Ladabouche Photo
I had only heard of the Ford before I snapped this shot in August of 1965.

     In 1965, I had missed a race or two at Fairmont because I was now in college ,and things just didn't always work out. My friend, Bob Allard had attended the most recent race program and come home telling tales of this unbelievable Ford that had been built supposedly for the track's hobby division. The car was not even close to what Fairmont was running as hobbies. It was more of a sophisticated, though lower cost modified.

Courtesy of Mike Watts
This shot of Trudo at Saranac Lake gives a good look at the modified - like car he had built.

      Trudo actually sat in what would be the back seat, and the engine sat back in almost the front seat. The hot car of the day, the F30 of the Unbeatable Lennie Wood, was nothing like this. It was a standard 1955 Chevy coupe with no such alterations. There was great uproar about the new car - both for and against it.

Cavalcade of Racing Photo
Graham Trudo appeared in the Cavalcade, for Fairmont.

      Graham Trudo would go on to drive a more conventional 1955 late model at Devil's Bowl prior to going off for an honorable service in the army in Viet Nam. Before he left for service, C. J. Richards had him try driving a Falcon modified at Catamount, which he promptly wrecked. It is hard to make that dirt ot pavement transition the first time.

Courtesy of Neal Davis
Neal Davis' father, former Pico driver Carroll "Crash" Davis, is examining the Trudo Ford
at Vergennes'  Hillside Raceway and he is pronouncing the car "a modified".

Norm Vadnais Photo
Graham on Fairmont in 1966.

LaDuc Family Photo
CJ's Falcon before the

LaDuc Family Photo
CJ's Falcon after the

LaDuc Family Photo
CJ's Falcon heading to

Courtesy of Tim Rogers
Graham honored at Fairmont in 1966.

Ladabouche Sketch

Courtesy of Gregg and Lloyd Gilbert
Trudo at Devil's Bowl, with a more conventional late model.

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