The dead race tracks list came out of a particular column I wrote around 1977 when I wrote "Bill's Angle" - a weekly column in SPEEDWAY SCENE. I received more positive feedback from that effort than from anything else I ever did with the column, which lasted at least six years in that fine publication.
    Therefore, I am going to  start putting it back out to the public.... on this page. Those entries in
black will be the original entries on the list - from back in the 1970's. The new additions will be in red. Additions to the list from Magnum's site will be maroon.


* Means there is a link

Altamont Speedway
Alumni Field
Andover Fairgrounds
Arlington Speedway
Arundel Speedway
Ashland Park 
Autodrome Coaticook
Autodrome de Laval
Autodrome de Rimouski
Autodrome de Sherbrooke
Autodrome de Sorel
Autodrome Mont-Carmel
Autodrome Mont-Laurier  
Autodrome Montmagny (ancien emplacement
Autodrome Pointe-Lebel
Autodrome Rive-Sud
Autodrome Rivière-du-Loup
Autodrome Robertsonville
Autodrome Robertsonville #2
Autodrome St-Adalbert
Autodrome St-Calixte
Autodrome St-Côme
Autodrome St.-Damien
Autodrome St-François|
Autodrome St-Grégoire
Autodrome St-Lambert
Autodrome St-Luc
Autodrome St-Marcel
Autodrome St-Prosper
Autodrome St-Tharcisius
Autodrome Ste-Thérèse
Autodrome Thetford
Autodrome Trois-Rivières 
Autodrome Val-Bélair
Bass Park Speedway
Belfast Fairgrounds
Bennetts Field
Berkshire County Fairgrounds
Biddeford Speedway
Bouvrette Speedway
Brattleboro Speedway
Brewer Raceway
Brookfield Speedway
Brookline Speedway
Bryar Park Speedway
Cairo Speedway
Can - Am Speedway
Candlelite Stadium
Cantley Speedway
Catamount Stadium
Champion Speedway
Champlain Speedway
Cheshire Fairgrounds
Cherryfield Speedway
Cherry Park Speedway
Columbian Speedway
Davis Speedway 
Deer Park Speedway
Dog River Speedway
Dover Speedway
Dover Speedway
Dracut Speedway
Eastern States Exposition
East Greenbush race track
East Montpelier race track

Ellsworth Speedway 
Empire Speedway
Empire Speedway
Exeter Fairgrounds 
Fairmont Park Motor Speedway
Franklin Motordrome
Franklin Speedway
Fort Covington Speedway
Granite State Speedway
Green Mountain Speedway
Green Mountain Speedway
Green Mountain Speedway
Gilford Bowl 
Harmony Raceway
Hatfield Speedway
Herman Speedway
Hinchcliff Stadium
Huntington Speedway
Hurricane Road
Ida Mae Speedway

Ge Jo Clin Speedway 
Kingsbridge Armory
Lake Megantique Speedway
Lakes Region Race Track
Lakeville [Gold Spur] Speedway
Langhorne International Speedway
Log Cabin Speedway
Lonsdale Arena
Maine State Fairgrounds
Malletts Bay Speedway
Manchester Motordrome
Medford Speedbowl
Merrimac Speedway
Mettawee Speedway
Midstate Speedway
Moffitt Park Speedway
Mohawk Speedway

Morristown Speedway
Morristown Stadium
Mustang Speedway
Nazareth National Speedway
Newfield Park
Newmarket Speedway
Norridgewock Raceway
Norway Pines Speedway
Northeast Speedway
Norwood Arena
Old Bridge Speedway
Otter Creek Speedway
Oxford County Fairgrounds
Oxford, Massachusetts race track
Peabody race track

Pico Raceway
The Pine Bowl
The Pines Speedway
Plymouth Fairgrounds
Polo Grounds
Ponta Del Garda Speedway
Queen City Raceway
Radio Bowl
Reading Fairgrounds
Readville Speedway

Rhinebeck Fairgrounds
Rhythm Inn Speedway
Richfield Springs
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Rockingham Park
Roosevelt Stadium
Route 106 Midway Raceway
Ruppert Stadium
Safford Park Speedway
Sanford Speedway
Schuylerville Speedway
Sharon Raceway
Sheffield race track

