Courtesy of Jack Anderson
Even in Northern Vermont, drivers were trying the NASCAR idea. This is
Jack Anderson's car, which ran at Malletts Bay, Airborne, and Otter Creek.

    In the latter part of the 1950's and into the 1960's, there was a belief that it would be advantageous to try the later model bodies on sportsman cars in NASCAR. Apparently, you could run a larger engine if you tried out this idea by the brass in Daytona. Judging from the few cars that I saw run over the years, I don't think they thought much of it. I have found a number of these cars, which I would call "Pre Corey Falcon Era". Of course, Lebanon Valley had a period where they had late model bodies, as well.


John Grady Photo
Roger Gauthier,
in Donald Gallo's 12A,
out  of Schenectady.

From Ody 8mm DVD
The Richard Welch
Chevy coupe, at
Victoria. Driver unk.

From Ody 8mm DVD
The Frank Trinkhaus
Chevy coupe, after it
was bobtailed, giving
kiddie rides at Victoria.
Driver unk.

Herbert Family Photo
Jeep Herbert

From Jo Towns, via
Otto Graham site

George Baumgardner,
with Red Cromer's
1950 Chevy @ Fonda.
Russ Bergh Photo via
Bob Novak

Doc Nellis, with the former
Trinkhaus 62. Below -
His original car was
also one of the late models.


A. Ainsworth Photo
Stretch van Steenberg,
Saugerties, NY

From Ody 8mm DVD
Link Pettit, in Victory
Lane at Lebanon Valley.

A. Ainsworth Photo
Outer Child SIte

Butch Jelley, with,
the Martin Riiska X
out of Winstead, CT

A. Ainsworth Photo
Barry Tripp, with a
car from the
Fred Searing stable .

From Lebanon
Valley Classics

Bo Green had this
Ford in the '50's.
Black Jack Racing

Ken Goodemotte, with
Ken Tremont's Crown
From JDan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD

Ernie Martin, White's
Beach star who moved
to the Valley.

From Arnie Ainsworth
Pete Corey's '55 Chevy
beauty was one of the
last of this type at the Valley.
Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Fred Searing,
Oak Hills, NY
Cavalcade of Auto Racing
John Rohan
Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
Rip Riley

Courtesy of Uncle Art Stuarts Book
via Mike Visconti

Duncan D. "Rebel" Harris
Joey Lawrence's Ford|
Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Tom Dressel

Courtesy of Ken Gypson
Howie Westervelt,
Ravena, NY
Ladabouche Photo
John Ryan

Lebanon Valley Classics
Schooch Schoonmaker

Lebanon Valley Classics
Henry Bouchard

Courtesy of Chris Companion
Dee Goodermotte, along
with Sweeney and the Tanners

Lebanon Valley Classics
Sayles Casey

Lebanon Valley Classics
aywire Harry Hughes
Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Jim Hassan

Courtesy of Jamie Grignon
els Grignon

Courtesy of Joe McCarty
Link Pettit


Courtesy of Visconti Family
Art Visconti bucked the trend with this '53 Ford - bodied sportsman
at Fairmont Speedway around 1965.


Fifield Photo
Prior to 1964, Pete was driving
coupes for VIllano and
Drellos. much like anyone else's.

Ladabouche Photo

Russ Bergh Photo
Ladabouche  Collection

In 1964 he came out
with the Falcon. he either
tried different body
configurations on that one
car or he had two cars.

Ladabouche  Photo

Russ Bergh Photo
Ladabouche Collection

After the hugely - impactful Falcon,
he tried this Studebaker, which was
fine until the weather got hot and
dry and the track became hard.


Ladabouche Collection
It took most of Pete's body
shop espertise to fit a
mid thrities Chevy body
on that Studebaker frame.

Ladabouche Collection
Pete would basically finish off his career with his"last late mode masterpiece, this Mustang. It started on dirt, but ended up mostly on pavement.

Arnie Ainsworth  Collection
Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
ISonny Rabideau in Leo
Vallaincourt's 333.
Outer Child  Collection
Butch Jelley in Martin
Riiska's Falcon.
Arnie Ainsworth  Collection
Joe Messina in Ken Tremont's
version of the Falcon.
Jayski Site
Maynard Troyer's pavement
Falcon could rival Corey's
as most memorable.
John Grady Photo
Ladabouche  Collection

Jean - Paul Cabana,
at Malta.
Russ Bergh Photo
Ladabouche  Collection

Dave Lape had a Rosner - built
Chevy II soon after Corey's
Ladabouche  Collection

Young Geoff Bodine started
a mini trend with this
Lynch Photo
Dutch Hoag's Valiant
became Andy Romano's
Galiant Valiant.

Jim Ladabouche Collection
Russ Bergh Photo
Ladabouche  Collection

Having owned a 1962 Buick
Skylark, I kinda liked "Charlie
Peters' car, which had
become Dick Diamond's 8 Ball.
Laduc Family Collection

In 1967 Charlie Laduc
debuted the Henry J
at Devil's Bowl.
Norm Vadnais Photo
Ladabouche  Collection

Despite their relative rarity,
the Corvair became a
popular body for a while. This
One is Karl Hauessel, one
the prettiest cars.
Paul Michaud Photo
Canadians Kenny King and
Andre Manny, when the"
Corvair was hot north of
the border.

Ladabouche  Collection

From  Someone's  Collection
on the Jalopy Journal

The ultimate development
of the Corvair - bodied mod came
with the radical Rutledge Rocket,
usually driven by John Clapham.
Arnie Ainssworth Photo
Ladabouche  Collection

Soon almost everyone
had either a late model
body or a very ultra -
lowered, chopped coupe.
This is Butch Jelley in
Austin Dickerman's Vega.

Otto  Graham Collection
The Gremlin, like Butch Jelley's
dirt version and Bob Brunell's
pavement version, were
arguably the most popular body
the Mud Busses and
Show cars put them
all out of fashion.


Ladabouche  Photo
Fairmont Speedway started
the Hobby Class, which
morphed into a good late
model class similar to the Valley's.
Graham Trudo [below] stretched
those rules in 1966.

Courtesy of Mike Watts, Sr.
Ladabouche  Collection
Albany - Saratoga's semi late
model class, featured mostly mid '50's
cars. A few earlier models did sneak
in under the rules.

John Grady Photo
Ladabouche  Collection

 Courtesy of Steve Judd
Fonda Speedway's late models
told almost the same story
as Malta's...and shared many
of the same teams.

John Grady Photo
Courtesy of Cho Lee
Northeastern Speedway had
started a B Class around the
same time as Fairmont
began the hobbies.
Courtesy of Andy Boright
Thunder Road inherited the B class from Northeastern Speedway.
Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock

Airborne Park Speedway had
developed a support class
with late models since around
Courtesy of Andy Boright
The Flying Tiger division
of Catamount and Thunder Road was a meld of the old B class and
the Airborne support class.
Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Maine tracks like
Springfield Speedway used
only late model cars.

Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Maine tracks like
Oxford Plains Speedway
had used the late model
body both as support classes
and in the headline class.
Courtesy of Rich Palmer
Racing veteran Skip
Wilcox with a typical
Devil's Bowl late
model in the 1960's.

Jessey Mueller.Com
Today's fabricated, manufactured modifieds have put an end to the old race cars of the past.

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