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Those Potent Wenzel Rides Enjoyed by Many


        From what I can gather from web site chatter, Godrey was an ace mechanic who served on some of Rene Charland's teams in the era in which Charland was running for those four consecutive national titles. The first car that seems to be connected with him directly was that Smith and Sons Jewelers sedan that Charland drive at some New York venues like Fonda and Utica - Rome.


Ladabouche Collection
Rene, with the sedan at Fonda
around 1963.

Courtesy of Lew Boyd
Rene, lining up with Lazarro
 at Fonda around 1963.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Rene, with the sedan at Stafford
Springs around the same time.
Courtesy of Dave Dykes
At the track of his friend - Utica - Rome Speedway, which he often advertised.


      After Charland's national points chase era,  in which Charland  used a number of cars all over the East, Wenzel redid the graphics on the sedan while keeping the Smith and Sons support. The car, now steel grey, sported mooneyes - style #00 numerals. The car would be driven primarily by Cobleskill's Donny Wayman and Utica's Jim Luke.


John Grady Photo
Don Wayman beams out from the
00 at somewhere like Utica - Rome.
From the HAMB Site
Jim Luke, with the sedan at
Riverside Park, Agawam, MA
From the HAMB Site
The sedan - arriving or leaving - at Riverside Park, Agawam, MA
From the HAMB Site
Jim Luke, with the sedan at
Victoria Speedway, Dunnsville, NY

 From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Old Speedways

Jim Luke or Don Wayman, seen
on old 8mm footage, at Victoria.
Frank Simek Photo
Don Wayman plies FOnda with
the SMith and Sons / Wenzel sedan.
Shaney Lorenzent Photo
via Andy Fusco

Don Wayman at Stafford with the 00.

        When Wenzel's time with Smith and Sons Jewelers ended, he took the original car, again redid the graphics, and associated with the famous Reardon's Garage. The original car ran with such drivers as Wayman and Irv Taylor. Later, Wentzel took another sedan from that Springfield / Agawam area, and added it as a team car. I believe this was the newer Holiday Magic Cosmetics sedan  that run in the semi late model division at places like Riverside Park and Albany - Sarqatoga Speedway - mostly with George Rettew of Chicopee at the wheel. The newer car would be steered mostly Maynard Forrette. Bob Tauscher had what seemed to be a third Wenzel white 03 at Lebanon Valley and, occasionally at Stafford.


John Grady Photo
Irv Taylor wins a heat in the
original Wenzel sedan at Fonda.

Alan Weaver Photo
Maynard Forrette - atUtica - Rome
Speedway, Vernon, NY 

Lebanon Valley Classics
Bob Tauscher with what looks like
the former Rettew car at the Valley.

NE Mod Website Photo
Bob Tauscher, with the "third"
Wenzel sedan. Looks a lot like a
#01 sedan DeSarro once drove.
Alan Weaver Photo
Twin Wenzels in an All Star League event. Maynard Forette in the lead car and Irv Taylor following in the older sedan.
Frank Simek Photo
Maynard Forrette, at speed on
the Fonda oval.
Frank Simek Photo
Cyclone Forrette in Victory
Lane at Fonda.
Courtesy of Mike Pa
Bob Tauscher at Riverside
with a Wenzel coupe.


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