When most people in the northern region of Vermont think of F.E. Hart, they think of fencing, because of the long-standing F.E. Hart Fence Co.. But Frank hart also was in on the ground floor of Vermont's burgeoning 1950's stock car racing revolution. Hart, then from Alburgh, was involved in some of the most significant moments of that era. Through help from Arnie Hill [A. H. Fence Co.], a protege of Hart's, we are now beginning to receive some of the Hart family racing photos from Mrs. Hart. I will place most of them on this page. Thanks to Arnie and the Harts.

All Hart Family Photos Courtesy of Arnie Hill
Frank Hart, sitting on the number 8, pauses from practicing at Harvey Moody's expansive 5/8ths mile track in Colchester.
With Hart is someone identified as Layton.

Frank's son, Jim, in front
of an early #8.

Jim Hart and his brother, Ed
sitting and trying to stay clean
before the races in NY.

One of the Hart cars, in
action at Airborne.

Frank Hart, sitting in a
lineup at Airborne. That
might be Ernie Reid in
the 111.

The same car as above
waiting for the races at
the Champlain Valley Exp.
fairgrounds the year of the
Art Bessette fatality.

Ed Hart and Frank's
father, at that practice
session in Colchester.

Early Airborne lineup. Could that
F40 be a Smitty car ?

Frank Hart, [left] with an unkown driver, Pappy Forsythe, Jackie Peterson, and Ernie Barcomb - at Colchester-Bayview
Speedway in Malletts Bay. This is the
most exciting photo in the collection, so far.

Frank Hart, Jackie Peterson,
 and Ernie Barcomb.

A Colchester_Bayview lineup.
Ernie Barcomb [71] in front row
and Hart next to #97 in back.

Frank Hart, coming out
of Turn 4 at Colchester -
Bayview. The Drive-in is
out of sight on the left.

Hart, running 2nd to
a car whose number I
can't make out.

Frank leading his
heat at C-Bayview.

Bob Bushey's 1st
SPUD 19, on the ferry,
headed for Airborne.

A Frank Hart sedan
advertising their restaurant
In Alburgh.

Another shot of the sedan
advertising their restaurant
In Alburgh.
Jim Hart, by what is
apparently one of his dad's
coupes on the Ferry.

A poor shot of the sedan
lined up at Colchester-

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