Link to Steve Pecor's Photo Page. Several good photos of the very end.

           I have selected some photographs that give the viewer a glimpse of what the track looked like. Some are from the era when it was about five years into operation [symbol EY]; some are from the middle era of the mid to late 1970's [symbol MY], and some are from its latter years when the management had upgraded it for major shows that occurred only certain times per year [symbol LY]. I will key the photos with these initials. 

Ladabouche Photo
[EY] This photo of the G. King Milne car in 1970 shows the Pit area fence and the paved setup path that ran through the back of the pits. 

Bob Doyle Photo
[MY] Robbie Crouch takes to the track in the Bob Curtiss #25. This shows the first and second turns well. It is also a historic photo because this is the only year Crouch drove for anyone except his father for many years.

Ladabouche Photo
[MY] Jamie Aube's [standing behind the car in the driver suit] first  late model getting gassed up. This shot shows Catamount's prominent handicapper's stand well.


Ladabouche Photo
[EY] Lennie "Tiger" Stockwell [standing by the outside front wheel in the blue coat] is pitting right behind the Catamount pit bleachers. The pad for those bleachers is still visible on the Catamount Industrial Park site. Also visible are Leon and Dean Bundy, and Jimmy Gates.


Courtesy of Darrel Rogers
[LY] The view over the popular Claude LeClerc pit area shows most of the east fence of the pit area. People often used to climb up into those trees outside the fence to watch for free. The handicappers' stand would be just to the left, out of sight.


Courtesy of Phil Butler
Durr Howe, Bobby Allison mechanic, brought his son,
Tommy and one of the Allison LMS Chevelles to Catamount for a few weeks. Good view of the newly - installed handicapper's tower and the simplified gas station.

Source Unknown
[LY] Early arriving fans sit in the bleachers and watch early practice. This shot gives you some idea of the infield during its most refined state, around 1988. Today, there re still traces of that pit road through the infield.

Ladabouche Photo|

[MY] This shot of Brad Kennedy's crew making adjustments gives the best view of the pit access ramp. This, too, is still somewhat discernable today.

Photo Courtesy of Lloyd & Gregg Gilbert

[EY] This photo of Beaver Dragon and the track photographer awaiting the start of the sportsman feature in 1967 shows how the flagman at Catamount controlled the race basically through an opening the front stretch fencing.



Courtesy of Lonnie Terry
[EY] This photo of Larry Warren and Don Johnson's Hurricanes gives you a good look across the track, from the pit ramp - west.

Ladabouche Photo
The Roerig brothers 99, with driver Maynard Forrette sitting on the pit access road for the 1971 All Star League show.


Cavalcade of Racing Photo
1965 - a lineup of SCODA,
a sort of sports car club
which raced stock car - like
sports cars.

Photo Courtesy of Cho Lee
This photo of early Flying Tigers shows the treehouse of the Sibley brothers, whose home adjoined the track property. The boys charged admission to their friends to watch races. Both buys, now in their 50's, also ended up working at the track. Concerned about a potential serious injury, the track managed to have the treehouse removed by 1969 - a few years after the Marcel Godard sportsman came close to climbing a tree nearby. Also seen is a small booth right at the gate to the pits. I never saw that before.


Ladabouche Photo
[EY] The Flying Tiger of Clem Despault sits on the old pit access road as Clem stands on the running board of Jimmy Gates' truck and catches up on the news. Both cars would now be pressed into service as limited sportsman cars. Pit access road.

Rich Palmer Photo
[EY] The beautiful Pelletier/Falzarano Chevelle of Russ Ingerson is admired in the Catamount pits. You can see much of the old pit gas station and the East fencing.

Denis LaChance Photo 
[MY] Skip Cahill's Ford sits on the front stretch, giving a good view of the wall and the older, lower grandstands. 


Photo Courtesy Dragon Family
[LY] A good view of the track infield during the last year of operation. Robbie Crouch [48] and Beaver Dragon.


Source Unknown
[LY] Fans on the track's
last day.

Denis LaChance Photo
[MY] Turn One spectators watch as a car goes off - all the way to the fence. A good view of the turns.


Courtesy of Chris
[EY]Archie Blackadar hams it up with
the Easter Bunny a week before the
track is to open.

Courtesy of Terry LaFerriere
Same bunny, probably
with some of the
LaFerriere family.

Courtesy of Cho and Sheena Lee
Same bunny, same Archie -
different year, with Bob Dragon,
Ron Barcomb, and Tom Tiller. Bob and
Ron aren't in the spirit apparently.


