All photos are from Dan Ody's 8 MM Old Speedways DVD's unless otherwise identified.


A heat lineup exits the infield at Fairmont Speedway during C.J. Richards' inaugural year, 1962. Among the cars are:
61, John Ballantine; P.61, Loomis, 535, Bob Boyd [inside 2nd row]; and 11, Vern Hall [the White Willys coupe at right].

Heat action at Fairmont Speedway during C.J. Richards' inaugural year, 1962. Among the cars are:
26, Lee Rivers; 7, Joe Spellburg, 535, Bob Boyd [inside 2nd row]; and 27, Rosie Rosendahl.

Gene Tetrault, Manchester Depot, VT
This is very likely the car Gene raced
in the 1950's at places like Stateline and Pico.
He brought it back out for a brief time in
1962 before building the famous sedan.

The car at Stateline around 1952, as taken
by future  Grand National and Grand
American star Paul Connors,
from Danby, VT.

Wayne Strong, Glens Falls, NY
This is probably a regular car at the old
Whites Beach and Ashland Park
race tracks. This was a rare Fairmont

This is same the car, probably shot
the same day by me, in failing light.

George Proctor, Crescent, NY
George was making a name for himself at Victoria,
in what they called the hobby class. I also saw him
at The Pine Bowl with this old Hudson, on that same
DVD. He wasn't nearly as good in the Bowl as he was
at Fairmont on the disk.

Leaving Fairmont after winning his
feauture. That is Mac McDonald in the
background, cooling off his matching
tow truck.

Dick Pennock, Warrensburg, NY
This was the second SUPER 38 of the year.
he went off the track in the first one and his ownbrand new car. The SUPER 38 were namedat Maltbie Chevrolet for the year of the body used.

Ladabouche Photo

The Loomis Bros. car, Granville, NY
Although one of the brothers drove it for a while,
the car is best known for being driven by veteran Nelson Moore, of Hudson Falls.

Ladabouche Photo

Ed Baker, Athol, NY
This was the last year for Vern Baker's legendary
6 PAC Hudson. It had been driven by the famous
Wally LaBelle in the 1950's and later by Ed Baker.
Fairmont had forced Vern to put fenders
back on the old girl, and she looked pretty odd.

Photo Courtesy of the Hackel Family
 The Labelle - driven PAC Hudson, lining up
for a race at Ashland Park, in Warrensburg.

Another video capture of the Labelle - driven
PAC Hudson in action at Whites Beach
Speedway, near Ballston Spa, NY.


Bob LaBarge, Whitehall, NY
An extremely rare, seldom-
seen car - the 5 & 10.

Bill Threw, W. Glens Falls, NY
He won the 2nd race CJ had at
Fairmont in 1962.


Jack McClure, Pottersville, NY
A very rare shot. I don't even recall
seeing that car at Fairmont.

Art LaBelle, Rutland, VT
This is a driver who moved
up from Hartford, CT


Gene Tetrault's jeep wrecker was to
Fairmont what Gigi Conover's jeep
push truck was to Fonda.

Red Smith, Athol, NY
This car is also seen in
Whites Beach footage. It ran at
Ashland Park, as well.

Al Rodd, Shushan, NY
Al happened to have a family
member who shot a lot of the
Fairmont 8mm footage.

Ladabouche Photo

Buddy Bardwell, Keene, NH
Buddy won the first race at
Fairmont in this car - not
his typical bullhorned Hudson.

Ladabouche Photo

Bob Boyd, Salem, NY
Bob had a great-looking car
that seemed to be teamed with
Rodd. He didn't show up much.

Ladabouche Photo

Art LaBelle leads a
car AC off turn 2.
Anyone know AC ?

An unknown car
leads 31, Leo Howland
and Al Rodd.

Future star driver
Russ Shaw looks
across the track at
starter, Danny Rumpf


From Dan Ody's 8mm DVD
The 1963 or 64 Fairmont pit area in the infield. I can identify Loomis's P61 [red and white car left foreground] and I believe the next
stock car to the right [facing away from camera] may have been a #X, owned by John Luleck.

Lake Clear, New York

Jim Hoyt, Saranac Lake, NY
I am assuming this is Hoyt, whose
father not only ran the track but who was
the owner of Lakeside Garage.


Bob Bushey, Burlington, VT
This is the Sullivan 586, out
of rural Panton, VT. The team
always used odd car types. This one
had a LaSalle body.

This is another video capture.
I converted to grayscale to use
it in a column of mine.

Rod Ritchie, Saranac Lk., NY
Rod was a good runner at Airborne
Speedway , but he was a terror at
Saranac Lake.

Photo Courtesy of Ardyce Blohm
 At Airborne. Check out all those
victory decals.


