Just Some Shots That I Really Enjoy
I dunno, I just like 'em


Ladabouche Photo
Ray Sitterly,
Amsterdam, NY

Towing into Fonda

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Rock &

Rene Charland leads
Ernie Reid and
Wes Moody

Airborne Speedway

Bob Mackey Photo
Gary Nephew

Jean Guy Chartrand
Airborne Speedway

Schenectady Collection Photo
Courtesy of Otto Graham

Pete Corey in A.C.
Caprara's 37

Fonda Speedway

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Rock &

Rare shot of the eldest
Branham brother,
Charlie [with Bill]

Airborne Speedway

LaDuc Family Photo
Courtesy of Barb L.

Cecil Bosworth awarded
by Ken Squier as C.J.
Richards looks on.

At Hampton Manor, which is
now Dave Camara's garage.

Dick Berggren Photo
via Lew Boyd

Charlie Elliott grading
Canaan USA

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Bobby Dragon's
brain trust, 1973.

From left: Frankie Woodard,
Billy Tower, Gary Desranleau,
Veronica Dragon, John Kiefer,
Bobby Clark, and Steve Hibbard.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Vintage Clean-up

Thunder Road

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Jack Dubrul's
dragster & driver

Thunder Road

Courtesy of Ken Johnson
via Three Wide

John Dawsen
Unknown Track
Don't you love the ad ?

Gilbert Family Photo
Lloyd Gilbert,
Milton, VT

Malletts  Bay Raceway
His number was the weekly
special at his grocery store.

Lewis Silvius Photo
via Three Wide
Mario and Aldo
Andretti's first
stock car.



Courtesy of Rich Palmer
Lee Carpenter
Colchester, VT

The beloved Lark

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Ken Shoemaker
leads Howie
Westervelt and the
Allie Swears car.

Unknown Track

MoodyFamily Photo
Wes Moody,
Saranac LK, NY

Devil's Bowl
Mechanic Fran Kane is probably
wondering who taught the
sign painter to spell [and
no, it wasn't my work].

Source Unknown
Beaver helping
an under-crewed
Ron Barcomb


Source Unknown
Big Ed Patnode
and car owner Leo
Matgo[?] at work.


Courtesy of Wes Moody
Veteran Ken Delong takes the checkers in
a heat at the record - breaking VT State
Fair race in 1962.
[Below] - A better look.

Courtesy of the
LaFond Family
One cannot truly appreciate what
Wendell Scott accomplished without seeing his equipment.

Courtesy of the
McCarty Family
Tom McCarty at
Stateline Speedway
around 1951. He supplied some of the most
beautiful color shots of
that track ever. You can
tell he is enjoying
himself there.

Courtesy of Ron Hoffer
Bob Hoffer [Argyle
Racing Team, Argyle,
NY] poses with 2
lovely ladies. Could
be Mrs. Hoffer.

HAMB Website
Jim Luke with
Sam Smith's
famous sedan.
This is Riverside,
Agawam, MA.
Can't tell, can ya?

Bourgeois Family
Beaver Dragon's first
race car. He won the first race he was ever in. They
ran blasting nitro from a quarry in the gas.

Courtesy of Otto

Little - known
Lefty Quant, with a
pretty nice -
looking sportsman
coupe. Contrast with
his famous pit
neighbor, Steve Danish,
in the background.

Conde & Parry Site
Don Wayman, the
ultimate driver for
hire, with Godfrey Wentzel's older 03.
He and Irv Taylor shared this, the old Smith &
Son Charland car,
while Maynard Forrette
drover Godfrey's newer sedan.

Courtesy of Don
Rounds, Jr.

Don Rounds drove
this snazzy '37 Ford
for years and years.
It's still around, on
the vintage car circuit.
I always loved the car.

Conde & Parry Site
Irv Taylor replaced Jack Farquhar in the Vince Barbuto car. This
became the third number
Vince used on the car. I was inducted into
Weedsport with Irv,
hence the soft spot
on my part.

Ladabouche Photo
Irish Ed Kelly got this
car from Bob Hoffer.
Neither did much with it;
but the next driver
did - it became the
00 of Vince Quenneville.

