My uncle and I were suffering through one of the longest droughts in seeing a stock car race since he and my parents had first brought me to see racing
at Rutland, Vermont's Pico Raceway in 1951. It was around 1957. I was invited to go with my aunt and uncle to visit her aunt on Staten Island. That was quite an
adventure for someone who had traveled no farther than the Springfield, MA area in his life. The long trip, the sight of metropolitan New Yor CIty, the Staten
Island ferry, and more was quitemid boggling. But then it happened...

        We were not far from Aunt Selma and Uncle Bill's address when a vehicle went by pulling a stock car. It didn't take long - upon arrival - to determine where races were bing held on the island and off we went ! We arrived at Weissglass Stadium, an actual sports stadium erected durung the Depression. We were not used to seeing
races in what appeared to be the middle of a city. [In this case, Port Richmond]. Some of the pits had to be located in the premises of the local Chrysler dealer due to the severe lack of space.

         I cannot remember much about the racing other than one driver's name was Al Lucky [turns out to be a racing pseudonym] and that the cars were pretty
banged - looking affairs. It worked out well for us, as there were few ,more opportunities to see racing back home unitl 1961 and 1962. I always remembered that
wonderful and unexpected night of racing deep in the big, bad city. I never got much reaction from anyone until I met a guy who raced at Airborne Speedway named
Curt "Metalman" Giventer, who raced at Weissglass Speedway [also known as Weissglass Stadium]. It gave it all a little more human perspective. The whole place has been gone for decades now, sadly, but Marty Himes and George Leblanc have done a lot to keep the memory alive. Gabe Rispoli is the only promoter there I know of.

Historic Photo
While not being 100% sure, I beleive this to be an aerial photo of Weissglass Stadium. while it still stood. The track seems to be gone.

Charles Zulla Photo via Ken Edsell
This is arguably the most icnonc photo of Weissglass Stadium.

Courtesy of Richard Amo via Curt Giventer
You probably could buy these decals at the concession stand.

Via Pat Milano
Tiny Milano,

VIa Cliff Bessett
George Kaufman,
All - time winner
Via Curt Giventer
Curt Giventer 
 Dunkelman Family Photo
Jerry Dunkelman
Dave Inness Photo
Glen Long sedan 25
Source Unknown
Johnny Lee
Via Bill Connolly
Unidentified sedan
Dave Inness
A Bardahl presentation
to Johnny Bate with car R.
Via Jim Hall
Car 123
Via Charles Taylor
English Ford mini stock

Via Edward Brown II

Dave Inness Phot via Joe McKenney
Sedan 16. Could be Buddy Laureno

Dave Inness Photo Via Charles Edkins
I don't know if this car's
"decor" is intentional or
due to an serious urban


A driver named Doggie with
a really neat Studebaker

Chas. Zulla PhotoVia Ken Edsell

Car 1 and crew. 
Dave Inness Photo
via George LeBlanc

George LeBlanc
Chas. Zulla Photo
via Ken Edsell

Check out the inside
front wheel size. The track
was a fifth mile.

Dave Inness Photo Via Larry Housman
A rare Henry J
Dave Inness Photo Via Charles Edkins
Charlie Edkins in a support
class win.

 Via Joe McKinney
MIke Rudino
Via Sandy Menzak
Steve Uslan
Source Unknown
Frankie Schneider would
sometimes run Weissglass.

Langhorne Program Page Via the Starin Family

Howie Brown is seen as the Weissglass rep in one of the Langhornme races.
That must have been quite the experience after usually running on a
fifth mile paved track.

Via the Edward Brown II
Howie Brown

Via the HAMB Message Site
'Nuther of them nifty dee-kals.

Via Cliff Bessett
George Kaufman with different car

Dave Inness Photo Via George LeBlanc
George LeBlanc with a
different car.

 Dave Inness Photo Via Dennis
Dennis DiBrizzi

From Geo. LeBlanc Via flickr
Jack Duffy

Via Edward Brown II

Howie Brown with a
Weissglass win.

Via Cliff Bessett
Jake Goodski,
Elizabeth, NJ
1961 Champ

Via Edward Brown II
Johnny Lee gets a model
from a young fan.

Via Edward Brown II
Another DiBrizzi car.
Check out the rear bumper.

Via Edward Brown II
A LeBlanc closeup

Via Edward Brown II
Howie Brown with a
different pose.

Via Edward Brown II

A beautifully restored stock car, apparently which used to run at Weissglass.

Via George LeBlanc
One of the reunions held for Weissglass.

Via Edward Brown II

Chas. Zulla Photo
Via Ken Edsell

Close action at the finish.

8 MM Film Source Unknown
Action in the turn.

8 MM Film Source Unknown
More action in the turn.

8 MM Film Source Unknown
Support class car in action.

Chas. Zulla Photo
Via Ken Edsell

Kind of looks like Dutch Hoag in action at the finish.

Via Mike Bauer
Action in the turn.

Chas. Zulla Photo
Frankie Schneider has a match race with a sports car.

Chas. Zulla Photo
A tangle puts car 8 into
the fence.

Chas. Zulla Photo
Via Ken Edsell

The Brits would call this
"a shunt at the barriers".

Chas. Zulla Photo Via Ken Edsell
I love this shot. It shows how the stadium was edged into a very crammed urban environment where it stood.


8 MM Film Source Unknown
The front entrance.

Via Pinterest
Front entrance, at a
different time than at

Chas. Zulla Photo
via Ken Edsell

Can't resist re-using this
one. It's truly a Weissglass
scene. 16 is Buddy

The Coke sign outside
the facility.

8 MM Film Source Unknown
People waiting near the entrance.

Chas. Zulla Photo
via Ken Edsell

Another crash photo.

Chas. Zulla Photo
via Ken Edsell

This shot of two drivers
gives a good view of
some of the grounds.

Dave Inness Photo
via Chas. Edkins

There was a Bardahl man
at most every track in the

Chas. Zulla Photo
via Chas. Zulla

The judges' and announcer's

Dave Inness Photo
via Steve Moreno

Support class wreck.

Via Curt Giventer
Curt Giventer, with his support class car. He actually still raced last year at Airborne Speedway.

Dave Brown Photo
Curt Giventer pacing an Airborne field win a restored car he said ran at Weissglass.

Cavalcade of Auto Racing Photo
Al Lucky [a racing name] shown as the track's Langhorne qualifier. Again, when you're used
to a fifth mile paved track, Langhorne must have been a chamber of horrors.

Via Bill Connolly
Pippy Scarmadella.

Weissglass Spdwy Museum
Bruno Brackey

Weisglass Spdwy Museum
Jack Zackian.

Weisglass Spdwy Museum
John Bate.

Weisglass Spdwy Museum
Johnny Kronyak
Jack Rugerillo 5Jr.

Weisglass Spdwy Museum
All - time feature winner George Kaufman.

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