Is There Anything He Didn't Drive ?

    I wish to thank Pascal "Magnum" for his cooperation with me. Most of the photos here are from his site [courtesy of Gerard Major].

Courtesy of Gerard Major

     In 1965, Fairmont Speedway , in Fair Haven, Vermont, was enjoying its Golden Era of racing. Sadly, it was also about to the end of its life because the townspeople were creating quite a fuss over the noise, traffic, and dust it generated on Saturday nights. During this period, the track was attracting V-8 sportsman - style coupes from all over the region: New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.
     However, a few competitors were beginning to come down from the Province of Quebec. This was the first time I had ever seen Frank Hodge. I had recognized his car from a photo I had seen in the old magazine Cavalcade of Racing. Hodge, having purchased a car from Vic Wolfe and Bob Bruno, was still sporting the white paint scheme and red numeral 66.
     Hodge, who usually came down with others such as Rejean Field or Pierre LaFrance, seemed to operate his race effort alone. While I am sure he spoke English, Hodge did little mixing with the Fairmont regulars. I found myself admiring his tenacity when - one feature - he was encountering engine problems and visited the pit area at least three times during the race with the carburetor on fire. He'd unstrap, jump out, beat out the fire with a rag, and remount to pursue a decent finish.
    As I recall , Frank attended a few races at Fairmont and at least one at the old Otter Creek Speedway near Vergennes, Vermont. He also ran fairly regularly at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh, NY - a track almost as familiar to the Canadians as to Americans. But, the amazing part of Frank Hodge's career has mainly to do with Quebec. As nearly as I can determine, he drove almost every prominent car in the Quebec sportsman scene by the 1970's, with the possible exception of the 5A and the 27A.
     So, here's to you Frank. You are held in high enough regard to have been invited to pose for a photo with the best Canada had to offer in the vintage racing era.

Courtesy of Gerard Major


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