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April 2 - I know, I know, I need to do archives and get a new March 2008 page. All in good time. Meanwhile, we have another small conundrum. I have a number of pictures of car 80, and we are trying to figure out if they are all Pappy Forsythe in a pre-George Barber car, or not. Take a look at these from Cheshire, Pico, and Rhythm Inn. I note a similarity in the graphics and color scheme. I KNOW the car is Forsythe at Cheshire and Rhythm Inn. But, if that other car [with the different body style] is also Roy, then he ran that car at Pico, as well.

Aldo Merusi Photo
Courtesy Rutland Hist Soc.

An 80 at Pico, 1951

Keene Sentinel Photo
At Keene, NH - early '50's

Courtesy Chip Cormie
Forsythe at Rhy. Inn

April 5 - I have added two photos to the Gordy Owen page. One was erroneously thought to be Ernie Barcomb before. I went over to the Champlain Valley Motorsports Show at Crete Civic Center and met several people who offered to make contributions to the site. Great show ! It's still on today - right off the ferry near Plattsburgh. I also got the March 2008 news archived now. There are a few more shots added to the Bushey Family Photo page.

April 10 - I have added a photo to the page of George Baumgardner. It's late on a school night, so this might be about it.

April 14 - I Thanks to some contributions from the Brown family, I have added a Walt Brown Family page, which links off the Claremont Speedway page. I am going to have a page for people to look at and help me with the dozens of Bob Mackey photos whose subjects are unidentified. Look for Mystery Mackey Shots.

April 15 - I added another column. This is the 8th Column in the series.

April 17 - I received some information today that clears up the picture of P30, at the older Fairmont Speedway. It WAS associated with Ivanhoe Smith, but the driver was Clarence Rock and part owner of the car was Willard Rock. I will also see to it that the car is installed on the Malletts Bay Speedway page.

April 19 - I added some photos to the page on Race Tracks in Colchester, Vermont. A mystery still exists over which track used which name with the Colchester-Bayview,  Malletts Bay, and Green Mountain tracks.

April 24 - I added some photos to the Chris Companion photo page, which actually consists of unidentified photos from Chris, Cho Lee, and other contributors. I wish people would go there and see if they can help identify some of these cars and drivers. I received more early Flying Tiger photos from Cho Lee, so there will be additions to that page, too. I wish I could have put them all in one spot, but that wasn't possible. You'll have to shop around, I'm afraid.
    If there is someone whose longevity and contributions should earn him his own page on this site, it is Joey LaQuerre. I can't do the full thing right now, but I will start up a small one today with a couple of Cho's photos. As a young kid, Cho used to help out around the LaQuerre cars.

April 25 - I added 3 photos to the Lebanon Valley page for Joe Grossetti. NOTE: After speaking to Ted Vogel, Jr, who lives right in Granville, NY, I now realize the Mettowee Speedway location I have been touting for two years is wrong. Besides being horrendously disappointed, I am sorry for misleading a bunch of people. The Sunset View location was a track - but it was a damned horse track. I always thought the building s were too close to the track for cars, but I thought they raced horses after it closed as stock car track. A lot of tracking around taking photos of nothing, I guess. I have added the assumed correct terrserver photo and topo map, for now.

April 26 - On the way to Saratoga, my wife and I stopped by Granville, NY, and actually ran down the Mettowee Speedway location for certain this time. I had always heard that people had to go behind a farm to enter the track, and so the Sunset View Farm location seemed right. Acting on info from Ted Vogel, we ended up at the Wilson Farm, which may be closer to Fort Ann than Granville. There, Ray Wilson, who was four at the time of the track's operation, not only verified we were finally in the right place - but he produced an actual aerial photo of the speedway. I would say EXTREMELY rare. So, check out the new site, which I proceeded to also locate on Terraserver.

April 30 - At Saratoga, I got a nice bunch of new material. Unfortunately, this is a period in school where I have an unusually large amount of work to do, such as mid-marking-term progress reports. So, there won't be many changes on the site for a while.


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