Courtesy of Chris Companion
Harry Gammell, like his dad, was one of division's favorite competitors.



    In response to the the rapidly - spreading popularity of mini stock divisions at other tracks like Oxford Plains, Northern NASCAR decided to put in a mini stock class at both Catamount and Thunder Road around 1974. The class started out very vaguely, with a group of cars from mostly North of the Canadian border. In fact, a Canadian, Monique Proulx, won the first mini stock feature, and she remained the only woman to win a feature at Catamount to this day.


Courtesy of Chris Companion
Monique Proulx, winner of Catamount's first mini stock race.

Courtesy of Catamount History Book
One race and finished. I doubt the car was absolutely legal. It served tpo help kickstart teh division.


    Butch True became the division's first big star, and it seemed to be controlled by Burlington area drivers. But, but the second year, it was very clear that the class of the field seemed to be centered in the Barre area - especially in the persons of Jerry Perantoni and Joey LaQuerre. The division remained for about seven years. Although the Volkswagen Bug was always the car of choice, the division saw participation from other makes, like the Carmann Ghia, the four cylinder Ford, Volvos, and a few Datsuns [yup, they were Datsuns then].

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Mini stocks and mini modifieds line up for a race at T Road during the horrible Tommy Kalimiris era. Look at the
unmowed infield. Likely, they never were paid.



    The Mini Stocks produced its own stars of repute, and some of its participants went on to higher race divisions. Arguably the most prominent and accomplished graduate was Joey LaQuerre, Sr, who still excels in racing - especially at Thunder Road. Barney McRae, who started in the minis, has gone on to run in the NASCAR Busch Grand National North circuit. Boomer Mumphord and brother, Peter, went on to distinguish themselves in a similar division at Devil's Bowl.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Kevin Frink [7] and Mike Richmond go off turn two during the pure mini
stock era at Thunder Road. Both were really on the binders here.



MAIN COMPETITORS PAGE 22_Dick_LaFayette.JPG (124578 bytes)

Dick LaFayette
Barre, VT


Butch_True.jpg (161359 bytes)

Butch True
Burlington, VT

Photo Source Unknown
Butch olds on for dear life
as a field of minis and
mini mods fly under him.


jerry_perantoni.jpg (111825 bytes)
Courtesy of Cho Lee 
Jerry Perantoni
Barre, VT

Courtesy of  Terry LaFerriere
joey_laquerre_50.jpg (117889 bytes)
Photo Source Unknown
Joey LaQuerre
E. Montpelier, VT

Courtesy of Cho Lee
In a NH - bought
entry, late '70's.

Courtesy of Paul Mascitti

Courtesy of Rich Palmer
John Mascitti,
Barre, VT

Courtesy of Paul Mascitti

Courtesy of Paul Mascitti

kevin_frink.jpg (125815 bytes)
Courtesy of Cho Lee
Kevin Frink
Plainfield, VT



Mike_Richmond_48.JPG (175340 bytes)
Photo Source Unknown
Randy Therrien,
Charlotte, VT

Courtesy of  Terry LaFerriere
[Front] Randy Therrien
[84] Don Therrien
, VT
Ralph_Potvin.JPG (239904 bytes)
Courtesy of Cho Lee
Ralph Potvin
Randolph, VT
tom_glaser_primer.jpg (125717 bytes)
Photo from Dan Nolin
Tom Glaser
Shelburne, VT

Courtesy of  Terry

Courtesy of  Jim Watson

Catamount History Book


Courtesy of Rich Palmer
Dale LaPerle,
So. Barre, VT


Photo Source Unknown
Harry Gammell,
West Barnet, VT

From Andy Bright, via Outside Groove Site

Courtesy of Johnny Racer


Photo Source Unknown
Roy Dyke
Bristol, VT
Catamount Program
Dave Gibbs,
, VT

Catamount Program

Courtesy of  Cho Lee
The safety truck was none
too safe when Ken Hoadley attacked.

Courtesy of  Rich Palmer
Barney McRae,
St. Albans, VT

Courtesy of Paul Mascitti
Barney's first race car
exitting at Catamount
after a heat.


Courtesy of  Andy Boright

Remember when Ken Squier
 tried driving a mini ?
Courtesy of  Mark Austin
Jim Carlson,
Shelburne, VT
Courtesy of  S. Mishkit
Steve Mishkit,
Granville, VT
Courtesy of  Austin Wheeler
Ric Wheeler,
Middlebury, VT
Courtesy of  Eric Adams
Dave Ford,
Barre, VT

Norman Morley Photo
Randy Therrien, Arlo
Cota, Jim Carlson, and
Ken Hoadley, among
others, mix it up at
Catamount around 1977.
Norman Morley Photo
Pace car ducks in.
Norman Morley Photo
Randy Therrien [48]
paces a heat.

Courtesy of  Andy Boright
Minis mix it up at
Catamount, prior to the building of the luxury boxes.
Helen Owen Photo
via Walter Newell

My Lord, Tom is
that exhaust high
enough ?



Courtesy of Cho Lee
Mark Rossi,
Plainfield, VT
Father of 2010
Tiger Champ, Tony
Cho Lee never drove
his mini mod at
Thunder Road, but
he deserves to be
on the page.
Denis LaChance Photo
An unidentified Mini Mod
 at Catamount. Might be
Dan Meservey.
Ladabouche Photo
Joey LaQuerre's Pit Area
Chris Ford and John Mascitti visible cars.
Sorry, they used textured photo paper in this era
Courtesy of  Johnny Racer
Another one for Joey

Ladabouche Photo
Mike Richmond's
Pit Area
Dave's Automotive Team
Sorry, they used textured photo paper in this era

Ladabouche Photo
Mark Senesac and
Barney McRae at
Church St Car Show

Ladabouche Photo
Shorty LeClaire,
Hector's brother, made a
rare Catamount visit.
It's a Lebanon Valley
Mini Mod
Ladabouche Photo
Stu Fenton,
Plainfield, VT
The Volvo
Courtesy of  Brian Manning
More Joey

Ladabouche Photo
Don Therrien,
Hinesburg, VT
Team Car to Brother,
Ladabouche Photo
Randy Therrien,
N. Ferrisburg, VT
Team Car to Brother,
Courtesy of Mike Gilbert
Only shot I have of Steve,
Fenoff - following Perantoni
Courtesy of Andy Boright
I'm using a number of shots
from T Road to try and get
a full complement of the
division's teams in one place.
The "Joe Fan" car [1] was actually won by Stan mason and campaigned with
limited success at both tracks. I need help with who is 15VT.
Courtesy of Andy Boright
I'm using a number of shots
from T Road to try and get more teams in here. Good shot of Ed Orton. I need help with that Renault in the rear.
Don't think it's Arlo.

al_theanimal_simoneau.jpg (82785 bytes)


Beaver_SCarConn_91_Pepsi_Milwaukee_DonTheis.jpg (126264 bytes)



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