Also known as the Fort Hardy Park, this early 1950's stock car track was located beside the Hudson River, almost on top of the abandoned animal - powered canal that ran through
the Schuylerville area as part of the early Erie Canal network. The area, steeped in tradition and history, was also the site of the pivotal Battle of Saratoga, fought in 1777. The Paul Garnsey family owned the land upon which the track was located and they apparently ran the speedway, as well. Starting out with roadsters, it did not last out of the decade.

Google Earth Photo
The oval is where the track was, according to Zene Garnsey, third generation owner of the business. The spot, today,
is partly US Route 4 and partly buildings from the Garnsey business. The arrow indicates the family airstrip.

All Paul Garnsey Photos via Danny Ody
These are views taken by track owner Paul Garnsey, around 1951. from his own plane. Supposedly, the road beside the
venue is US Route 4, but it is not where the road runs today. The Garnsey airfield is visible in the lower righthand corner.

This view shows the proximity of the track to the Hudson River. Supposedly, acccording to Zene Garnsey,
there was enough water left in the old horse canal, nearer the track, to claim one of the race cars.

The best shot of the three. The old half-filled -in canal might be seen by the middle of the extreme lefthand edge of
the photo [above the white building. Cars are seen in action in turn four. Parking for the track would be right
about where the Garnsey office is now.

Bob Hoffer Family
Photo Collection

This is reportedly a
view of some cars in
the infield pit area at
Hudson River

Bob Hoffer Family
Photo Collection

Fred Winchell's #11
car at Schuylerville.
Note the wild exhaust
pipe system. Bob Hoffer
drove this car at least once.


Bob Hoffer Family
Photo Collection

The Frank Petty F40 Car in the
Schuylerville pits. It was driven
by Hank Schmidt, from

Bob Hoffer Family
Photo Collection

Bob Hoffer's car
#3, with Eddie Porter
aboard, lines up with
car 88.

Bob Hoffer Family
Photo Collection

Charlie Morse was
a big name in early
1950's racing with
the car 467.

Bob Hoffer Family
Photo Collection

This is reportedly a
view of some cars
lining up at Schuylerville.
If not, the car 3
definitely ran there.

Bob Hoffer Family
Photo Collection

Leo Nadeau's
Rocket 88 car. he
ran with the same
group as many who
did race at Hu. River.

Bob Hoffer Family
Photo Collection

Another likely
Schuylerville entry.

Photos by Zene Garnsey
This is a jacket made especially for the wife of one of the track officials at Schuylerville.

These are mostly blurred due to poor light conditions when I took them

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Action, with some
very early - looking
cars. Nice cage !

Courtesy of Dan Ody
A car 8, at
Schuylerville. It
could be the same
as the one above.

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Likely, the P38 of Bob "Radar"

Courtesy of Schuylerville Hist. Society
Somebody went in the old
canal beside the track..

Courtesy of Ronnie Caisse Hunt
Come one, come all !.
Courtesy of Joe Staiger
Joe Staiger, at speed. 
Staiger particiaption at Schuyler led to the building of McGregor Speedway in Wilton.
Courtesy of Joe Staiger
Joe Staiger, at work
on car at Schuylerville.

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