Courtesy of Chris Companion
[EY] Start of some sort of spectator
bike race in the 1970's.

Courtesy of Cho and Sheena Lee
[LY] A Molson Tour era photo
of the massive sign structure
out on US Rte 7. The historical marker
 sits about here now.


Courtesy of Phil Butler
[EY]Barcomb, 1968, with
an infield view east.

Courtesy of Paul Bellefeuille
[LY] The remnants of the
Beaver Dragon Pepsi 91
after his wreck on the last
Catamount program of racing.
The view looks out of pits to
the west.

Courtesy of Rob Trombley
Bill Slater's V8
coupe in Cat Pits shows
the older pit bleachers
that would collapse
15 seasons later.
Ladabouche Photo
[MY] Beaver Dragon stands with a car newly purchased from Ed Pelletier late in the
1972 season. Note the Chevron station is gone, having collapsed and the checkerboard building isn't there Until next season.
Ladabouche Photo
[MY] Opening weekend 1972. Note the Chevron station is in place, not having been crushed yet by onlookers climbing on it.



This is a full color photo of Catamount in 1985, taken by airplane. It contains 19 identified features of the facility. At right is a 1970's shot Rich Palmer actually bought at Al's Upstairs, in Branch's Store. Middle shot is the track around opening day 1965.

Source Unknown
Catamount 1984. Can't see much at this altitude.
Source Unknown
Catamount 1999. Not much left to see.



What is Left to Be Seen of Catamount Today [and Some More Old Views, Too

  • Ladabouche Photo
    The loading dock and the famous well that was divined by John Campbell in 1965, just days before the track opened, still remain as mute reminders of the once - bustling pit area at Catamount.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
The cars of Richard Buzzi and Larry Granger
are offloaded from a Bellavance truck around 1968.
They are using the loading ramp.


Ladabouche Photo
The pit access ramp
, whose pavement was spared for some unknown reason.

Dragon Family Photo
Beaver Dragon - in about the same area in 1973.




Ladabouche Photo
The pavement pad
behind the grandstands. 

Catamount Yearbook Photo
The fans begin to pour in the gate in 1972 while track worker Larry Dwyer raises a flag in the background. The location is similar to the picture above.


Ladabouche Photo
pit row that was put in the infield, along
with a barrier for longer distance races.

A and A Ward Photo
A LMSLineup in the Infield at Catamount, 1985ish
Note the ARMCO barriers. The fact that nobody  s behind the barriers suggests they weren't doing a long distance race that day.

Ladabouche Photo
Turn one still retains the contours. and the
top of the pit access ramp is visible.

Source Unknown
This early 1980's spectator shot shows the exact same area when in use. 


Ladabouche Photo
Turns one and two remain visible here, looking Northeast.

Cris DaBica Photo

Cavalcade of Auto Racingh

This grainy old copy from the Catamount History program shows a similar view.


Ladabouche Photo

This was Turn Four, as its contour now heads for the side of the Burlington Drug Co. warehouse. The pavement is from the current street running through the industrial park.


Paul Michaud Photo via Christian Genest
This was Turn Four, when active, with the Judkins 2X
leading Bob Brunell [M17], Dick Nephew, and
Leo Cleary [41] in 1968.



Courtesy of Cho Lee
 Milt Wright [below] shows  a good view of the land off Turn One that was used for driver/car portrait photos often. Below - A similar shot with Beaver.

Courtesy of Andy Boright

Courtesy of Cho Lee
This early shot of Hurricane competitor Larry Warren [24] passing Bert Thornton shows a lot of the infield of the track before Pit Lane was put in. Below - Larry Demar is awarded in that early infield in 1968.

Courtesy of Cho Lee


Denis LaChance Photos
Roger LaPerle arrives at Catamount. The familiar sign
 and driveway entrance are seen. Below - Similar
scene with Keith Cavanaugh


Courtesy of Cho Lee
The construction of the luxury boxes is seen behind Red Meade's Grand American division Mustang. 

Courtesy of Cho Lee
The completely - constructed  luxury boxes can be seen behind Jamie Aube's LMS.

From Andy Boright
Grand American driver Larry Caron drives up the pit ramp to the track. You can get a good idea of the "no man's land" out beyond turn one. Many fans never got to see this area, into which cars disappeared.

From Dragon Family
Beaver Dragon tries hard to visit No Man's Land in
this late 1972 spin.


