Courtesy of Mike Russo
George Baumgardner poses
with the Young/Vine 75 with
young Fonda fans

Dragon Family Photo
Brent & Michelle
Dragon ride back after
one of Beaver's wins.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Bob Fiske, Trinkhaus
driver du jour, with
kiddie rides at Fonda.

Courtesy of Jim Watson
Catamount cars
offer kiddie rides
around 1970.

Courtesy of Denzil Rice
Early Bear Ridge star Bob Moore's girls stand guard over his attractive and fast sedan.

LaDuc Family Photo
Charlie and Barb
LaDuc's kids with
car before heading
out to Fairmont, 1963.

Vogel Family Photo
Pete Corey, Bob Whitbeck
22, and Ted Vogel's kids.

Source Unknown
George Welch gives
rides in his own #8
at Fonda.

Courtesy of Rick Luke
Jim Luke, in Hal
Kempeny's car, poses
with Fonda fans.

Courtesy of Dan Gowie
Gowie kids play around
one of George Gowie's
early cars in the '50's. He has a kiddie ride shot below.

Courtesy of John Rock
Dick Nephew, with
fan, at Airborne.

Courtesy of John Rock
Harold Ormsby's kids,
all in race day gear.

Courtesy of T. LaFerriere
Ron Barcomb gives
Catamount kiddie rides
around 1968.

Bushey Family Photo
Bob Bushey hitches
up the Spud 19 with
supervision by kids.

Courtesy of MVRCA
Early Oxford Plains
star Ron Smith brought
in his own trophy girl.

Courtesy of George Hill
Kids line up at rustic
Bear Ridge Speedway in
the 1980's for kiddie

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Stan Disbrow, in the
Gordon Ross 19,
with admirers.

Vogel Family Photo
Ted Vogel, Sr. hooks
up the 95 to the family
Ford Crown Vickie.

Ladabouche Photo
The little daughter of
Wild Bill Stevens lugs oil
as dad unloads at Fairmont in 1962. Her name is Connie. [See next shot]
Courtesy of Connie Sanders
Bill Stevens with
Connie and Mrs. Stevens.

Courtesy of Visconti Family
Art Visconti poses in downtown
Granville, NY with kids including
future driver Mike.

Courtesy of Grossetti Family
Mrs. Grossetti poses with
some of her sons and other
children of Link Pettit's crew.

From Dan Ody's DVD
The Frank Trinkhaus '50
Chevy coupe helps out
with kiddie rides at
Victoria Speedway.

Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
Bobby Allison with Davey and
. The bous were around
his cars from an early age.

Vintage Treasures Photo
HOF racing announcer annd track owner Ken Squier was around cars from an early age [and apparently picked up babes, too].
Courtesy of Paula Barryn
Jamie Aube daughter, Heather started young and is still around her dad's racing when possible.
Courtesy of ThisDayinMotorsports
Couldn't resist this one. Mario
 and Aldo Andretti. I'm guessing
Marion might be on the right.

Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth
Doug Garrison, in Vic
Lane at the Valley with young fans and car Owner Bob Helwig. I don't know if any of thse girls is daughter, Amy
Courtesy of Johnny Racer
The late, great C.A. Crouch
with Robbie and lifelong buddy
Pat Funderburk.

Courtesy of Walter Newell
Visiting SOuthern star
Bob Pressley makes the
day of ayoung fan at
Thunder Road in the '70's.
Courtesy of Bob Miller
Bob Miller may have been one
of these Southern youngsters
on Charlie Miller's Z1 NC car.
Courtesy of Nick Javarone
Pete Corey [one of my heroes]
could be cranky at times,
but never around kids.
Courtesy of Proctor Family
A number of Proctor brothers
and/or cousins use George's
Pontiac as a jungle gym. Most
of 'em raced somewhere later.
Maynard Johnson Photo
Courtesy of Otto Graham

