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     From what people tell me, the Rhythm Inn Speedway was located down a driveway, past a strip club that was its namesake. If a driver referred to getting into a driving rhythm down there, in Millers Fall, Massachusetts, you might want to clarify what he meant. To add to this shady information, I have learned from Chip Cormie, in his words:

    The Rhythm Inn was a club that featured all kinds of entertainment. I remember meeting singers, magicians, dancers and such when I was little. One of the last names I remember associated with the club was Kelly Kruzlic. I don't remember if he owned it or was the manager. There was a back room where the drivers got paid after the races and usually ended up spending it on drinks after the nights racing.

Courtesy of Chip Cormie
This is one of my favorite shots on the whole site. A little makeshift souvenir stand operated
 by Mr. and Mrs. Walt Renner.

    At any rate, it is clear that Rhythm Inn drivers were probably some of the same who participated at West Brattleboro, Claremont, Cheshire Fairgrounds, and others in the southern Vermont / New Hampshire / northern Massachusetts area. Therefore, we give Rhythm Inn its own page. It is clear from efforts I have seen on the Racers Bored .com site that the old track was held in high regard down that way.

Courtesy of Chip Cormie
Rhythm Inn action, with Pappy Forsythe, #80. That B1 is in a lot of shots. He's Ray Brown ?

    According to Chip Cormie, any vestiges of the old track are now bulldozed away to make way for construction of a new Elks lodge. He did say, however, the Elks will devote a wall inside to memorabilia from the track.

Google Earth Photo from racersbored.com
I don't know if the site still looks like this. It is supposedly under attack from development.

Courtesy of Bob Grover
An extremely rare pit pass from the track. Here, it is with AHRRC, rather than Triangle Racing Aassociation. It also ran under Pioneer Valley at one point.

From racersbored.com
 Prominent racer
Ed Patnode gets a
win at R. Inn in 1953

See Below

From racersbored.com
 A R. Inn car at
Ed Cormie's gas station.
Any idea whose ?

From racersbored.com
 R. Inn crash in 1953.
Art Lewis, in the
Bill Carey car.

From racersbored.com
Trophy presentation at
a R. Inn banquet. Ed
Cormie is the recipient.

From racersbored.com
 Ed Cormie,
Greenfield, MA

Track Champ

From racersbored.com
 A Rhythm Inn win for
Ed Cormie and Crew

From racersbored.com
 Ernie Bodreau
Claremont, NH

Did he race at R Inn ?

aimhmga.com Community
Website Photo
 Cecil Bosworth
Athol, MA


Snape Family Collection
 Sonny Rabideau
Brattleboro, VT

Did he race at R Inn ?

From dl Collection
 Flash Gordon
Brattleboro, VT

Did he race at R Inn ?

From dl Collection
Apparently at W. Brattlebor
Did he race at R Inn ?

From dl Collection
 Dick Stone
Brattleboro, VT

He did race at R Inn .

Ladabouche Photo
 Mac McDonald
North Adams, MA

He definitely race some at R Inn.

Ladabouche Photo
 Jim Koehler
Coventry, CT

Did he race at R Inn ?

Ladabouche Photo
 Russ Blake
Pittsfield, MA

Did he race at R Inn ?

Ladabouche Photo
 Frank Hatch
Williamstown, MA

The Ed Wynn M2
Did he race at R Inn ?

Courtesy Neal Davis
 Roger Dutton
Keene, NH

Did he race at R Inn ?

Ladabouche Photo Coll.
 Butch Jelley
Pownal, VT

Did he race at R Inn ? This is the Ed Winn Y out of Northern Mass.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD's
 Joe Ryan
 Shown here at Brattleboro Speedway

 Rene Charland
Holyoke, MA

Track Champ
CLICK HERE for action shots

From racersbored.com
 Buddy Bardwell
Keene, NH

Track Champ

Courtesy of Neal Davis
Roy Forsyth
Keene, NH

Track Champ

Courtesy of Chip Cormie
Forsyth trophied.
This is his own
  That dirty tee shirt shows he has been to Noel Speedway, outside Montreal, at some point.

Speedway Line Report
 Buddy Krebs
Hartford, CT

Photo via Bob SPencer
"Racer Bill"

From racersbored.com
 George Yconic

Courtesy of Chip Cormie
One of Charland's earlier cars.
The fascinating
airplane car of
Rhythm Inn



NE Vintage Mod Site
Ray Brown,
White Plains, NY

McDowell Photos
via Phil Miller

McDowell Photo
via Phil Miller
Tom Branch and
his cutdown were
apt to have tried
out Rhythm Inn. It looks like a Gaudiosi car, no ?

McDowell Photo
via Phil Miller
Bob Devine,
Poughkeepsie, NY

McDowell Photo
via Phil Miller
Tim Hallock

McDowell Photo
via Phil Miller
Bob Tator, the
first driver for
Gordon Ross.

McDowell Photo
via Phil Miller
Ed Hill,
Mapleville, RI

McDowell Photo
via Phil Miller
Dick Eagan
Photo via Walt Perkins
Buddy Krebs at Rhythm Inn 
Photo via Racers Bored Site
John Hendrickson's  crash at Rhythm Inn . Did he land on a spectator's car ?

rom racersbored.com
 Action in the turn at Rhythm Inn Speedway in June of 1954. Ray Brown [B1] came all the way from the rear of the field .

From racersbored.com
 Action in the turn at Rhythm Inn with a field that includes Rene Charland, 12. Below, the same car is pooned, by the George Barber car probably driven by Pappy Forsythe.

Courtesy of Chip Cormie.

From the Riverside Site
Leo Matte and Ed Patnode, building the car #107 shown above.

Courtesy of Chip Cormie
Who is Maurice Forsythe ? Is this Roy Pappy Forsythe ?

Keene Sentinel Photo
Lionel Arel has problems at Cheshire fairgrounds in Keene. He shows fifth in the point standings above.

Courtesy of Walt Renner


Scott Kazan Photo

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