January, 2007

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January 9  I will archive December and put January on recent news when I am home, on a faster hookup. Look for additions and corrections to the Fairmont Speedway page: added pictures to the Loomis Brothers section, fixed a shot of Doaner leading Bardwell, and added a rare shot of Danny Rumpf starting a heat - around 1964ish.

January 10  The site may be a little quiet for a while. I lost my dad today, at 9:30 A.M. Joe Ladabouche was a WWII pilot who returned home and worked himself up from a job in the marble shops to becoming one of the world's foremost marble experts. That's the way that generation was. Here's to you dad - You were a great one ! I enclose our last family photo, from Christmas. Thanks to all of you who expressed concern and support in the last few weeks.

Mother, Dad, my younger brother, and me.

January 11  To keep the site working, I added two more photos - of wrecks in the early years of Fairmont Speedway [see the link at the top for recent photos. Things are going to be a little slow for quite some time, between things going on in my life and the fact I don't have many more new photos [hint, hint].

January 14  The news pages are archived and up to date. I had been working on another page called Some Really Great Old Photos. No real theme - just super neat shots - from all over the vintage racing world.

January 17  I obtained a photo of a great sign from Rainbow Ridge Raceway, with help from Darrell Tucker. Check it out on the Otter Creek Speedway page.

January 24  I have heard from a number of people on a number of different topics recently. Thanks to all those people. Jack Anderson, former Malletts Bay and Catamount driver has been in contact; Andy Boright has sent more photos, and I have received clarification information from Patricia Chaffee about the fact that the #96 seen in some of those Bear Ridge black and white Bunny Elms photos are her dad, Robert Chaffee. Bob Langdeau may offer some old photos, and Steve K, from Belchertown, MA has updated info on Rhythm Inn Speedway, a track for which I'll do a page some day.
   I am sorry more isn't being added to the site, at present. Following the turmoil with my dad's illness and the subsequent loss of time at work, I just can't devote time to it right now. I have also heard from former Catamount driver Randy Corey [who drove for Bob Curtiss].

Thanks to Andy Boright
Boright points out the #44 is Canadian Rene Trottier. Note Drew Nolin's #50 in
the background. Drew is uncle to present day star Ryan Nolin.

January 26  I have added a few pictures to the New York Coupes page - just to keep things from getting too stale. Former driver Jack Anderson is planning to send me some of his photos, some of which are very rare. I can't wait  to see them.

January 27  I have just received a big bunch of photos from former Vermont driver Jack Anderson, a guy who knows many of the sport's important people. I enclose one sample, for now, until I can get them all up one some sort of special page. Thanks Jack.

Courtesy of Jack Anderson

Looking at modified heat from the first year at Catamount. Note the track still
had the ARMCO barriers on the turns. Anyone recognize any of these cars ?

January 29  I created the Jack Anderson page over the weekend to show his pictures and I hope to have it up tonight. [Neal Davis can't wait any longer]. :)

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