Bob Frazier Photo  Courtesy of C.J. Richards
Ted, with an old - school coupe at Devil's Bowl.

     The first time I ever saw Ted Brown was at Fairmont. He was not one of the Claremont cars which showed up the first month of the track's first season, but he did appear in July with this unusual sedan, complete with holes drilled all throughout the back part of the body. The car was amazingly fast, but he rolled it that day, and the weakened body just crumpled like paper.

Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
Danny Rumpf awards checkers to Ted in that holey sedan, not long before
the car was demolished.

Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
The Gene Tetrault unique wrecker rig deposits the wrecked sedan in the
infield. [Below] The sedan, on a borrowed flatbed to go home to Keene.
That might be Ted surveying the overall damage from afar.

Courtesy of the LaFond Family

     Brown would make Fairmont a regular destination, from then on - as he also would the track in Vergennes - Otter Creek Speedway. He now had a silver, blue, and maroon coupe #92, sponsored by Lash Texaco. I don't know who owned the car. His start in one feature at Otter Creek was the fastest leap to the front [from the back] that I believe I ever saw. He passed the entire field, down the middle, by the third turn of the first lap.

Ladabouche Photo
The Brown team stops beside the road, not far from Vergennes, after a successful
afternoon at Otter Creek.

    Ted would continue for many more years of racing, driving the #31 for Curt Dragon, the Albro 8 NH, and #92's that may have been his. He drove well into his sixties, mostly at Claremont. I have no idea what his status is now. I have met two of his ex-wives. He was one of the old, seat-of-the-pants, gutsy drivers.

Cavalcade of Racing Photo
Ted and one of his pit crews, at Fairmont.

Source Unknown
Ted with a later sedan.

Ted, with one of Curt
Dragon's #31 coupes.

Cavalcade of Racing Photo
Ted and the 8 NH

Ladabouche Photo
The coupe that was
built after the sedan
was wrecked.

Source Unknown
Ted with an early
coupe at Keene.

Another shot of
the modified sedan.

Source Unknown
An early Claremont jalopy.


Courtesy of William Moses
Terry Marks, with  a replica
Ted Brown car.

Courtesy of Neal Davis
Ted, with an early car.
This is from a
newspaper article.

Courtesy of Neal Davis
A blurry early shot
of Ted with helmet.

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