Lou Lazzaro

         When people in my are first saw stock car races at the short - lived, but well - designed Pico Raceway in Rutland, Vermont, the track saw dozens of teams come in from all over the Northeast to try their hand at the track. One such group was apparently on a road trip of sorts because they also appeared at the equally - new Beech Ridge Speedway, in Scarborough, Maine, about the same general time.
       This group was a bunch of young Italian guys from Utica, NY operating out of Vinnie Maugieri's Esso gas station on Bleeker Street. The station was home to a number of Utica stock cars, mostly all flying the maroon and white colors of Utica's Proctor High School *and all sharing something to do with the number 4. One of the youngest of this bunch was a hulking teenage named Louie Lazzaro, who by virtue of already having a receding hairline and considerable size, could pass for much older than he was.
       I always loved that because I went to Proctor High School in Proctor, VT [slightly smaller,. no doubt] and we had the same school colors.


From the Fonda History Book

        When the group invaded the Northeast, the drivers were likely Junior Bianco and Johnny Velletto; but, after a few years, the clear star in the bunch was Lazarro. He went on to a multi - decade career, and the setting of numerous records particularly at Fonda Speedway. I know Lou had a number of cars in the latter part of his long career, but I will concentrate on those wonderful Chevy coupes.

MVRCA Site Photo
This photo gives evidence of the tremendous progress Lazzaro made in a short time at Fonda. This
is a shot of some of the biggest stars of 1962. and Lou is profoundly younger than the other three. With
the helmet covering the balding head - he really looks it.

Rutland  Herald Photo
This is probably either
Velletto or Bianco, having
won one of the first races
at Pico Raceway.


MVRCA Site Photo
This is probably either
Velletto or Bianco, having
won one of the first races
at Pico Raceway.

Russ Bergh Photo
Courtesy of Bill Fifield.

Lou's cars pretty looked
the same for a number
of years. This is typical.

John Grady Photo
One of dozens of wins.
But this is at Victoria.

Lazzaro Family Site Photo
An earlier three -
window coupe, in 1960.
The  familiar Mercury
tow car is in background.

Lazzaro Family Site Photo
A color shot from
1960 with the more
usual 5 window car.

Source Unknown
You'd think he was
a big buck operation,
to look at him here
at Fonda.

John Grady Photo
Lou seemed to see a
lot of the track clowns.

Herbert Family Photo

Ladabouche Collecton
My personal favorite.

Ladabouche Photo
Towing into Fonda in 1963.
Blackie is watching the kids
while the Italian Stallion raise
 hell out the back window of the Mercury.

Bob Mackey Photo
via John Rock

Lou, in conversation with
starter Johnny Tellini and
then - Airborne Promoter
Gaston Desmarais in 1964.


John Grady Photo
Lou, at Malta, around
1964 with an odd,
mostly - white 3
window coupe.

John Grady Photo
Very likely the
same car as the
preceding photo.

Source Unknown
Probably 1964,
judging from the
Corey Studebaker
in background.

Courtesy of Bill Fifield
Lou , with the famous
Steve Danish six banger
in the background.

Jakes Site Photo
via HAMB

Lou, in a Fulton Speedway
lineup with Dave Lape 22,
Sonny Seamon 18, and
the Trinkhaus 62. The
legendary Jim Shampine
is in the 8 Ball.

Coastal 181 Photo
NE Vintage Mod Site
Lou sits next to
Rene Charland, in the midst of
the latter's four - year national
championship run.  I doubt
he was all that impressed.


Source Unknown
A win at Utica - Rome.

Source Unknown
Towing into Fonda.

Courtesy of  "Monks Fan"
A really attractive
older - style upright
sportsman coupe -
around 1962ish.

Courtesy of  Dan Lazzaro
The beginning of
the ratty coupe era.

John Grady Photo
via HAMB

Hard to place the year.

Source Unknown
Similar car, but
likely later than one
at left.

Lazzaro Family Photo
A win in an ugly
fuel-injected coupe
around 1968.

Found by Ron Wetzler
Don't know much about the
color variation or the
number variation. Could have
been when he had both a
modified and sportsman
at Fonda simultaneously.
It's at the Valley here.

Found by Ron Wetzler
Another beauty.

Dick Lingle Photo
off  Three Wide Site

More creative body work.

Lazzaro Family Item
The "big money" Fonda
special races saved
Lou's racing team.


Lazzaro Family Item

Bob Mackey Photo
via John Rock

Lou running at Airborne
in the '60's.

Lazzaro Family Item
Just another pretty boy
with a fancy car.

Ladabouche Collection
This slightly water -
damaged shot is from
1970, when Fonda first
went fuel - injected.

Lazzaro Family Item
Lou had his chance in the
well - used Cramer/Gagliardi
Pontiac, driven by many NY
drivers at Daytona.


Courtesy of  Dave Dyles
In a borrowed early
Richie Evans car, at
Utica - Rome.

Source Unknown
Unknown track,
familiar car.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Louie, buckling up
at Lebanon Valley.

Found by Ron Wetzler
Another Victory Lane
for Blackie - ho hum.

Lazzaro Family Photo
Blackie soaking up
attention in one of
the coupes.

Source Unknown
Someone is building
a tribute car.

Source Unknown
Trying out the Rose
93 at Thompson.

Lazzaro Family Item
A Lancer - bodied mod
supposedly built by
Sonny Seamon.


Lazzaro Family Item
John Grady Photo

More Lancer.

Jakes Site Artwork
The Gremlin.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
The Gremlin, at
Lebanon Valley.


Coastal 181 Collection
Blackie, looking ignored,
guarding the Gremlin.


Lazzaro Family Item
A newer modified
from the 1978 - 1984

Lazzaro Family Item
A newer modified
from the 1978 - 1984
era. Roofless race,

From HAMB Site
A newer modified
from the 1978 - 1984

From Greybeard Gil
Louie and Blackie

From Dan Lazzaro
Lou and one of his
last cars.


From Lou Lazzaro, Jr,. Unless Otherwise Stated

John Grady Photo
Courtesy of Dave Dykes
iight be Victoria.

Frank Simek Photo
A pose with a coupe
used at least sometimes
for dirt.
Frank Simek Photo
A Fonda pose.
Frank Simek Photo
Another Simek shot
{obviously] - probably
under caution.

A gigantic trophy
presented by Mr.
Courtesy of Dave Dykes
One ugly modified.
Frank Simek Photo
Car at left when a
little less used.
Source Unknown
1970 - Langhorne or
Source Unknown
1973  At Shangri - La
with Blackie and the Valiant.
Courtesy of The Bullfather
In the Jerry Rose car at
Islip's final race.
Source Unknown
This is the period when he just let the body go I havew a feeling he
was racing too many times a week to bother.
Lazzaro Family Photo
Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
Earlier in career, with
Mrs. Lazzaro. The familiar
Mercury in background.
Source Unknown
More of the strange blue 4X.

Frank Simek Photo
A Fonda portrait.

Gater Racing News Photo
This is  in that ugly car era. The photo makes me wonder why Utica - Rome never went for an All Star League team. Sister track, Albany - Saratoga always did.

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