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September 2 I have archived the August 2008 News and Updates page. With thanks to all, I have recently received collections of pictures from Wes Moody, The Roger Gauthier family, the Vogel family, and a few odds and ends from other individuals. Getting even most of these new acquisitions onto the site will take well into the cold weather, from the looks of things. I was  also absolutely thrilled to get a phone call from Eddy Baker, of the Warrensburg, NY, a childhood hero. It has been very fruitful lately, despite the lack of time. Jim LeClaire, among others, has contributed more to the pile of information. Below is a sample of the Moody collection. I had trouble with his stuff because my scanner has died and I can't get another right now. Until I can afford another scanner, I will be forced to try and digitize contributed photos with a hand-held camera. It will take a lot longer.

Bob Frazier Photo   Wes Moody Collection
Danny Rumpf gives the checkers to a mysterious, un-numbered heat winner at the
 Rutland Fairgrounds - probably at the 1962 show. Anyone help with who it is ? I am pretty sure it isn't the RR car.

September 4 I have added three great photos to the Fairmont Speedway page, courtesy of Wes Moody's collection.

September 8 I have gotten all of the Wes Moody photos onto my computer. Eventually, there will certainly be a complete Wes Moody page. For now, here is a small start - Sluggerville. I continue to have no real time to work on the site. I took an hour out of a weekend visit to put this up for you.

September 11 With sober thoughts about what this date represents, I have taken time from the ridiculous work schedule to do up a small tribute to the work Paul Bellefeuille has done restoring Northeastern Speedway, in Lower Waterford, Vermont. See the small page called Life Phases of Northeastern Speedway. Sorry more isn't being done.

September 14 I recently received a phone call from Terry Morris, one of my buddies by the pit fence at Devil's Bowl and one of my best sources of info on racing in Addison County. Terry is well along on the way to recovery form a serious illness, and we missed him at the Bowl this summer.   
    My wife and I took a driver over to Waterford, Vt. Saturday to see the work done by Paul Bellefeuille on the defunct Northeastern Speedway. In between demanding schoolwork and a computer with a failing screen, I will put some of my photos on the page of that track. For now, here are two samples below.

Ladabouche Photo
Looking down the frontstretch in 2008 after
the work by Bellefeuille.

Johnny Gammell Photo
Former drivers alking down the frontstretch in 2005 before attending Barre Old Home Days.

Justin St. Louis Photo
Looking at the Turn Three banking in 2007

Ladabouche Photo
About the same view, after the Bellefeuille work.


September 15 I added a few shots on the Saranac Lake Speedway section of the Northern New York Drivers and Teams page.

September 17 I put some photos onto the Devil's Bowl page.

September 20 I met Curt Giventer today at Airborne. To most at the track, he is know as Metal Man, the guy with the restored #2 sedan. Curt has been filling me in on a lot of information about Weisglass Stadium, which was on Staten Island. Below is a shot I took last year of his car. I am still experiencing screen failure on this computer, so my lesson plans have to come first. Sorry about the lack of updates.

                                                                                                        Ladabouche Photo
                             Curt waits in the sedan for his turn to go out and entertain the crowd.

September 25
I added six photos to the Wes Moody page. Also, while I have some rare free time, I have started a page on the little-known track in Concord, Vermont.

September 27 Wonder of all wonders, I got to Thunder Road today, despite threatening weather. I had a great talk with 1960's Catamount driving sensation Larry Demar, of Hardwick. I will add a few photos to the Devil's Bowl page.

September 28 Before heading out to probably be rained out at T Road, I added a little more info to the Concord, Vermont track page. I also added Steve Mishkit [present-day crewman for Crouch] to the Mini Stock Competitors page.


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