Ladabouche Collection
The first car I ever saw
on the track at Fonda
was the Dick Bennett - owned Bernie's
Liquor Shop 71. At
the time, the driver
was Lee Millington,
of Palatine Bridge, NY.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Leave it to Jack
Dubrul to show
up at the races
with something

Gordon Ross Collection
via Dick Hansen

Harvey Tattersall
had his Grand
American late
model series. This was
the Suffield Auto 5
which I think actually
showed up at the Rutland Fair in 1963, still running.

Leb Valley Classics
Around 1964 I chance photographed an obscure sportsman coupe hauling into Fonda. Turned out to be Hank LeClaire, apparent;ly related to Catamount's Hector
LeClaire and the Valley's
mini driver Shorty
LeClaire. Recently I found the car being driven by Jack Farquhar, one of
my favorite drivers.

Ladabouche Photo
The chance photo.

Ed Baccei Photo
The only time I
ever got my friend
to go to races, we saw
some remarkable NASCAR
sportsman starts at
Otter Creek Speedway.
Ed took this one of
Bill Wimble, leaving.

Courtesy of Otto

The incredibly
popular, but slow
Willie Chest,
from Canajoharie.
Perhaps he inspired
a young Dave Lape
to try the sport.

Ladabouche Photo
I caught my principal
[and boss] checking
out Tom Tiller's
Mopar. Tom had
briefly changed from
#77 to 17, for some
unknown reason.

Ladabouche Collection
Vince Quenneville
and Norm Scarborough
bought Dexter Dorr's
potent sportsman. This is Devil's Bowl and that is
J.G. Chartrand in background. I always
loved that Dorr car.

Clayton Ryan bought a
Don Miller car from Claremont. I am tempted
to believe they had a
contest to see who could make the car the ugliest. Veteran Dutch Reed was
the driver. It did go !

Ladabouche Photo
Remember when
lots of cars showed
up for racing in a
dump truck ? I do.
Carl Moore here.

Courtesy of the LaFond

The fantastic show
CJ Richards promoted
at the 1962 Vermont State Fair was the last hurrah
fro Ken "Pappy" Delong,
[Car 5r4] of Whitehall, NY. He first won a heat and then was shaken up in a huge pileup on the opening laps of the feature.

Courtesy of the LaFond


Courtesy of the LaFond

Driver Ted Brown
is among the crowd
gawking at the
remains of his
92NH sedan. Ted had
to commandeer this
flatbed, as he always
stiff-hitched to races. The kid in front was right in style for 1962.

Dogfight Forum Photo
A shot of the Bear Ridge
Speedway when it was still
one fifth mile [and
mostly flatheads].

Frank Simek Photo
Steve Danish enjoying
a run with the go - karts
during the karts' time of
crazy popularity.

Lebanon Valley Classics Photo
Floyd "Pop" Wilcox and his
driver, Jerry Townley [cigar] share
a happy moment with the wives
at the Valley during the pair's
best season there.

Bob Sweeten Photo
via Russ Dodge

It appears as though Parker
Bohn has had a bird land
on his hood in Victory
Lane [it's actually his
air deflector].

Don Hall
Northwesttern racing ace
Dick Bown. His son, Chuck,
came up here and raced with a
big dollar operation on
NASCAR North for a couple
of seasons.

Cook Collection via Ted Bennett
A very young Jerry Cook and a helper [maybe Ken Meahl] are "hard at work" on one of Jerry's first cars. He was
probably 14 at the time.
John Grady Photo
via Dave Dykes

Jerry Humniston and the Garuti
bunch, shown during frantic
perpartions in the infield of
Eastern States Expo race.
Devil's Bowl Program
via Mike Richards

CJ Richards [unusually
pudgy at left] used to have
some funny stuff in his
MIchel Jacques Photo
via Pascal Cote

Rejean here has left church
and taken the family car to
Autodrome Ste Monique in Quebec still wearing his Sunday best.  I wonder if maman knew.
Dave Dykes Photo
Lenny Boehler and Bugs
Stevens at the Permatex. A
little less ratty than the
usual Boehler car.
via Andy Boright

Bob Dragon's DG Robertson
six banger during the height of
NASCAR North in 1985. Below -
Shannon Tomasovich's Tiger
at T Road around 2008. It was not tribute to Dragon, but rather to
Ernie Barcomb's #71.

Via Jean Gagne
 Photo via Rich Palmer
Catamount Stadium at the
best time - before it was
fully developed into a
big - time deal but after its
initial, simpler stage.

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