Sheldon Fairgrounds
Smyrna Speedway
Springfield Fairgrounds
Stateline Speedway
Teaneck Armory
Topsfield, MA race track
Trout Lake Speedway
Ups and Downs Speedway
Veterans' Park

Victoria Speedway
Washington County Racetrack
Waterville-Oakland Speedway
Webster Flats
Weisglass Stadium
West Haven Speedway
West Haven Speedway
West Lebanon Speedway
West Peabody Speedway
Windsor Fairgrounds 

Altamont, NY
Lowell, MA
Andover , ME
Poughkeepsie, NY
Arundel, ME
Warrensburg, NY
Coaticook, QU
Laval, QU
Ste Blandine, QU

Sherbrooke, QU
Sorel, QU
Mont Carmel, QU
Mont Laurier, QU
Montmagny, QU
Baie Comeau, QU
La Prairie, QU
St Patrice, QU
Robertsonville, QU
Robertsonville, QU
St Adalbert, QU
St. Calixte, QU
St. Come de Beauce, QU
St. Damien, Q
Bromptonville, QU
St. Gregoire, Q
St Lambert, QU
St Luc, QU
St. Marcel, QU
St Prosper, QU
Amqui, QU
Ste Therese - near Quebec City, QU
Thetford Mines, QU
St Gregoire, QU
Val St Michel, QU

Bangor, ME
Belfast, ME
Utica, NY
Great Barrington, MA
Biddeford, ME
St Jerome, QU
West Brattleboro, VT
Brewer, ME
Brookfield, NY
Brookline, MA
Louden, NH
Cairo, NY
Newport, VT
Bridgeport, CT
Cantley, QU
Milton, VT
Bedford, QU
Ticonderoga, NY
Keene, NH
Cherryfield, ME
Avon, CT
Mohawk, NY
Enosburgh Falls, VT
Long Island
Northfield, VT

Dover, NH
Dover, NJ
Dracut, MA
Springfield, MA
East Greenbush, NY
East Montpelier, VT

Ellsworth, ME
Menands, NY
Syracuse, NY [near]
Exeter, ME
Fair Haven, VT
Fort Covington, NY
Franklin, NH
Franklin, MA
Dover, NH
Colchester, VT
Sheldon Springs, VT
Rutland, VT [former Pico]

Gilford, NH
Harmony, NY
Hatfield, PA
Herman, ME
Patterson, NJ
Shelton, CT
Franklin, NH

Schodack, NY
Boltonville, VT
Lake Megantique, QU

Laconia, NH
Lakeville, MA
Langhorne, PA
Lancaster, NH
Lonsdale, RI
Lewiston, ME
Colchester, VT
Londonderry, NH
Medford, MA
Merrimac, NH
North Granville, NY
Morris, NY
Plattsburgh Town, NY
Lunenburg, MA

Morrisville, VT
Morristown, NJ
Pike River, QU
Nazareth, PA
Bridgeport, CT
Newmarket, NH
Norridgewock, ME
Rumney, NH
Lower Waterford, VT
Norwood, MA
Old Bridge, NJ
Waltham, VT
Norway, ME
Oxford, MA
Peabody, MA
Rutland, VT
Snyders Corners, NY
Groveland, MA
Plymouth, NH
New York City, NY
Tiverton, RI
Bangor, ME
Medford, MA
Reading, PA
Hyde Park, MA

Rhinebeck, NY
Millers Falls, MA
Richfield Springs, NY
Medford, MA
Agawam, MA
Salem, NH
Louden, NH
Jersey City, NJ
Newark, NJ
Keene, NH
South Sanford, ME
Schuylerville, NY
Sharon Springs, NY

Sheffield, VT
Sheldon Junction, VT
Smyrna, NY

Springfield, ME
North Bennington, VT
Teaneck, NJ
Topsfield, MA
Boltons Landing, NY
Schodack, NY
Newport, VT

Dunnsville [Duanesburg], NY
Razorville, ME
Waterville, ME
Lyndonville, VT
Staten Island, NY
West Haven, CT
West Haven, VT
West Lebanon, NH
West Peabody, MA
Windsor, ME


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