When the patriarch of this bunch used to hang around the garage of Ivanhoe Smith, back in the early 1950's, and help Smith both work on his race cars and drink his beer, little did he know he would be responsible for one of the largest [if not THE largest] families of racers ever to perform at the same time at a Vermont race track. The racing Turners came close, but one of them was a cousin. Larry, the eldest, began racing in the Hurricane Division at Catamount around 1971. Later, brothers Dennis, Richard, and Gary would follow.
      Larry raced in more places and in more divisions, but only Gary is still active. The third generation is already making itself felt, both with the wrenches and in the driver's seat; but this page is about "the boys".

Bill Ladabouche Photo

This shot taken in 2006 is the culmination of weeks of efforts to get these guys to all stand
still in one place long enough to be photographed. [From left] Dennis, Larry, Gary, and Richard.

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