From Cho Lee
A midget lineup - early in the history of the track. Note the ARMCO barriers, which were reduced later. Whereas
T Road was designed for midgets originally, the little racers looked lost on Catamount.


From Dragon Family
Beaver Dragon poses on the track around 1978. That is when the wall was striped and had "Milton USA" on it.

Ladabouche Photo
Looking down from Dave Dion's 1972 entry.
No Chevron building, no checklerboard shack,
no nothing. Must be the boys had just recently crushed the old gas station building.

Photos by Several People of Catamount Today & Before

Gerry Bergeron
A shot from the end of Turn 2
around 1989, looking south.

A and A Ward
A shot from Turn 2 in 1987, looking north.
Fans are saying goodbye to the track - last day.


Gerry Bergeron
This is almost certainly turns 3 and 4. There are
few such shots because the City Drug building was
built right in the middle of it later on. Below - This shot of Ray Morin and Bob Dragon taken in 2018 shows about the same spot as where that partial building is shown above.

Bill Kaigle Photo

Gerry Bergeron
A shot of Turn 1, with great fence remnants -around  1989, looking east.

Source Unknown
Same view from the end of Turn 2 around 1978, looking south. See those pilings through the fence ?

Gerry Bergeron
A shot from the road that now cuts through the track.You see turns one and two. Gerry would be parked in the bleachers, back then. Note the mid '80's shot. Gerry would have parked about where the second red square on the wall from the right is.

Photographer Unknown

Supplied by Rachel Lilly
Aerial shot from 1990's,  looking at mostly turns 1 and 2. The  track is seen in the open spaces in the middle of this photograph.

Supplied by Michala Peabody
Aerial shot from similar
viewpoint, but in 1980's

A and A Ward
A good shot of the grandstands and tower before the last program. Looking pretty shabby, as there wasn't much point in sprucing it upThe fence separates the spectator stands from those in the pit area. The higher turn four stands are evident.

Ladabouche Collection  Source Unknown
This 1978 shot of Jim Barton shows a similar view, with the smaller tower and lower Turn 4 stands.

Mike Cain Photo
Fans walk the track before the last day
of racing. Similar to the Ward shot below.

A and A Ward
A shot from Turn 2 in 1987, looking north.
Fans are saying goodbye to the track - last day.
Courtesy of Jim Watson
A shot of Robbie Crouch with the
Bob Curtiss 25 in 1972. It gives a
great view of the East, with the
notable Cobble Hill in the distance.

Steve Pecor Photo
A shot from Turn 4 in 1987, looking East.
A little busier than the view in the
Crouch photo, but not that much.


Supplied by Rich Palmer
A junkyard of sorts off
turn 4. It contains old water
trucks, ticket booths, etc.

Supplied by Rich Palmer
View over to the
stands from Turn 2.

Supplied by Rich Palmer
The last show at Catamount
was like no other. Fans
wandered all over the site
before and after the race.

Supplied by Rich Palmer
View from pit bleachers - early 80's.

Supplied by Rich Palmer
View over to the third turn. Fans collected
bits of the track for old times' sake.

Supplied by Rich Palmer
Out of 4 and down
the main straightaway.

Supplied by Rich Palmer
View over to the stands
from 3 and 4.

Supplied by Rich Palmer
The Milton Hilton.


Likely Denis LaChance Photo
A good view from the Turn One
seating area of the main stands.

Supplied by Allison Belisle
Aerial view over to the
track in the pre - Luxury box era.

Supplied by Charlie Smith
A very young Charlie Smith worked with Lynn Wood on the Goodyear truck in the early '70's. Litle did he know"he would rise to prominence as a crew chief and mechanic.

Supplied by Scott Brown
Easter used to be fun. if Archie could h
elp it.
Same day as photo above.

Supplied by Pat McGrath
Early Catamount officials:
Big John Untied, Bob Quinn,
and Pat McGrath.

Supplied by Johnny Racer
A Catamount promo piece.

Denis LaChance Photo
A selection of Catamount " International Speedway" souvenir items. Always hated
the name change.
Supplied by Edw. B Brown III
A different view of Catamount
vestiges than I have seen. That must be the City Drug building going up. Whatever it is, it hasn't ruing turn 4 yet.

Supplied by Bob Stowell Jr
A heavily autographed photo
of Catamount stars
Supplied by Katrina Franks McAvoy
Catamount, referred to as
Catamount Speedway. I pretty much
hate that. It's alway STADIUM to me.

