Another Way to Save the Memories

This one took me 80 hours.

   The people who spend hours and hours of backbreaking, exacting labor creating replicas of the stock cars they remember as kids deserve a lot of credit. I know, I used to build them. One of them took 100 hours to make. Then they take these to shows to let others see them and have to watch legions of little snot-nosed monsters who want to grab at them while their "parents" stand by and smile benignly. My hat is off to the model builders. I particularly wanted this page to start out with my pal Neal Davis who - with brother, Rob, generously travels to vintage show after vintage show to let people see the dozens of cars they have made. Eventually, I hope this page is filled with offerings from various vintage stock car builders; but - like all the other pages - it will probably progress slowly due to time constraints. Enjoy.

Ladabouche Photo
Good - natured Neal - at Swanzey.


Some of the Davis Boys'
display at Swanzey in 2006.

Former Malletts Bay
cars of Bob Bushey [Spud19]
and Rex Shattuck [19]

Bob Bushey [Spud19]
and Rex Shattuck [19]

New Hampshire hot cars
311 Sonny Rabideau and
33 Art Cody.

Happy Harold Derosia
[199], a Bear Ridge car.

Al Sanville's [97]
Used to be a Rabideau
311, I hear.

Says Bob Bushey [19]
but it looks like
 Shattuck's [19]



A few of these are: Harty's
28 and 9/10; Bilodeau's 92;
and Andrews' 16. The 69 is
Pete Racine, and the 999 is
Gammell's first car.


A few of these are: Mills'
26; Gadapee's 87; Gammell's
32 and Martell's 3J. The 12 is
one of Chaloux's cars, and the
6 is Racine's first car.

The 0 that Lloyd Hutchins has;
Southworth's 43; Marvin's 13;
the Libero Buzzi 93; and the Hay
58. 69 is a Racine car.

A few of these are: Harold Hanaford's
first car, the 77; and Dearborn's
#7. I recognize the blue team: 30 - Hanaford
and 03 Martell. The 00 is an early
Hanaford ice racing car.
Most of the cars now
restored by Lloyd Hutchins:
Chaloux's 12; Barber's 46;
Montandon's 76; Hay's 68;
and the Alligator 176 car.

A few of these are: Pelletier's 51;
Remick's R-1; Chet Woods' X-1;
Satch Hunt's 64, and a
Marty Harty car [his 1st].

 [Builder, as yet - unknown]


Ladabouche Photo
Here is the great model done for me by Neal Davis. Check out the Checkmate page to see how close it is
to the real one. The biggest problem was that Neal did not have a Hudson body to use.


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