March, 2007

March 2  Thanks to Don Rounds, Jr. for three more photos of his dad, now placed in the Don Rounds page. Also thanks to others who have recently sent material, and to Cho Lee, who gave up an entire work night to sit there while I scanned dozens of photos that he either owns or has archival rights to. A lot of them will put out, as this snowstorm [and family commitments] allows.
    I also made an Ashland Park Speedway page, while on vacation to New York. It'll get up when I have the time to devote to Filezilla [which takes forever, but is dependable].

March 3  The Ashland Park page is now up. There are some problems. I'll work on it later.

March 4  The February news page is now archived. Not real exciting, but necessary. I also added a few photos to the Jack Anderson page. They are ones I had from sources other than Jack. I took one photo from the new Anderson shots and put it on the It's What's in the Background page, as well.

March 7  Linked up the few York Drivers who have their own web pages on this site. Check this out on the Main Driver Directory page.

March 11  Hello all. I need to use this page to warn you that, as of tonight, I have no working email. I may possibly have none until I can get my son to fix it. I never quite survived the takeover of Adelphia by Comcast. Socket connections are not working. So, if I am not responding to you - this is why. Sorry. -Bill

March 12  Still having email problems. I can sometimes get my email from the site. I hope to have the new Vince Quenneville, Sr. page up tonight, if time allows.

March 14  One of my next projects is a page on George Barber, one of the truly great racing pioneers in the Northeast. The picture below is a sample of what I have gotten from Cho Lee [to whom George himself lent materials].


Les King Photo; George Barber Collection; Courtesy of Cho Lee

In the 1950's, Barber [ctr] and driver , Pappy Forsythe [right], won a championship race at some New York track. The sodas must be from a sponsor. This could be Stateline, Granville, or some other track in Eastern New York.

March 18  This is going to be another one of the frequent times, in the history of this website, where I hold my breath and hope for the best. My son is going to have to re-install the Microsoft program because it is partially corrupted and I cannot access the the email accounts I have. I also cannot do anything on the net except through my slow dial-up account. We will backup the website, the book I am writing, my lesson plans, and all of the other precious things on this stupid machine and hope they come back on in one piece. I guess the web service provider I use will have some of the website stuff backed up, but you never know.
    With all this in mind, I will do some addition to the site today for those who are waiting for additions. Probably it will feature the regions patriarch of racing, George Barber, of Bradford, Vermont.

March 20  Back on line again, thanks to the marathon efforts of a weary son. I couldn't use either the web or most email, so I tended to temporarily disappear.

March 22  First phase of work on George Barber page done.

March 27  I have taken a few moments from averaging grades to add a picture of Bob Brunell to his web page. There is also a photo of Jack DuBrul's cars added to his page.

March 28  I am back to having significant computer problems with hookup to the internet. I can't fix problems or add to the site, as of now.

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