Gary Caron

        Gary is the proprietor of Caron's Body Shop, in Shelburne. He is the only brother who is still racing, and he credits his son, Kyle, with most of the  work done on the car. The car has meticulous care. Gary is the only brother I cannot remember seeing race before I came back into racing in 2005. He may have had a street stock at Catamount, but I simply can't recall it. Gary has tried carious divisions before settling the #22 into the ACT late models. He has had some of the hardest crashes I have seen at T Road, but he is never deterred. Look for all of the brothers around his pit, at one time or another.
            I kiddingly refer to Gary as "Dynamite Dave" because he looks a lot like Dion when in his helmet. I think it's the gray moustache.

Caron Family Photo
Gary, in the New Tigers
era with his Nova

Caron Family Photo
The 2005 car. I'm looking
for one of his latest car.

Justin St Louis Photo
A recent Tiger car,
from the looks.

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