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June 1 - I am going to make a brave attempt to hit Devil's Bowl today, despite less than favorable - looking weather. It could be a two hour drive, one way, for nothing. Wish me luck. I added one photo to the Pine Bowl page because I stumbled onto Stan Disbrow on the Riverside history site.

June 2 - A couple more additions to the Pine Bowl page.

June 3 - A couple more additions to the Fairmont Speedway page. I feature three Fonda teams who tried out Fairmont at the very end of the 1963 season.

June 5 - I started a page on the Cliff Wright's cars, which were prominent in New York racing for many years.

June 7 - I received a great photo from a fellow in Connecticut that shows the Suffield Auto #5, as a 1950 Ford coupe. I used to have a photo I took of a restored Ford sedan, at a NEAR meet at Claremont, but I cannot find it. That was a version driven by Buddy Krebs, and I wanted it because that car is listed in the Pine Bowl roster on my new page of the same name. This particular new photo strongly reminds me of the 1950 Fords that filled the field at Harvey Tattersall's Grand American show at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in or around 1963. Check it out on my Races at the Fair page.
     I made considerable changes to the page. I also added a few shots to the Great Old Photos page. I keep finding more photos for the Cliff Wright page, as well.

June 11 - In between budgets and final grade averages, I added a few photos to the Catamount ACT Competitors page. I'd do more, but I don't have many of those. I also put a few more early late model shots on the Airborne Speedway page.

June 14 - It currently takes me over two minutes and sitting and waiting to place one photo on a page in this site. I think his may be because of the ridiculous size of the main images folder [and my screwed computer, too, I suppose.] I am going to experiment with putting a photo that is not already on the website onto this page using a new, separate folder. If this works, and if it speeds up the process at all, that may help me immeasurably in updating. I have an old shot of Moon Burgess, a Connecticut driver who most probably ran either Pine Bowl or Rhythm Inn at some point in his career.

Source Likely is NE Vintage Mod Site
Heeeerrrreeezzzz Moon !

      I might have helped a little- I can't tell yet. Well, that didn't work worth a crap, so back to the drawing board, I guess. I added Joe Wunderlich to the Pine Bowl page, but not before screwing the page up and nearly having to rebuild it from scratch. [not a good day]
     I also added links that should have been on the All - Links and Pre History pages, along with two more photos on the Pine Bowl page. The big project of the day was the addition of a Robbie Crouch page series. I sat with Crouch and team at T Road on the 12th and decided I felt guilty for not having a page on the ACT's biggest winner.

June 15 - I took some photos and information from Russ Blake and updated the Lebanon Valley page before [I pray] getting to see some action at Airborne. Column 11 has been added, as well.

June 18 - I added another two rows of photos to the Pine Bowl page.

June 19 - After receiving some really special information from my partner historian John Nelson, I can now make some informational changes to the page on Racing at the Fairgrounds.

June 22 - I have added Column 12 to the site. We are still in 2006 columns, but most of my site regulars can't see the columns in "Racin' Paper", so I guess that doesn't matter. I added a photo to the Fairmont Speedway page, to the section on CVRA's first season. I also added a Russ Blake photo to the same page.

June 23 - I'm doing some major updating and re-working of the poor old, ignored Thunder Road page. It's hard to get up for working on a page for a track whose management considers you an "amateur blogger", but the fans deserve better.

June 25 - I added a photo to the Ashland Park page, with Earl Maille's other picture. I also added a page on Bob Bruno.

June 30 - Wooo God ! The end of June ! Where does it go ? I hooked up the Upcoming Features page with the Bridges Family page. Also, the Pine Bowl page is now linked from the Upcoming Features page. I have added Merwin Hommel to the Pine Bowl page. I have also added a Caron Brothers page series. For most of the boys, I have every shot of them I have. For Larry, there are more I haven't put on yet.


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