Supplied by Cho Lee
razy things happen during a longer distance Tiger race in which the crews are set up in the infield. There would be no special facilities for this at that time.

Supplied by Norman Morley
ARMCO barriers and some white tires
are seen as crews set up for a longer
race around 1980. Still no paved pit road.

Supplied by Norman Morley
My friend Norm Morley shot a Street Stock tangle. In so doing he captured a
little - seen area of Catamount, off Tunr
Four. The wall [beyond and under the man in the red shirt] is what Lennie Stockwell hit in 1972.

Free Press Photo Supplied by Wayne Bettis
This shows the Stockwell crash, pre - impact. He was badlty hurt in this wreck.

I know someone besides Bill Kaigle took photos, but I don't know who it was.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
look at the south side of the Catamount
historic marker dedicated in 2018. The
top photo is meant to read first.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Beaver and Bob Dragon unveil the marker.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Milton Historical Society member Bill
Kaigle [center] listens to former drivers
Barney McRae and Del Thompson talk
after the dedication.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Beaver speaks at the dedication.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Milton Select Board member and menber of Milton's racing Turner family - Brenda Turner Steady at the dedication.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Bob Dragon speaks at the dedication.
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Bob speaks with a former track official at the dedication. [I apologize, don't know the name].
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
A replica of one of Bob Dragon's
Moe Brown cars at the Catamount marker dedication.
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Bill Kaigle meets former Catamount mechanic and former Milton Speedway driver Frankei Woodard. Behind them, Don Turner, Jr [ a former Cat driver] and John Keefer talk. Keefer owned cars both for Bob Dragon and at the drag strip.;
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Jean - Paul Cabana speaks at the dedication.
Poetically, he won the first race and last race at Catamount. In the background are George McRae and Franke Woodard.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Cabana and Woodard talk at the dedication.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Cabana talks to admirers at the dedication.
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Greg Gilbert, another central figure in the
dedication is at far right listening to Beaver Dragon. At left, Steve McKnight and I admire the garden designed by the local eagle scout at extreme left

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
The historical marker site, photgraphed before the crowds moved in. It is about where the
huge Catamount Stadium sign was.
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Part of the dedication attendees. I don't know a lot of these folks. Beaver and Bob Dragon, Cabana, and George McRae are in the center.
Barney McRae is at far right, next to the
eagle scout who designed the garden under the marker
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
A second group shot.
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
The infield setup at the dedication included
a DJ, LLoyd Gilbert's hot dog stand, and an excellent replica of the Pelletier/Falzarano Chevelle run at Catamount by Russ Ingerson
and later, by Beaver Dragon.
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
A delighted youngster who missed Catamount by around 25 years found a piece of the pavement - precious material !
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Consideri ng it is an old SOuthern dirt car, this
replica of the Pelletier/Falzarano Chevelle run at Catamount by Russ Ingerson and later, by Beaver Dragon is remarkably accurate. Turn 1 and the top of the pit ramp are in the background.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Somebody has this treasured and well - preserved point standings board from around the late 1970's. All the familiar names from that era are represented including an up and coming Jamie Aube.
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
The Beaver Dragon tour championship trophy. Along with the accompanying helmet he was awarded, it's one of his most treasured items.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Greg Gilbert speaks before the unveiling.
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Lloyd "The Hot Dog King" Gilbert - who raced at Catamount predecessor Malletts Bay and
did crew at Catamount for Norm Cyr.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Me, with former student, historical collaborator, and fellow sign man Bill Kaigle before the unveiling. 
Supplied by Bill Kaigle
They let any meatheaded windbag who wanted to - speak before the unveiling.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Norm Cyr with an excellent replica of father, Lee Cyr's coupe [which actually appeared at least a
few times at Catamount in 1965 - before the flatheads were phased out. Norm drove Flying Tigers there and did his best to kill himself in a late model Chevelle :).

Courtesy of Chris Companion

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Some of the multi - generational racing Payea family talk to Don Turner, Jr.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Former Catamount crewman and ace mechanic
Ray Morin [ctr] talks with Bob Dragon. Both have sons racing at Thunder Road now.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Bill Kaigle poses with Rick Stowell, another Milton Historical Society member and key figure in this dedication.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Former Catamount crewman and ace mechanic
Steve McKnight [left] at the dedication.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Former Catamount driver Tom Tiller [ctr] with fellow racing figures Chris and Rene Companion.

Supplied by Bill Kaigle
Former Catamount driver Tom Tiller [ctr] with friends and admirers.


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