Larry Caron

        Larry runs Caron's Ed End Auto Body. Larry got into racing first and pursued his career a lot further than the other three brothers. So, I have the most material on Larry. Starting in the Hurricanes at Catamount in 1971, he graduated to the six cylinder Grand Americans, where he had one of the best cars to ever run that division. Around 1979 [or whenever Catamount tried the Friday night shows], Larry blossomed out with a six cylinder late model sportsman that was ahead of its time. Not long after, most of the big teams in the Northern NASCAR beer tours had at least one six banger in the stable. But Larry was first and he did it with a much smaller budget.
                Larry went on to run in the Beer Tours, and I believe he may have even tried Busch North. As near as I can tell, he did a little racing in the ACT Tigers or late models before retiring. His most success came with his 6 cylinder #Z28 Camaro in the Grand Americans; and his best sponsorship deal was probably the year with D.G, Robertson.

Photo Source Unknown
Reportedly Larry's first car, although  I can't prove it yet.

Ladabouche Photo
The beautiful '62 Chevy he
built for the Hurricanes. It
also had success when Milo
Lockerby bought it.

Caron Family Photo
After a post - win
inspection. He looks

Caron Family Photo
In that rare time
when 6 cylinder cars
ran against the big V-8 Hurricanes.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
The'62 Chevy giving
Rex Shattuck a boost.

Ladabouche Photo
The beautiful #Z28
Grand American car.

CaronFamily Photo
The highly - unusual,
pioneering 6 cyl.
late model sportsman.

Caron Family Photo
Posing with the

Caron Family Photo
The LMS, during
the beer tour years.

Caron Family Photo
The LMS Buick
at speed,

Caron Family Photo
The LMS Busch
car, most likely.

Caron Family Photo
Some sort of Busch
GNN victory.

Caron Family Photo
One of the most recent
rides, at Thunder

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