This shows the nearby
Aaron Hoyt barn, which still
stands today, as evidenced by
my 2008 photo below:


Cars 21 and 11 - Sonny Sawyer
and Junior Bruno, navigate
the bumpy, dusty front stretch.

Car 77, Henry Jarvis navigates the
front stretch. Jarvis' orange and
brown scheme came from an A&W

Ballston Lake, New York

Unknown car 169

Jack Roode,
Schenectady, NY
Blue and White

Wally LaBelle,
Glens Falls, NY
Vern Baker's Super 6 Hudson
out of Warrensburgh.

Wally LaBelle,
Glens Falls, NY

Vern Baker's Hudson
came back as the 6PAC
 at Fairmont in 1962.

Unknown car 1/5

Unknown Car V8

Jack Roode,
Schenectady, NY

Cars 38 and 99 at speed.

Unknown Car 46

X( Bob Hoffer,
Argyle, NY
Johnny Jones
With one of his many JJ's

Lynn Delong

Delong and car 20
go at it.

Dunnsville, New York


Bob Holman, Troy, NY
This is a rare shot of a seldom-seen car.
It also could have been George Voeckler
 of Ballston Lake, NY. Judging from the
number and color scheme, I would
say it was a mild tribute to the great
Saratoga driver Spence Parkhurst.

Photo Courtesy of CJ Richards
 Parkhurst... and this car is
black on top and red on the
bottom. The color shot
COULD be Parkhurst.


Ed Ortiz, Ransomville, NY
A rare sighting of Ortiz and one of
his homely but amazingly fast
#0's - at Victoria.

Ladabouche Coll. Photo by Russ Bergh
 At Fonda


148, Robbie Kotary, Rome, NY
H2 [outside] Skip Roots, Gloversville, NY
Kotary is driving the Ward Petit 148.

Two of my photos showing each car
arriving at Fonda in 1964.


 The Frank Trinkhaus '50
Chevy coupe, giving kiddie
rides next to Villano's 37.

Courtesy of John Grady
 This is the car, before
bobbing off he back, at Fonda.

 Doug Garrison, with
Martin Riiska's yellow X

Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth
 Doug, at Lebanon Valley

 Someone in the Drellos backup
car #111A. Could be Paul Marshall.

Courtesy of John Grady
 Jeep, at Fonda, with same car.

Chet Hames looks over cars
lining up at Victoria. 32 is
Jerry Townley in the Pop Wilcox
car; 33 is Wimble.

Pepper Eastman,
Madison, NY

The Bob Zimmerman72
in which he would be killed
later that season.

Al "Buck" Peek,

Frank Simek Photo
The same car in action at Fonda around 1964.


North Bennington, Vermont


This is the J. R. Earl car leading Dee
Goodermotte's late model - bodied
Lebanon Valley car. Others in the photo
are likely the McCready S33 and Ken Delong.

Mike Suraske's 10-10 Oriskany, NY
I am not sure who was driving the car
here - maybe Cliff Kotary.


Jeep Herbert, Rotterdam, NY
 takes off the bandana after a win
 driving the Frank Trinkhaus #62.


Ken Delong, Whitehall, NY
I have Ken at four different tracks on
this 8mm DVD disk: here, Fonda, Whites
Beach, and Victoria.

Kittler's familiar coupe, re-numbered 87
I have no idea who was driving here or
why the car was changed from #37.

 Crews discuss how to free up one of Henry
Caputo's coupes in a scramble that
involved almost the whole feature field
in turn three at Stateline.

Pileup in the George Welch
Benefit race. Visible is car 13
and 991, the JR Earl sedan.

Steve Danish sits in the
1956 Chevrolet station
wagon lettered as
"Pleasant Valley Garage".


Irv Taylor,
Rexford, NY
The Young / Vine

Fred Shepard,
Cambridge, NY
Pit Area

Steve Danish, in
the pit area

Jollie Ollie Palmer,
Westmere, NY
Pit Area

Car 271 is overtaken
by Car 13 on backstretch.

 Lining up a race.

Action off Turn 2.

Fonda, New York


Paul Marshall, Schenectady, NY
Didn't he look like he could be
a professional wrestler ?

Bernie Maruska's 71 NY
Fonda warmups

Unknown driver, car 73
 Fonda pit area.


Unknown car 555
Fonda warmups.

Hal Kempeny's 113
Fonda warmups.

Willie Chest and Ken Delong
Fonda warmups.

New Lebanon, New York

Jack Farquhar,
Ephratah, NY
Vince Barbuto 22
pit area.

Bill Wilson [7]
Another car in

Pete Corey,
Crescent, NY
Car re-numbered 03

Barry Purdy,
No. Bennington, VT
His familiar late model.

Jackie Wilson,
Fishkill, NY
Joey Lawrence 16

Les Alberti
Valley warmups.

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