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Moody Collection
School daysss ! There were few, according to Wes.

Wes Moody Collection
Wes, with his most familiar coupe and graphic scheme, poses for a
promotional photo for the Kennedy Games at Lake Placid.

Wes Moody Collection
Wes, at his garage, with loyal mechanic Fran Kane and Fran's son, Andy. Andy is now a modified driver at Airborne.
Andy appears to be protecting Fran from Wes,and well he should have ! Wes would try to introduce the
conservative Fran to women of less than immaculate virtue, if you can believe such a thing.

Wes Moody Collection
Wes, with an unidentified crewman at Saranac Lake Speedway.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD
Wes' first stock car
which was called
"Moody's Goose". He
got it for about $5.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD

"Moody's Goose" lays down
a smoke screen going into Turn One at Saranac Lake.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD

Find the smoke and you'll find "Moody's Goose"taking the
green from Art Prairie at Saranac Lake.

Wes Moody Collection
The first real stock car
Wes built. He had drivers like
Ken Dukette try it
before he did.

Bob Mackey Photo
via John Rock

Ken Dukette poses with the
Moody's Boat Livery 66
at Airborne.

Bob Mackey Photo
Via John Rock

The Moody's Boat Livery 66,
in color, at Airborne - in the background.

Bob Mackey Photo
Via John Rock

The Moody's Boat Livery 66,
at speed, at Airborne.

Moody Collection
Aaron Hoyt, a long - suffering father figure to Wes and dad to Moody pal Jim Hoyt.

Moody Collection
The Old Man,Wesley
Moody, Sr. . You did
not mess with this man.

Moody Collection
Wes' first really competitive
car, a former Don House
XL-1 out of New Jersey.

Moody Collection
Jim Hoyt's Eddie Bellinger, Sr - inspired coupe.He and Wes would
go to Fonda and annoy the
regulars there. Hoyt's car ended
up in three pieces one night.

Moody Collection
The 1st cojupe with the
familiar color scheme. Posing
at Saranac Lake with
Bobby Ecert.

Moody Collection
Wes, with one of his first
feature wins - at Saranac Lake.
That's flagger Art Prairie.

Moody Collection
Wes, with an earlier car
at Victoria Speedway, a
track where he once
irritated both his union father
and the local regulars by breaking a picket line.

Moody Collection
Wes, Sr., in an oil
painting of an early
Wes coupe.

Moody Collection
Wes, with one of his 1st
devil's Bowl entries.

Moody Collection
A young Wes with a newly -
completed coupe in the
yard of the marina and
snowmobile dealership.

Moody Collection
In the snowmobile racing days.

Wes Moody Collection
Wes' crew,
Including Denton
Dow [at right]


Wes Moody Collection
Wes' new car attracts
attention at Devil's
Bowl. Among the lookers
is Chet Doaner.

Wes Moody Collection
On the track at
Devil's Bowl
around 1967.

Wes Moody Collection
The 1967 season
car, in its apparent
winter quarters.

Wes Moody Collection
In a heat lineup at
Devils Bowl, around

Wes Moody Collection
Al Charesse, an
ace snowmobile and
boat mechanic for
Moodys, tried his
hand at stock cars.
Al on one of his sleds.


Moody Collection
Later, in the pavement days. Wes thinks this might be Trenton.

Moody Collection
Men walk by the Moody pits
at Devil's Bowl. They look like
they might be from the
Butch Jelley group.
Speedway Snapshots
Driving for Augie
Lieber somewhere.

John Grady Photo
A shot taken early into his
pavement coupe era.

Moody Collection
A Devil's Bowl wreck.
The shot is blurry.
Moody Collection
Climbing out at Devil's
Bowl. Not sure if it is a
wreck or just the pit area.

John Gallant Photo
Moody at Langhorne. There
are sewveral 'Horne photos
with this car here.

John Gallant Collection
At an unknown venue.

Jim Conlon Collection
Moody at Langhorne,
poitted next to partner
in crime, Evans.

Jim Szyzcur Collection
Moody on the track at

D'Allesandro Photo
Wes, with Brian Ross
and C.D. Coville.
Duke McSpirit Collection
The car he used with
promotional support
from the Lake Placid
Winter Games.
Norty Foster Photo
Wes and Gaylord Rowe, Jr.
greet Jackie Peterson [rt]
at an Airborne Legends Night.
Russ Bergh Photo
via Jim Kelly
 Young Wes poses for Russ Bergh as an unwelcome
Fonda invader.
Bob Mackey Photo
Ardyce Blohm Collection

A 1968 Airborne portrait.

John Gallant Collection
The 1972 car, at Shangri - La.

David Frazer Photo
A recently repainted
car at Devil's Bowl, 1968.
John Gallant Collection
At Syracuse, 1981.
Jim Kelly Collection
At an unknown venue
in 1969.
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Getting support from the
local paper.
Airborne Site Photo
With stepson Patrick
Dupree, showing a
tribute graphics package
on Pat's car.
Jim Weber Collection
At an unknown venue,

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