Dog River Speedway

Northfield, Vermont


1959 Championship  
Granger_Northfield_Champ_1961_Trophy.jpg (148409 bytes)

With Libero Buzzi    

The Championship Car   Larry_Granger_Northfield_1961_93.jpg (143097 bytes)

All Photos Courtesy of Mike Gilbert


Dale Gilbert Arrives       Dale_Gilbert_Northfield_Trailered.jpg (159770 bytes)

Ed LaFrenniere's 8 Ball   Lafreniere_8ball_Northfield_1961.jpg (155197 bytes)

Ray Stygles after races   Ray_Stygles_Northfield_69.jpg (144740 bytes)

Stygles with different ride:
 Hay Service Station #68. Ray_Stygles_Northfield_Hay68.jpg (136797 bytes)

All Photos in this section Courtesy of Mike Gilbert


Larry Granger

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John Gammell

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Russ Ingerson

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Chester T. Woods

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Libero Buzzi

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An early field lining up
in front of the decrepit
old announcer's stand.

Something has drawn
a big crowd near
the announcer's

A woman crosses the track as two cars
have drawn a lot of
attention. Note the
covered stands at

A good look to
the northwest of the

New Scott Haskell Photos- CLICK HERE

     Not a lot was known about this racetrack when I started this website. It does not have a particularly long or distinguished history, like its neighbor and more prominent brother, Thunder Road International Speedbowl, in Barre.

    Apparently, Dog River was named for a body of water located nearby. It largely depended on fielding cars that frequented Thunder Road. Like Northeast Speedway in Waterford, Dog River's history is totally intertwined with the Barre oval.

    I have been depending on information from folks like my good friend and old college mate Mike Gilbert, a business teacher in Barre who once lived in Northfield. Mike's locating information about Dog River goes like this: "If you ever go to Northfield, you go south on Route 12A for about two miles or so. The first bridge to go over the river [brook] on the right goes to the trailer park. The track used to be up, beyond the trailer park."

   Fellow historian Cris DaBica has also mentioned Dog River: "Yet another track at the end of a road in the middle of nowhere, Dog River between the late 1940’s and early 1960’s and is listed as being a dirt 1/2 track. It is located just south of Northfield, VT on what was supposedly the site of the Northeast Fairgrounds. So far no mentions of either Dog River or the fairgrounds have been found anywhere so a visit to Northfield’s library or historical society is probably in order. The land is currently marked as private property/no trespassing, and looks like someone is using it to store construction equipment…didn’t get out to investigate too deeply but a return visit may happen soon."


Flagger and future Chief Pit Steward, Archie Blackadar, of Danville, Vt. stands in the white uniform with hands on hips. Car owner Ed Pelletier is at Archie's right, looking at the camera.

Courtesy of Neal Davis
Barre's Norm Chaloux was probably a regular at Northfield. Here the car is shown trailering into Thunder Road in 2004.

Rutland Herald Photo
Buddy Bardwell, of Keene, NH [shown here at Fairmont] tried Northfield a few times, as he did T-Road.

Bushey Family Photo, via Jack Anderson
Gordy Owen, of Williston, in the Ralph Bushey #1 at

Bushey Family Photo, via Jack Anderson
Gordy Owen returns the Ralph Bushey #1 to the infield pits in 1951. This is one of the best shots of Northfield I have been able to get. Note the Coke truck with the PA system on its roof and Bob Doyle's Bardahl distributor truck. You can get an idea of the paper clip shape of the track, as well.

Courtesy of Scott Haskell
Check out the similarity of this shot to the one above. It makes
one wonder if it was the same photographer.


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Northfield_Terraserver.jpg (57633 bytes)
Dog River Speedway,  Terraserver photo.

Dog_River_Current_2.jpg (39329 bytes)
This is a view of the Dog River property now.

Cris DaBica Photo

Granger_Northfield_Champ_1961_Trophy.jpg (148409 bytes)
Larry Granger [center] receives the 1961 Dog River championship trophy among crew and well-wishers.
Photo Courtesy of  Mike Gilbert

Historical Aerials. Com
Dog River as it looks in 2003.