Courtesy of Cho Lee
This shot from 1970's Catamount Stadium shows C.J. Richards, hall of fame promoter; C.V.
Chuck Elms, promoter of Bear Ridge Speedway, and photographer/Bardahl dealer Bob Doyle.

Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of John Rock
The Trombley brothers of Mooers Forks, NY.
Bob, Charlie, and Ron.

Dragon Family Photo
This shot from 1986 shows Brent Dragon [above]; Steve Poulin, then crew chief for
Beaver Dragon; and John Casey, who has played several major roles in racing.

Ladabouche Photo
The legendary car ownership combo of Cliff Wright [right] and Ron Zautner
enjoy a monthly reunion breakfast of NY racing oldtimers at a diner
in Watervliet, NY. Sam Barlow is at left. The Wright / Zautner cars included
the potent 24's of Shoemaker and MacTavish, as well as Westevelt's 83's.

Norm Vadnais Photo
An important group in the Fairmont/Devil's Bowl region pause for a photo prior to the
infamous 1962 Rutland Fair CVRA stock car race. Far left - probably Ken Boutwell;
George Rogers, John Spafford [center]. Others here include Don Ballantine, Eli
Vadnais, and Eli's brother, but I don't know who is who.

Ladabouche Collection
I have this photo labeled as The Bob Dragon brain trust of the 1970's". [Left] Frankie Woodard is now crew chief for Emily Packard; Billy Tower retired after last working for the Demers; we lost Gary Desranleau to cancer; Bob is still married to Veronica; John Keefer works for RPM engines; Steve Hibbard has his own K&N race operation; and Bobby Clark, is retired, I think.

Ladabouche Collection
This was quite a grouping - at a race in Toronto: Bobby Allison, Jean - Paul Cabana,
Richard Petty, and Cabana friend Jean - Pierre Paul. I ended up in a photo with him
at Airborne Speedway in 2012, With Paul and Beaver Dragon.

Steve McKnight Photo


Ladabouche Photo
At one of John Casey's last reunion picnics at Thunder Road, we
found this noteworthy bunch: Tom Tiller, John Keefer, Steve Poulin's
girlfriend, Poulin, and the late Stub Fadden.

Courtesy of Barb Laduc
Legendary race announcer and promoter Ken Squier awards a CVRA trophy to
legendary driver Cecil Bosworth as legendary promoter C.J. Richards looks on.
This was at the old Hampton Manor, my old college drinking hole and current property
of Dave Camara.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
A very much younger Tom Curley, with the irreplaceable NASCAR official Archie Blackadar and drive/ official / ace mechanic Lennie "Tiger" Stockwell.

Courtesy of Gerard Major
Pretty self - explanatory photo of Quebec greats.



Courtesy of F.E. Hart Fammily
This was quite a collection of 1950's names: Frank Hart, starter Henry LeClaire,
Roy "Pappy" Forsyth, Jackie Peterson, and Ernie Barcomb.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
No racing brother collection would be complete without the legendary
Ingersons, from New Hampshire. Arguably, not including national stars
like the Flocks, they might have been the best. [Left] Russell, Leland,
and Doug.

Herbert Family Photo
NY Hall of Fame driver Jeep Herbert, legendary car
owner Frank Trinkhaus [ctr], and the massive
Paul Marshall, a pretty good driver in his own right.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
The famous "Mod Squad" of 1972: Joey Kourafas, Robbie Crouch,
Little John Rosati, and announcer Peter B. Guibard.

Courtesy of Lorraine LaBelle
What I carefully and respectfully call The Montreal Mafia. One of the Foleys,
UNK, Tony Colangelo, Paul Hamel, Cabana, and Andre Manny.

