May, 2007

May 3  In between bouts of school work, I managed to remember to put Bernie Kentile on the Northern New York Drivers' page, which includes Saranac Lake Speedway.

May 5  I found a page I had started, called Catamount Contrasts. It shows a sort of "before and after" scheme - and, for now, it is just of Catamount.

May 6  At Thunder Road, on Sunday, I received a box of photos from Chris Companion, who works on the feature - winning Scott Payea late model. This box is an unbelievable resource, containing material ranging from Stateline Speedway, in the mid 1950's to good older shots of Catamount in the early 1970's. Thanks Chris ! I will get to scanning them, as time [and schoolwork] allows.

May 10  I'm putting up a few photos lent me by Chris Companion to see if anyone can shed light upon who they are. I will put up a very basic temporary page with some of the photos whose subjects I do not recognize.

May 13  Happy Mothers' Day. I added four new photos to the Stateline Speedway page. I also started a Fonda Speedway page, because I wanted to get out these 1961 photos I took of the track, hours before the races began, on the day of my first visit to the place. I never forgot the experience. But, I don't have time to put the Fonda page up yet. Ok, so I lied... here's part of the Fonda page.

May 14 I added a few photos given to me by Mike Watts. See the Airborne Speedway page. I hope I haven't already done these before.

May 17 I added a few photos to the Airborne Speedway page, and a link to Dick Nephew's page.

May 18 I changed my email address to, which I should have done months ago on here. Watch out for next week's column in Racin' Paper, in which I show a few of the mystery photos from the Chris Companion photo collection. I added two more photos to the Fonda  Speedway page, too.

May 19 I've put a few photos from the Chris Companion bunch on the Fairmont Speedway page. Look for Charlie LaDuc's first car, and ones of Ray Richards, Vince Quenneville, and Chet Doaner. I also added Archie Blackadar to the Catamount Views page. A new page called Life at Catamount will be used for a lot of the miscellaneous Chris Companion shots I'll be scanning. They show action on the track and typical scenes around the track. They will not be exclusively Companion photos, however.

May 20 Added a few pictures on the Dragon Brothers page [of Beaver]. A few more shots were put onto the Life at Catamount page, as well.

May 22 Scanned a bunch more of the Chris Companion photos. I am adding a few to the basic temporary page I started earlier to identify unknown subjects on some of the shots.

May 25 I'm back to having problem with the Filezilla program that allows me to get my changes up to the internet, so I add stuff when I can. Note that veteran photographer Arnie Ainsworth has clarified a couple of pictures on the basic temporary page I started earlier to identify unknown subjects on some of the Chris Companion photos. Also, I added a few to the New York Coupes page.

May 27 I put more pictures on the page concerning Rutland Fairgrounds stock car shows. I also put on extra pictures of Roger Guynup and Bill Branham on the Airborne Speedway page. Thanks to the generosity of Joe Grosetti, I now have a Link Pettit page on the site. I have a large number of racing portraits, done by a photographer named McIver. These are through the generosity of Cho Lee. I have begun to put a few on the McIver Portraits page.

May 28 I am starting to streamline the News and Update pages by consolidating the archives of the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.

May 29 I added a photo to the Black Jack DuBrul page.

May 31 I added photos of a heat and Archie Blackadar to the Otter Creek Speedway page.

June 1 I added 2 photos from the Chris Companion collection to the Jean-Paul Cabana page.

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