Phase One] of the Fairmont Speedway page. I also placed a second photo of Steady Tony Provencher on the Pico Raceway page. I always knew, despite info to the contrary, that he eventually had his car painted red and white. I also placed Jackie Peterson on the Malletts Bay page, seeing as he raced at practically every track in the region. Before trying again to go to sleep, I added a couple of photos to the bottom of the Early Flying Tigers page [and made a few info corrections].

March 22 - Small corrections, additions and extra photos to the Norman McIver Photo page. I have added two fairgrounds to the map of Vermont Racing , thanks to a suggestion from Alan Ward.

March 23 - Small correction to this page - regarding when Henry Montandon passed on. I have made some additions to the Claremont Speedway [now Twin State] page.

March 31 - I have had a considerable number of emails expressing concern because I haven't updated the site much lately. Firstly, thanks. Here's the situation. I was ill for 9 straight days with a virus, returning to school on March 25. The following day, I came down with my annual allergies to the mold as the ground clears of snow. I got almost as sick again, as my body hadn't recovered from the virus yet. The effect this has had on my classroom is indescribable. The first sub the kids had didn't work out well at all. They were kind of traumatized. I have had these kids for two straight years. When I returned last Tuesday, they almost knocked me over in the doorway. I taught sick Friday and decided I had better take Monday to prevent another slip backwards this week. It is easily twice as much work to get ready for a sub as it is for me to prepare myself. The curriculum is in shambles and I have stacks of busywork the kids did to plow through. That is why I don't update much. Secondly, I have so much material right now, I almost don't know where to start.
     Seeing as I am here for the day again, I'll add a few photos here and there. Additions to the Rhythm Inn page and a complementary page on the Airplane Car. Did you know that Vince Quenneville's famous red 3 at Devils Bowl started out as a Dexter Dorr car?

Ladabouche Photo
The Dorr car at Fairmont

Ladabouche Collection
Vince at Devil's Bowl

Devils Bowl Program Photo
Bob Harrison with the same car


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