Jean - Paul Cabana
Arguably, Canada's Greatest Stock Car Driver

Courtesy of Richard Delisle
Riverside Speedway, :Laval - circa 1961.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Jean-Paul Cabana attends a Thunder Road reunion in 2005. Here is is
talking to former Chief Scorer Dr. Gordon Nielsen


Source: Paul Pleau
Cabana with early crew including a very thin Claude

From Pascal "Magnum" Site
Cabana in Victory Lane in the 1960's - track unknown

From Pascal "Magnum" Site
Cabana in Victory Lane with Andre Beaudry and Canadiens star Jean Beliveau

Courtesy of Chris Companion
JPC gets a model of the
Monte Carlo from fan,
John Pike at Catamount.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
JPC driving the
Bud Messier 50
at Thunder Road
fro NASCAR nat'l
points in 1965.

Courtesy of Nephew Family
JP, very young, with
the legendary Mohawk
Chief car.

Mike Watts Photo
After winning the
New Yorker 300 at

Paul Pleau Photo
A rare pre-
Catamount late model

Courtesy of Chris Companion
The Cabana hauler is the
prominent feature as
crews prepare infield pit
areas for a New England 300.


Courtesy of Gary Nephew
A very early ride
at Bouvrette Speedway.


From Pascal "Magnum" Site
Cabana in the familiar 5A colors at Thunder Road

Source Unknown
Cabana with the Pontiac at Daytona - early 1960's

Courtesy of Marty Little
Cabana in the Permatex race at Daytona


Mr Chevy Black Site Photo
dices with Ron Barcomb [09x] and John Rosati in 1972.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
With his ACT car
in 1987 - the car he
won Catamount's
last race in.

Courtesy of Pascal "Magnum" Site
Cabana at Autodrome - Ste Therese


Courtesy of Andy Boright
Cabana picks up a win
at Albany-Saratoga

Courtesy of John Grady


Gerard Favreau Photo
JPC unloads the
Falcon at Champion
Speedway, Bedford, PQ
around 1968.


Andy Boright Photo
The full-bodied Pontiac
he tried around 1974.

Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Perhaps, with the
owner of the Mohawk
Chief, the famous
Quebec sportsman entry.

Mr Chevy Black Site Photo
Cabana with a modified
coupe at Malta around

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Tiny Lund talks with
Cabana at Catamount


Courtesy of Andy Boright
Entering Catamount with
the Supra Nova

JPC leads Bob Dragon at Thunder Road

Courtesy of Cho Lee
With his 1965 backup car,
usually driven by Paul
Hamel. At right, is
Archie Blackadar.


Catamount Program Photo
JPC leads Bob Dragon at Thunder Road

Bill Ladabouche Photo
One of Jean-Paul's Late
models hauled in with
Caron's car

NEAR Site Photo
Cabana receives winner's
check from Milton Town
Representative at
Catamount in the early


Bill Ladabouche Photo
One of the earlier Late
models. Pneus Supra

Bill Ladabouche Collection
The Monte Carlo.

Courtesy of Rich Palmer
The Benoit Electric -
sponsored year. Young
mechanic Patrick Ossowski
is in the background.


Courtesy of Gerard Major
The Brossard -
sponsored 5A.

Courtesy of Rich Palmer
The Pontiac Grand
Am again.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock
The Falcon.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
The Sonic Chevelle
at Devil's Bowl.

Outside Groove Site Photo
ACT "plastic car"
he won Catamount's last
race in.

Christian Genest Photo
TheFalcon, at speed
on Autodrome Ste -

Outside Groove Site Photo
ACT "plastic car"
at speed.

Source Unknown
Cabana leads Bruce
Brantley at the
1961 Permatex
race at Daytona.


Outside Groove Site Photo
With Richard Petty
at Mosport.

Source Unknown
Racing Ronnie Marvin
at Catamount, 1985.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Trailing Robbie Crouch.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
With former flag man
Jack Paradee, another
character like JP.

Source Unknown
The ACT "plastic car"
somewhere in Quebec.

Via Mr. Chevy Black
1971 version
of his late models -
the first of his return
to Catamount.

Ladabouche Collection
Pontiac GA.

Source Unknown
Sonic Nova
at Catamount.

Mike Rowell Photo
for Stock Car Racing

JPC against Tiny
Lund in the Oxford

Source Unknown
Chasing Maine's
Rick Zemla at

Courtesy of Rich Palmer
In Catamount's
Victory Lane with
Joey Kourafas and
an unknown driver.

Gerard Major Photo
Cabana avoids the
mess as Jean Guy
Chartrand hits a
flipping Gerard Major.

Courtesy of Chris Companion
JP gets a model of
the Monte Carlo.

Outside Groove Site Photo
Cabana cars at
speed around 1972. That's
Don Bevins in the 05A.
That car would become
Don's, then Jack Dubrul's,
the Austin Dickerman's
and finally Bob Ellis'.

Dragon FamilyPhoto
At the 1965 Catamount
banquet. Beaver Dragon
[ctr] was a Flying Tiger
standout and Cabana
was a sportsman entry.

Photographer Unknown
Cabana talks with
Beaver Dragon late in
the latter's career.
Below - Cabana talks
with Bob Dragon.

Steve McKnight Photo

Photographer Unknown
Jean - Paul is carried by the massive Tiny Lund [rt][ and a very young Steve Poulin.

Photographer Unknown
Jean - Paul, in some impressive company in Toronto : [left] Bobby Allison, RIchard Petty, and close
Cabana friend Jean - Pierre Paul.

Jean - Guy Fournier Photo
A typical Jean - Paul portait.

Louise Boulanger Photo
ree tired drivers after a big race in Canada: Kevin Lepage, Cabana, and Dave Dion.

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