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Mark's rendition of a little-known Falcon racer Beaver had for one season until he wrecked it at Lebanon Valley

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Gary Bevins, in his older brother Don's first Tiger, races Tom Tiller's limited sportsman Dodge.


Jack Johnson's first car, the Tony Villano, Sr. 37. The drawing was large and I couldn't fit the copy entirely on the paper back then.



Will Cagle's famous coach. Ran mostly at Devil's Bowl when in Vermont; but, it did also appear at Catamount.


Bill Threw, 
West Glens Fall, NY

A powerful car which won the 2nd feature ever at CJ Richards' Fairmont track.

Crayon and pencil color



The Chris Drellos 111A, when Jeep Herbert drove it.

The Wild Warren Pease Pro Stock Camaro from 1986.

The Alan Johnson Show Car 14J from around 1985.

Richard Petty's Grand Prix from the mid 80's.

Ed Ortiz's potent coupe from the mid 60's.

The progressive Cliff Wright / Bob Zautner 24, driven by Don Wayman and Ken Shoemaker.

Jeep Herbert's 111A, the Chris Drellos backup car

Bobby Allison's Bud Moore Ford GN car.

An AMC Pacer
stock car.
[No such car to actually photograph].

Graham Trudo's 
controversial Ford Hobby Division car, from Fairmont.

Carl Reynolds' beautiful dirt modified from 1983. Crayon color.

I couldn't find the photo i used for this.

Welch's potent little '37 Ford coupe. Almost everybody drove it Fonda or Victoria. Ran Otter Creek at least once with Ed Pieniazek at the controls.

Clem Despault's familiar Flying 
Tiger - 1969


The dominant Batmobile of Gary Balough - 1980

The Country Dollar Chevelle of Beaver Dragon - 1973.

The Kenn Van Wert Moosejaw Express.

Chuck Bown's Skoal Bandit
Six Cylinder Entry.



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