Courtesy of CJ Richards
The drivers for the Otter Creek Speedway All Star sportsman race
pose on the track prior to the action. Undisputed king of the track,
Ken Shoemaker with his Drellos 111 folds his hands in front of
him. On his right shoulder is Wayne Chandler [14VT], a good
Vermont driver, and the tall guy in the white shirt is Vermont's
driver / entrepeneur / promoter Black Jack Dubrul.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
A informal meeting of the minds at Catamount around 1974ish: Beaver Dragon [foot up on truck],
Archie Blackadar [stripes], Tom Tiller, and Tuffy Champney, future racing commissioner.

Joe Grossetti Photo
Link Pettit, George Proctor, and Dick Hansen at one of the Saratoga
Auto Museum's Lost Race Tracks conferences.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
In the early 1970's, Vince Quenneville, Sr. had a run at the NASCAR LMS ranks. This
pit scene features Norm Scarborough [at work], Al Ryan, Vince, Lyle Yantz, and
Lee Delphia. This is circa 1973.


Irv Conron Photo Courtesy of Chris Companion
Irv Conron, usually known for snapping shots at Whites Beach Speedway, shot this group of very important
early tri - city / Capital District area New York drivers - site unknown. [Left] - Howie Westervelt, Lee Palmer,
Jollie Ollie Palmer, Lou Hacker, Bob Kuidlate, and Henry Bouchard.


Steve McKnight Photo
Drivers Tony Andrews and Jean - Paul Cyr [ctr] talk to The King at Thunder Road.


Ladabouche Photo
Billy Harmon [lft] and Leo Cleary talk to Bob Potter at Ron Bouchard's.

Vin Hilliard Photo
This was quite a collection of miscreants captured together at Catamount around 1985. Dave Moody calls them the  Blue Light Club. They had scrapes with
local speed traps on their way to or from Tour races.  [Left] - UNK, Beaver Dragon, Sandy MacKinnon, Dick McCabe, Dick Glines, Joey Kourafas, John Neveu, Vin Hilliard, and UNK.


Courtesy of Jodie Trayah via Steve Jangraw
 This rough and ready bunch contains several key members of the early 1950's Chittenden County
Vermont racing world: Carl Trayah, Ed Charbonneau, flagger Ira Farnsworth, and Herb Trayah. Ron
Farnsworth, twin brother to Ira, was also a well - known driver. Track is unknown.

Courtesy of Paul Michaud
Canadian lensman Paul Michaud captured this group of  1972 Northern NASCAR LMS drivers
walking out to the starting grid at Catamount: [lft]- Bobby Giroux, Ron Bettis, Ron Barcomb,
Bobby Dragon, and Steve Poulin.

Tim Brisson Photo
Ken Ragan, Tiger Tom Pistone and Langis Caron all look puzzled as guest star
driver David Ragan is putting down some surprisingly slow laps at Thunder Road
practice around 2009. The fat guy on the right doesn't seem to get what's going on.


Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of John Rock
NASCAR pit steward Kay Hanson directs an Airborne Park Speedway pit meeting. I see Bill Wimble,
Dick Goodelle, Carl Gorman, Rod Ritchie, Ben Nephew, possibly a young Dick Nephew, and
George Bridges.


Courtesy of Romano Family
Above- NASCAR national champions Jerry Cook and Rene Charland
flank Andy Romano at an All Star League drivers' meeting. Below -
Bill Wimble, Ron Narducci, and Ernie Gahan reunite at Airborne

Source Unknown

Ladabouche Photo
Wes Moody [back to us] talks with famous race mechanic Amndy Costello [left] and his
own former crew chief Fran Kane [far right]. Moody's stepson, Airborne track champion
Patrick Dupree is the shirtless one.


Courtesy of Dave Wood
Fairmont promoter C.J. Richards awards a trophy to "The Unbeatable Lennie " Woods and his
car owner, John Maguire. CVRA starter Danny Rumpf looks on. The CVRA ended up
banning both men.

Courtesy of Jack Anderson
A gathering at the home of the late, great Stub Fadden. Left - Jack Anderson, Fadden,
George Chates, and Tom Tiller.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Key players in the early days of NASCAR North: Robbie Crouch, Tom Curley,
and Chuck Bown.

