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November 3  -    Added some photos to the page of Roy "Pappy" Forsyth.

November 5  -    I received a flood of photos today from both Dan Ody and from R. Scott Haskell. The Haskell photos are of the present site of the old Plymouth Fairgrounds track in NH. I will get these up as soon as I decided where to put them. The Ody shots are a total mystery to him and me. He says the track is supposedly in or near Vermont, and appears to be a fancy horse racing - type facility. But the shot of the stands do not agree with a photo I saw of the stands at Green Mountain Race Track in Pownal, the only horse track around here. The Ody mystery track will be on its own page. Sorry the photos are so poor, I think they came off from an old movie.

November 7  -    I received a couple of really unique Catamount photos from Steve McKnight - unique because I didn't have a good photo of Norm Cyr's #98 Flying Tiger and, amazingly, I didn't have a good shot of the Peletier/Falzarano 1957 Russ Ingerson Chevy either. The pit area shot [of Cyr and others] will be placed on the Early Tiger Competitors page; and the Ingerson shot will be on the Limited Sportsman page. I have noticed that recent additions have fouled up both pages. I will fix that as the web service allows me time.

November 17  -    I added a number of photos to the Joey LaQuerre page.

November 18 -    I was just looking at this shot below. Whatta story that tells. Can anyone help with the #22 Pontiac in front - or the other Pontiac back on the outside ? Also, the #1 is not likely to be Jim LaFountaine because he used Fords. Anyone know who the #10 was ? I think the 383 is Jimmy Gates and that car in the middle might be Stockwell. The shot shows the infamous tree house well, too. Notice that Catamount used to have some sort of small booth right near the fence in the pits. #84 is Earl Machia, but who is the other Mopar back there ?

Courtesy of Cho Lee

November 20 -    I finished a nice little page on the oldest Fairmont Speedway Program I own. Enjoy, if you're from that area. I am not sure why the links to the photos are not working, I'll see if I can fix them. Any way, the photos are under the program.

November 22 -    I added R. Scott Haskell's photos of the remains of the Plymouth fairgrounds track to the New Hampshire Tracks page. Thanks Scott.

November 25 -    I put on Column 34 - which was one about Pico Raceway I wrote [I think] in 2007. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

November 30  -    Added some photos to the page of Catamount Hurricane Competitors. I spoke at the Lost Race Tracks Conference at the Saratoga Auto Museum on Nov 28. I bought a CD of early local racing 8mm action. From this wonderful, memory - evoking disk I was able to rescue a few hazy photos. Below is one example - the SUPER 38 of Warrensburg's Dick Pennock, around 1962 at Fairmont.

From Footage of Dan Ody's Old Speedways I

Ladabouche Photo
The same car in a photo I took in 1962. This replaced the original
SUPER 38, in which Pennock crashed off the track and - according to
legend - ran into his wife's new car.



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