Everybody at Airborne knows Phil. He's been waiting to show me his albums, and I decided to photograph as many of his earlier stuff as I could. He's afraid that he won 't ever see this page because he apparently doesn't use a computer. Maybe someone could show him sometime.

modified team.

One of the Burls,
at speed in one
of their last

Studebaker, on
way to Airborne.

Ronnie Barcomb's
"Misfit" Chevy
Flying Tiger, when
new - around 1968. [At Catamount]

A very young Bernie
Kentile, the night he
drove Dick Nephew's
coupe to victory at
Saranac Lake.

Future Grand National
independent Big John Sears, in a Grand
Touring division entry.

One of the earlier
Billy Branham

Mass. star Wild
Bill Greco in
Czepiel's 888 -
likely at Riverside.

Bill Conover's
immaculate Chevy
with the Charlie
Trombley tribute
number - as much to his own father, as
to Trombley.

Same Conover

Bill's first late
model sportsman,
another pretty car.

Billy Harmon,
Niantic, CT

Bob Brunell's
somewhat unique
Pontiac sportsman

Early victory pose
for Bob Bruno, with
Vic Wolfe's 66.

A friend of Phil's
mugs it up on the
trailer with the potent Wolfe sedan.

Bruno, trophied
by Rod Ritchie, an"
unbeatable pilot in
 his own right.

Bob Dragon's
modified, the first
lettering job done
by yours truly.

I think this is
one of Brain Ross'
first modifieds.

Buck Holliday, with
a post  Floyd Geary
C-38 car.

Jean-Paul Cabana's
Falcon, that he drove at many

Bob Karvonen,
according to Steve Hibbard. [It could also be Bob Melnick, but Hibbard probably knows]

LMS. Could be a
version of Joey
Kourafas' Dentsch

Apparently Brian
spent some time in
Jerry Rose's 93.

Rene Charland, in
one of the hundreds
of rides he had in
a long career.

Charlie McCormick,
Cadyville, NY

Same McCormick
car, in color.

Ray Hanson's potent
17 sedan, then being driven by
Charlie Trombley.

Pete Corey,
Crescent, NY

Corey, with the coupe
he fit onto the Falcon
frame after his
Studebaker stopped
working for him.

Robbie Crouch
and his friend,
Linda Laberge [my
old boss on the "
Catamount program

Danny Bridges,
with one of his earlier
high - buck Fords :)

Dave Lape,
Canajoharie, NY

NY modified
driver, Dick Fowler.

Don MacTavish,
with the rarer
black version of
the Circle J.

I had never seen
this version of the
Circle J before.

MacTavish, in an undetermined
Mass. car from
Stafford or Riverside.

Airborne driver;
maybe Don Smith.

Ed "Hardlick" Fenwick,
Winooski, VT

Ed Pieniazek, in
the Jerry Rose 93
out of Malta, NY

Ernie Reid wins one
with Harold Healey's
70, an ex - Wolfe car.

Gaston Desmarais,
Tupper Lake, NY

Call him 12 Port, call him Sapphire -
it's Jim LeClaire with that same Healey car.

Ford - supposedly
Jimmy Guynup's.
Imagine, Jimmy
with a Ford !??

Joe Bruno,
Morrisonville, NY.

Joe Thomas, with
Jimmy Guynup's

Johnny Thompson,
with a Riverside
coupe. Phil liked
the carburetors on
this one.

Lee Carpenter's
Torino, at Catamount.
Carpenter was
often Ron Barcomb's

Lennie Stockwell,
Bethel, VT
with his famous
Tiger shirt.

Mack Miller,
Ellenburg Depot, NY

Marcel Godard,
Montreal, QC -
with his Dart modified.

Same Dart - closeup, in color.

Godard, at Airborne

Marcel Godard, with
an uncharacteristically - plain coupe.

A young Mark
Lamberton, with
an early Renegade
[or B Tiger].

Maynard "Cyclone" Forrette [originally from Ellenburg Depot] in the Roehrig Bros. 99.

I think Phil said this was Al Mesec.

Mike Parsons,
Plattsburgh, NY

Dick Nephew, with
that oddball Studebaker
Fran Kane and Denton Dow built for
him and Rod Ritchie.


Dick Nephew's
exceptionally sharp
1937 Ford.

Norm Burl's last

Phil "PJ" Spiak,
Troy, NY
A future NASCAR
Grand Touring class

Ricky Lyman, with
Butch Hendrie in
the background.

Roger Guynup's
big old '62 Ford.

More Roger, with Jimmy's car.

Roswe Bros' last
car, with a
Canadian driver.

Russ Shaw,
Bomoseen, VT
Dooger Jones'
8VT, an ex
Jack Dubrul car.

Sherri Meunier,
Fairfax, VT -
an Airborne track
champion in the

Tom Tiller,
Winooski VT
with an early Flying Tiger ride.

Tiller's last ride,
a "New Tiger" car.

Tommy Howe,
Hueytown, ALA
with a Bobby
Allison team car.

Fran Kane and
the huge Denton Dow
working on Wes
Moody's car.

Jerry Cook and
one of his later '70s
modifieds. Below -
The familiar Falcon

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