If I had  seen a Vince Barbuto coupe before he came our with the #2 for Jeep Herbert sometime in the mid 1960's, I am not aware of it. The cars, almost always numbered 2 or 22, were a cream white, with black and yellow accents. I would have to assume Vince had something to do with wheel alignment because, for years, his cars always carried that little Bear Alignment teddy bear decals on the side

The #2 car he started out with for Jeep Herbert was the classic upright NASCAR sportsman - probably a 1936 Chevy. When Herbert left the team, he placed up and coming driver Jack Farquhar at the controls and lowered the body. The team left Fonda during the Great Migration to Lebanon Valley, joining such teams as Floyd Wilcox and Jerry Townley, P{etge Corey, Bill WImble, and others on the high banks. Vince would change the car's number to 22, and Farquhar would have an excellent run with  the car.

In the final years of the team [at least with that particular car], Barbuto would also use drivers such as traveling driver for hire Irv Taylor and former late model driver Dn Antolick of Stillwater, NY. The Barbuto car was always immaculate, and a real favorite of mine.

The Herbert Era

Ladabouche Collection   Likely a Russ Bergh Photo
Jeep [behind car] and the Barbuto crew. I'd love for someone
to tell me which one is Vince - or any of the others' names.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Chet Hames looks on as Jeep is awared a feature trophy by George Baumgardner, a driver from the same racing era Jeep came from. This is at Vicotria Speedway.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Jeep, with possibly the prettiest car he ever drove.

Ladabouche Collection
Another early Barbuto pose. Looks like Victoria.

From The HAMB Website
Another shot of a win with Jeep - at Victoria.

LeClaire Photo
A pose in busy pits by Hank LeClaire's 21 and Andy
Romano's 97. The lettering has  been redone here.
Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth
The Barbutocar, still as #2, at the Valley
behind Jelley's X.


The Farquhar Era

Ladabouche Collection 
Jack Farquhar and the Barbuto car after he had taken over the ride.The number had not yet been changed. This is Fonda.
Notice that Vince has lowered the car.

Ladabouche Collection 
Jack Farquhar and the Barbuto car after it
had been changed to #22 at the Valley.
Lebanon Valley Classics

The Judge, at one of the Valley open comp shows.
Note Cagle and Malzahn nearby.

Ken Shoemaker Book
Jack Farquhar in Victory Lane at the Valley.
Courtesy of Norm Vadnais 
Jack Farquhar andVince Barbuto in Vic
Lane at the Valley.
John Grady Photo
Jack Farquhar at the Valley.
Lebanon Valley Classics 
Jack Farquahar and the Barbuto crew  at the Valley.

The Others 

Chuck Ely Photo Lebaono Valley Classics
Donnie Antolick took his turn with the car.
Conde and Parry Site Photo
Veteran Irv Taylor with the Barbuto car.

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