16           Stanley "Stub" Fadden           16
The Flying Fire Chief

     Ken Squier, I am sure, came up with the moniker "The Flying Fire Chief from North Haverhill, NH". I don't doubt Stub was in the department; I have no idea whether or not he was chief. He had begun racing in our area about the time Thunder Road opened up in 1960. He ran in the support division, whatever they called those ubiquitous late model things that he, Bill White, Dicky Southworth, Beaver Dragon, and others drove back then. Fadden was shown in the far - reaching "Cavalcade of Auto Racing in 1961 when he happened to be near a crashing Bill White in one of the Cavalcade's photos of T Road.
      When I arrived in the region in 1968, Stub Fadden was a fixture in the Flying Tigers - at Catamount and Thunder Road. His number 16 would be seen - in one division or another - for three more decades. He ended an amazing career in the Busch Grand National North division. He had stayed with NASCAR after the big split with Tom Curley's ACT largely because he could not see wasting all the money he already had invested in his metal bodied cars. Stub has had health problems recently; but, we were all excited to see him at the 2006 Milk Bowl this year. [So was he.]

Catamount Program Photo
I think of Stubby as one of the best guys who ever ran in the late models at Catamount
 - or anywhere else for that matter. When some of the other top runners became
a little big for their britches, he always took the time to talk to the support division
people... and we appreciated it.

Young Photo
Stub savors a Flying Tiger victory, around 1967, with a very young son,
Alvin at second to right in white T-shirt.

Ladabouche Photo
Stub visits the 2006 Milk Bowl. Alvin [arms folded] and wife,
Charlotte talk to driver Brian Hoar at right.

Cavalcade of Racing Photo
Stubby [6] narrowly
misses the Bill White [4]
wreck in 1960.


ebay Photo
Flying Tiger days,
around 1968

Rich Palmer Photo

Dragon Family Photo
Stub talks with Herb
Everest, the popular
former car owner for
Beaver Dragon.

Burl. Free Press Photo
Stubby inspects the
Chevy after a crunch.

Rich PalmerPhoto
1970 saw Stub
move to Mopar for
a few years. This
is the limited sportsman
he'd eventually sell
to Steve Poulin


Rich PalmerPhoto
The Flying Fire Chief
in his Mopar.

Courtesy of Steve Jangraw



Courtesy of Cho Lee
Stub, in his B class convertible
in a T Road heat. 7A is Beaver
Dragon and
43 is Dick Southworth.

Burl. Free Press Photo
At speed, 1970
during Catamount
April practice session

Ladabouche Photo
Back to Chevy
by 1972.

Dragon Family Photo
Victorious Stub shares
the podium with Beaver
Dragon [left] and Joe


Courtesy of Cho Lee
Stub, in his B class convertible
from Northeastern, Barre.

Courtesy of Ray Lasnier
Burlington Free Press


Courtesy of Ray Lasnier


Courtesy of Cho Lee
 Stub, in a crude,
unlettered Chevy.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Stub, with another
convertible at Barre.

Ladabouche Photo
The first of Stub's
familiar H.O. Taylor
Chevelles - around 1973


Devils Bowl Program Photo
Stub poses with the same
Chevelle at Devils Bowl
later in the '73 season.

Ladabouche Photo
The 1974 version of
the H.O. Taylor

Devils Bowl Program Photo
On track at Catamount.

Denis LaChance Photo
Later in the career, with
his Nova LMS


Ron Shappy Photo
Same Nova LMS
at Catamount

Ladabouche Collection
Stub misses an
exploding Bernie


Courtesy of Paul Mascitti
The old hauler.

Jim Watson Photo
Stub, with his "Senior
Mod Squad" hairstyle
with his 1975 ride at

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Driving one of the Novas
thru the pits at Barre.

A&A Ward Photo
Obviously, a Fall
Foliage victory at
Thunder Road.

Denis LaChance Photo
Stub on Catamount
in the 1970's.

Denis LaChance Photo
Courtesy of Andy Boright

A plain Nova.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Stub in pit area.

Maritime Motorsports
Stub moving in  on
Claude LeClerc.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Stub's 67 Chevelle
at T Road.

Ladabouche Photo
Checking out the
Patten Gas Buick.
Frank Stoddard is
on the far side.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
The Patten Gas Buick.

ACT Site
Running with Crouch's
six banger.

Photographer Unknown
Stub's Buick lines up
with Bob Dragon in
front of the handicapper's
stand around 1986

Mike Cain Photo
Courtesy of Mike's Site

The Patten Crew.

Courtesy of Paul Mascitti

Ladabouche Photo
Stub's pit - around
1986 beside Beaver's
big buck team.

Dragon Family Photo
Stub, in Vic Lane
as 3rd place finisher
in CRC 300. Hector
LeClaire won and
Beaver was 2nd.

Dragon Family Photo
Stub, with McCabe
and Beaver, as
NASCAR loyalists
with BGNN after the
ACT splitup.

Courtesy of Mark Austin
The Fadden wrecker
can be seen in this
Cabana shot.

A&A Ward Photos
Stub, at 2007 Milk
Bowl with Steve
Poulin. Patrick
LaPerle, left and Eric
Williams, right.

Ladabouche Photo
Stoddard presents
Stub with HOF

Steve McKnight Photo
Alvin and Bear Staples,
from McCabe's team.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Stub, in the latter
stages of his career -
maybe BGNN


Courtesy of Cho Lee
Stub, with Tommy Kalimiris after a T Road feature win. You can tell by looking at Stubby he knew trouble was ahead.

NEAR Hall of Fame Photo

Stub poses with the rest of his "class" at the New England Antique Racers Hall of Fame ceremony around 2003.

Courtesy  of Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson [left], George Chates, and Tom Tiller visit Stub at home in 2009.

Ladabouche Photo
Stub, in good company, at one of John Casey's reunion picnics. [Left-] Tom Tiller, John Keefer, Valerie and
Steve Poulin - June and Jane Dragon in background.

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