Rollie Johnson around his
sprinter with boys Jack and
Joe. Perhaps you've heard of
them :)
Courtesy of Lou Lazarro
Lou Lazarro and family
at Christmas. Lou, Jr has
become an important
racing historian and an advocate for his late dad.
Courtesy of  John Chest
Fonda Speedway's beloived
Willie Chest and a car full
of kiddie riders.
Courtesy of Tim Rogers
Butch Rogers and family.
Tim is likely the baby here.
Courtesy of Crystal Snape
Kids in aan early Roy Forsyth car.
One looks like she could be Crystal Snape. They also could be
Forsyths. of course.
Courtesy of Joe Grossetti
Young Joe Grossetti and
his brothers at Langhorne.
Courtesy of Tom Herbert
Little Jeep [Herbert] and
little kids. He's in there
somewhere. The kids loved his nickname.
Courtesy of Tom Herbert
Little Jeep [Herbert] and an
armful of little kids. The kids
loved his nickname, and he
was a top star then.
Courtesy of  Joey Kourafas
A young Joey Kourafas
poses with the Martin kids. I taught in Milton so long I ended up teaching
Joey's granddaughter.
Courtesy of  Joey Kourafas
Joey Kourafas, further into his
career signs an autograph as
Sandy MacKinnon's driver.
Courtesy of  Mike Bruno
Young Mike and Alayne
Bruno always kept the
kids involved.
Courtesy of
Ed Duncan
Al DeAngelo signs autographs
at Islip. Probably these kids are
now at least in thneir late '60's.
Courtesy of  Mike Richards
Bob Ellis wins one
at Malta with Mike Richards'
75. Happy kids in attendance.
Courtesy of  Don Rounds Jr.
A young Don Rounds at North Kingston, RI fairgrounds with
daughter, Kathy.

Ladabouche Photo
A young boy gets a birdseye view
as NH star Art Cody stops behind the
stands at Otter Creek Speedway for
a quick repair.

Courtesy of Pete Silva
Unity Raceway legend George
Silva involved son, Pete [shown with
dad at the lake]. When Pete's career
was in full swing, he took his dad
to most of the races.

Courtesy of Quenneville Family
Vince Quennevilles, Sr and Jr
walk through the Devil'sBowl
pits. Obviously Jr. took to heart
what he learned from Sr.

Courtesy of Dave Dutch
Roger Rivers, and daughter
at the short - lived Sanford [Me]
Speedway around 1951.
Source Unknown
As kids in the '50's, we all came
home from the races with these.

8MM on You Tube
Weissglass Stadium, 1950's.
a lady and her daughter prepare
to go see some fifth mile action.
Courtesy of Phil Miller
Kids at Empire Raceway,
Menands, NY visit
that period. Plainville Stadium's promoter Joe Tinty also entertained with his horse.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
Jean - Pau Cabana, at
Catamount's final race,
with somebody's kids.
Courtesy of Gerard Major
Future NASCAR National Sportsman
co -Champion Dick Nephew brought
his boys to Canada's Riverside
Speedway near Laval, QC.
Courtesy of Gerard Major

Bruno Photo Collection
via John Rock

Airborne's Bob Bruno with his brother and an earlier family car. The kids
are likley Bob's.
Courtesy of Cho Lee
Rex Shattuck wins a race at
Thunder Road and has wife,
Peg and their daughter along.
Courtesy of Bruno Collection
via John Rock

Bob Bruno wins a sportsman feature at Airborne and this photo made the cover of the NASCAR newsletter. His family, including Chris [on the car] join in at Victory Lane.
Courtesy of Dan Ody
C. D. Coville rides a kid
around the short-lived Cairo
Speedway in 1974.
John Grady Photo
v ia Herbert Family

The ever - obliging Jeep Herbert
with kids in this, the 2nd J.R.
Earl sedan.
Gowie Photo Collection
via LVC

George Gowie with Lebanon
Valley kiddie rides. One of
the cuter shots, and I don't
mean George :)
Courtesy of Otto Graham
via Dirt Track Digest

A young Jeep Herbert patiently
poses for fans while local
yokels have fun in the background.
Courtesy of Shawn Byrne
Jim Byrne giving rides in Stosh
Tyminski's Devil's Bowl late
model. Jim's kids are among
those on board.
Courtesy of Shawn Byrne
Future promoter Bruce Richards
mans the souvenir booth at Devil's Bowl.

Courtesy of Shawn Byrne
Future promoter Tim Richards
is pressed into service selling
programs at dad's track.

Courtesy of Jack Anderson
The locals didn't wait until
Catamount to get a kiddie ride
in Jack Anderson's car on
Riverside Ave. in Burlington.

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