Shany Lorenzet Photo via Dave Dykes
Big Butch Caswell in a little, tiny cutdown.

        In the 1950's, there arose a class of stock car that has been commonly referred to as the cutdown.  Apparently, in addition to the most power technology and the rules of the era would allow, the cutdowns also featured bodies were - for want of a better term - quite minimal. When a number of serious injuries involving these cars happened, the class was evenrtually phased out. A few scattered track like Claremont Speedway in New Hampshire still had some cars similar to the cutdowns. I always felt the Frank "Stroker" Smith 311, driven by Sonny Rabideau was one of tghe last functioning cutdowns.

Shany Lorenzet Photo via RA Silvia and Dave Dykes
Dan Rogoff at the New London - Waterford Speedbowl.
Shany Lorenzet Photo via Dave Dykes
This early Sharkey Gaudiosi 4 driven by Ed Moody is likely considered to be cutdown.
Shany Lorenzet Photo via Dave Dykes
Ray Dizzy Delisle in a fuller - bodied cutdown.
Riding Dirty Collection Photo via Dave Dykes
Red Foote ran this cutdown before becoming one of the famed Eastern Bandits and moved down South.
Courtesy of Frank Lopes
George Pendergast with what looks like a cutdown.
Courtesy of Frank Lopes
Sparky Belmont's Plainville 40 looks like a cutdown.
Shany Lorenzet Photo via Dave Dykes
This early S
tafford Springs car in not
Courtesy of Ed Duncan
e Alligator Car of Bobby Edwards may be the most famous cutdown of all.
Balser Photo via Bob Nelson Collection
Chappy Chapman raced this one at West Peabody, MA.
Courtesy of Ed Duncan
This early S
tafford Springs car also made appearances at Safford Park, Keene, NH.
Mel Ogden Photo via Midstate Club
Dick Schooneover's coupe was not tehnically a cutdown - it raced at Midstate Spdwy, Morris, NY. But it sure resembled one.
Bob McDowell Photo via Dave Dykes
Doug Benjamin's polka dot car is close to, if not a cutdown.
Luke Bedell Photo via LVC
Doug Garrison cut his former Gordon Ross car down so far it would have been a cutdown if they still had them. It was safer.
Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Red Bolduc, At Norwood Arena.

McDowell Photo via Phil Miller
and Hertica
This early
Cutdown of Tim Hallock's ran at Riv. Park and the Pine Bowl. 
Shany Lorenzet Photo Mal Phillips Collection via Dave Dykes
Andy Anderson.
Seekonk Site Photo
Fred Luchesi wins an early one at Seekonk.
Shany Lorenzet Photo
via Dave Dykes

Moneybags Moe Gherzi, with an early Garuti Car.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Another cutdown for Moe Gherzi.

Courtesy of George Hill
Pete Janovsky's Claremont car was essentially a cutdown.

Courtesy of Maine Vintage Race Car Association
Harold Pappy Wilcox,
Unity Raceway.
Courtesy of George Hill
Stroker Smith's Claremont car 311, driven by Sonny Rabideau, was the most famous cutdown ever in Vermont.
R.A.  Silvia Collection
 via Dave Dykes

This is an early Falconi
cutdown driven by legendary Freddie Borden.
Shany Lorenzet Photo 
via Dave Dykes

George Pendergast with a cutdown at New London Waterford Speedbowl.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
Joe McNulty.

Courtesy of The Bullfather
Eddie Hoyle.

Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
Danny Gaudiosi.

Courtesy of Glen Tavares
Hop Harrington.

Crossfire flathead engine.

R.A.  Silvia Collection
 via Dave Dykes

George Summers

Ladabouche Collection
Art Rousseau, in Bob Oliver's 621, is arguably THE most famous cutdown of all.