The Company May Have Collapsed and Been Forced into Merger with Nash - But Nobody
Could Outrace a Hudson if the Ground Between Them was Level Photo

             The Hudson has played an important part in the history of American automobile production. Unfortunately, like the Packard and the Studebaker, its corporate size did not survive the post - World War II change in the nature and makeup of the American car industry. Hence, there will never be as many Hudson to find lying around the country as one will see in Chevrolets or Fords. However, the way the newer Hudson were designed and the great motors they all had made them a popular stock car of choice - on all levels - in the earlier days of stock car racing. My college buddy, Steve Ladd, loved those cars so much his home yard was a jumble of old Hudson stuff.
          This page will simply get all of my Hudson race pix into one place.


Ladabouche Photos
Buddy Bardwell's Hudson
Shown here lining up
for a high handicap
heat at Fairmont, may be the
last existing Hudson race car
that is actually raced.

Ladabouche Photos
Vern Baker works around his
6 PAC - an early '30's
Hudson that starred in
two different decades. In
the 1950's, legendary
Wally LaBelle drove. In the
'60's Vern had Ed Baker,
no relation to him.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Wally LaBelle, in action
at Whites Beach Speedway
around 1952. Check out
the similarity between that shot
and one of Red Smith's
33 1/3, another car from
Athol, NY, around 1963.

Ladabouche Photo

Source Unknown
A similar Hudson
on Long Island.

Courtesy of A. Alexander
The Hudson Wasp Steve Ladd,
of  Chelsea, VT, drove at
Bear Ridge Speedway. Below-
Steve Ladd, an old college buddy
of mine, might have been the
biggest Hudson fanatic on the

Courtesy of A. Alexander

Alexander Family Photo
Alex Alexander, at Bear
Ridge, with what he says
is a Hudson. I wouldn't
know, but Steve Ladd
would have. Photo


Lebanon Valley Classics Photo
Joe Messina, a Troy, NY
driver, loved his Hudsons.

Ladabouche Collection
Joe, at the Pine Bowl.

Ladabouche Photo
Vern Baker and Ed Baker
finally replaced the old
LaBelle Hudson with
this newer Terraplane.
It was a disaster, for
the most part and Vern
called it a career. [Below]
The old Hudson, when the
CVRA made them replace
the fenders. That's Ed.

Ladabouche Photos

Source Unknown
An old Islip entry.
This car was almost
exactly the same
color scheme as the
last Baker Hudson - just
had a fuller body.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock

This rough - looking Hud
ran at Airborne Speedway.
It might have been Howard Rock.

Ladabouche Collection
Pete Peterson - a
Pine Bowl competitor.

McDowell Photo
Courtesy of Ken Gypson


St. Lawrence Plain
Dealer Photo

Speedy Williamson,
at St. Lawrence Valley
Speedway, Canton, NY


Courtesy of Cho Lee
Dale "Tubby" Hatch
at Thunder Road.



Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock

Dick Gushlaw, with the
0 Hudson - also driven by Shorty
Carmichael - Airborne. [Below]

Ladabouche Collection


HAMB Photo
A win at Pine Bowl

Source Unknown
Lou Figaro wrecks a
Hudson in NASCAR's
short track series,
somewhere in California.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock

Vermonter Wayne
Chandler wins at
Airborne in the 50's.

Courtesy of  Ed Fabian
Joe Messina, in Al Green's
wrecky - looking, but fast Hudson.
 This program, the car threw
a wheel almost into the stands.

Source Unknown
Al Green's 3 1/7 Hudson - when ewer.


Lebanon Valley Classics
George e Gowie, with a
Hudson, in a Valley tangle.


MCDowell Photo
Courtesy of Ken Gypson

Al Ostrander, at the Pine Bowl.


Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Mike Watts

Henry Jarvis, in the
#77 A&W Hudson, in
a lineup at Airborne.

From dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Henry, at Saranac Lake.
That smoking monster in
the rear is the first car
of Wes Slugger Moody.

Ladabouche Collection
Somebody in a Hudson
runs Langhorne in 1961.
Trailing, is the #179 of
Hoppy Jensen.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock

What looks like the
8 Jr. Hudson, in a
lineup at Airborne,
at far right.

Christian T- Gaz Genest Photo
G. Bergeron, at Fury
Speedway, an early 60's
NASCAR sportsman track in
the Montreal area.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Hudson #52, Bob Zimmerman
 at the  Stateline Speedway,
near Bennington, VT

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Mike Watts

Looks like Gushlaw again.

Courtesy of Buffy Nelson
Carl Nelson [shown here] and his
his brother, Meredith, put this one
together for early seasons at
Thunder Road.
McArdell Collection
Courtesy of Midstate Club

John Roberts wins with
a Hudson sedan at Waterloo
Source Unknown
Paul Jett's Terraplane.
From "Clint Eastwood"
on you tube

An old Hudson plies Oxford
Plains in its early dirt era.

Ralph Jones Photo
Stan Lupka



From Lew Boyd's Photos of the Day
via Bob Fairman

Local Users Only - No Herb Thomas or Marshall Teague

Bob Doyle Photo
Courtesy of Cho Lee

Someone's Hudson
Hornet stands out
like a sore thumb in
this 1961 Thunder
Road lineup.

Lebanon Valley Classics

Early veteran Henry
Bouchard, at the
Valley, with a Hudson
Hornet - bodied mod.


K. Parrotte Photo
Northeastern Grand
National hero, Jim Reed -
from Peekskill, NY started
out with this Hudson.

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