Courtesy of Russ Farr
Jim Spaulding [lft], Rene Charland, and Steady Eddie
Allen mug it up for the camera at Devil's Bowl in the '90's.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
One of the Lanphear teams in the early '90's: left- Norm Andrews, Jay Yantz,
Tal Hill [kneeling], Tony Andrews, and two UN K guys [maybe Lanphears]


Courtesy of Richard Chartrand
Canadian wheelmen of the past: left - Marcel Corriveau, Jean Guy Chartrand, and Frank
Hodge. I think the guy in the white shirt is famous, too, but I don't know him.


Cho Lee Photo
Cho Lee snapped me with two of the giants of Northeast racing: Lew Boyd and
Dr. Dick Berggren. Too bad we didn't get Cho in with them , as we lost him a number of
weeks later.

Courtesy of Hemmings Motor News Site
The Champ, Rene Charland chats with Val LeSieur of Speedway Scene and former
modified star Punky Caron.

From the Catamount Program
Tiny Lund, with Richie Panch and future team manager / mechanic Steve Hibbard [lft]


Ladabouche Photo
Hall of Fame modified driver Brian Ross and his wife to talk to Beaver Dragon,
Bob Dragon, and Bob Brunell [partially hidden].


Courtesy of Gary Nephew
Airborne Park Speedway mid '50's royalty: left - Jackie Peterson, Harold
Ormsby, Bill Wimble, Ernie Reid, Henry Jarvis, and Gaylord Rowe, Sr.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
One of the most powerful trios in the history of the American - Canadian Tour: Ron
Lamberti, Robbie Crouch, and Glen Wright, 1988 champs.

Frank Simek Photo
Frankie Schneider takes time off from his Langhorne efforts to talk to Paul Marshall
and Steve Danish.


Dale D'Allesandro Photo
Fellow ex - teacher John Grady talks with Barefoot Bob McCready [ctr] and Jack Johnson.


Source Unknown
The Eastern Bandits meet at Islip Speedway in 1974. Left - Denny Zimmerman, Rene Charland, and
Ed Flemke, Sr. 2nd from left is Dick Corbeille. Only Red Foote was not shown.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
John Rosati, a Catamount regular, chats with then - newcomers Stan Meserve and Dick McCabe.
Actually, Rosati would leave, whereas Meserve became an NASCAR North official and McCabe, a champ.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
A 1960's Thunder Road flathead era pit meeting includes: Richard Havelock [Hanaford crewman], Larry Granger,
Harold Hanford, Ronnie Marvin, and [behind] Russ and Leland Ingerson. I should know the guy in the front
at far right but I don't.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
Archie Blackadar and Tom Tiller [rt] [left] used to make it a tradition to get in a photo with the Easter Bunny at Catamount
before the opening race. Sometimes, they had to stand in the snow. This time, they managed to talk Bob Dragon [71] and
Ronnie Barcomb into joining them. The bunny seems pleased. Hard to believe it's all gone.


Courtesy of Mike Richards
The Devil's Bowl mafia: Ray Richards, Steady Eddie Allen, Mal Brown, Norm Scarborough [behind],
Al Ryan, and Austin Dickerman. The only one missing who should be there is Tom Perry.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Pretty much the royalty of Addison County, Vermont racing in the 1970's: UNK, Vince Quenneville, Sr.,
Austin Dickerman, and Norm Scarborough. They won one at Lebanon Valley.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Some of the Oak Hills, NY Ridge Runner Racing bunch. See the caption. I miss seeing Fred Searing
with them and Mert Hulbert should be there, too.


Courtesy of Fred Decarr Family
Quite a lineup at Fonda in the early 1960's: Jim Luke, Bill Wimble,
Lou Lazarro, and Steve Danish. That is Pop Wilcox, in the
background at far right.


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