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August 5 I have returned from Cleveland, where my son is opening his own fitness studio - after having made a reputation as one of Cleveland's best physical trainers. Not really a vacation, but I enjoyed it because I have never seen the city before [or most cities, for that matter]. I will be doing what I can to keep small updates on the site before my wife and I actually get to have a small, but real vacation. Russ Blake sent me a couple good George Goewey photos from around 1958 at Lebanon Valley, so check those out on that page.
    I am going to break the order in which I put my columns on the site. This next one was in last week's paper. I am rushing it along because it is about Charlie LaDuc, and I know a lot of people want to see it. Those most apt to want to see it generally cannot get the paper I write for - so here you are guys - Column 14. Things happen with computers. I accidentally named Charlie's Column #14, which destroyed the existing Column 14. I'll have to go back, redo that one, and name it #15.
    Ok, Column 15 is now in place - containing the material that used to be Column 14.

August 6 -  I made some corrections to the page about Arnold Delisle's airplane car. Sorry it took so long, Arnold, Jr.. After getting some helpful information from Kandy {Bettis} Ryan, I decided to go in and do some additions to the Catamount Early Tiger Competitors page. I also added a few things to the Fonda Speedway page. There is a group photo in there, with which I could use some help naming guys.

August 8 -  I hate putting the update sign out and then not doing much for you, but the next two weeks are going to be pretty to be pretty lean. The weekend at my mother's and then a small get away with the bride. I won't be able to put anything on unless the motels have wireless and I have some spare time. Just thought I'd better warn you. I wanted to let Neil Delisle know how sorry I am that I didn't have all the facts on his dad before I did the column that came out on August 7. Just to get something on, I wanted to let you know I have come into information about early racing in Newport, Vt.
    Most of the data and photos are from an article done in the Northland Journal, by a Scott Wheeler. Damned good research and writing job, too - I might add. I hate to put much on here until I have heard from Scott. This one photo is from the local paper up there, and probably in the public domain anyway. They raced at a track called Veterans' Park - near what today is North Country High School. This is probably where the infamous Albert Kincaid came from, the guy who caused the riot at Morrisville.

Photo by Richardson, Newport Daily Express and from Northland Journal, Scott Wheeler, Pub.

Check out the inside front wheel on this bad boy. If you can't make it out,
he's running on only the rim.

   One of the drivers at the old Newport track was Charlie Nadeau, who tried his hand at running a track in Newport around the end of the 1970's or the beginning of the 1980's. That's Charlie below, watching activities at his Can-Am Speedway.

Ladabouche Photo
Charlie Nadeau overlooks track grooming at the little track
he built on top of part of his landfill.

August 20 -  Anyone who has been around this site for very long knows there are two things that will make for long dry spells: school and computer troubles. Well, praise the Lord, I don't have the latter; but school is around the corner and that is all I can mess with for a while. I did get a wonderful album to scan from Ted Vogel, Jr. So we have some great photos to look forward to [and some wonderful information on old car numbers his mother's record keeping provided]. Below is a Vogel sample. Hang in there - the site'll be thin for another week, at least.

Vogel Family Photo
Ted, Jr. calls this "the dark blue coupe". We see Ted, Sr. getting it ready to go somewhere - maybe Mettawee.

August 21 -  This will come up for most people tomorrow [which is right because I am doing it Wednesday night :)] I had decided to have a page linking just Vermont drivers, seeing as Vermont is the principal focus of the site and all. So, I will upload what I've done so far. Perhaps not every link will work today because some of the pages are new. The pages on Jackie Peterson and Keith Ballard are new.

August 22 -  I did some minor work on the Stateline Speedway page, including a couple of photos.

August 23 -  I did some more minor repairs and additions to the Otter Creek Speedway page [replaced a badly-linked Archie Blackadar photo] and added a poster photo to the Pine Bowl page.

August 25 -  A couple of minor updates, here and there, thanks to loyal and helpful friends. I have additional information about a poster on the Pine Bowl page, and a photo of Dee Goodermotte on the Lebanon Valley page. I finally got up to Saranac Lake to interview Wes Moody and scan his photos. Of course, my scanner sh-- the bed at this house. Photos are going to be a little thin now, because I can't afford another scanner. Mike V, if you're reading this, that affects how soon I can do anything with your book.

August 30 -  In between lessons and screaming grandchildren, I added a page for the Column #16.


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