A Premier Track in New York. The Emphasis is from 1953 -  into the 1980's.

This page does not offer as many photos of Fonda late models as the Fonda Memories late model page.
Nor does it get into some of the later years in the history of that excellent class. I think it does,
however, make it easier to look at photos of some of your favorites in that division. Enjoy !


Courtesy of Scott Belknap

Earlier Years

        In the middle of th3e 1960's, my uncle and I would take some trips to that new track, Albany - Saratoga Speedway. My favorite class there was what they called the Semi Late Model division. I think his came from its parent track, Utica - Rome. The tracks were almost mirror images in that they had the signs out front with cars on top, pretty much the same competitors, much of the same management, etc. I was still more of a dirt track man, so I was delighted when a late model class whioch seemed an awful lot like Malta's SLM's appeared at Fonda soon after. Thew earliest cars at Fonda seemed to almost entirely eithe Malta cars or cars from Midstate Speedway in Morris. My earlier years section is about these first cars.

Ladabouche Collection
This photo is - to me - the poster child for Malta's Semi Late class. Although not with these cars, Jerry Pennock [59],
Don Antolick [43], and the Roerig 99 with Ken Platt all would run Fonda at various times.

Courtesy of Al Fini
The Agawam - built Holiday Magic cars were gone, but I really think at least one resurfaced as a Godfrey Wentzel 03. Also
Most of the Utica - Rome cars except Ralph Holmes and Norm Moyer seemed to not attend many FOnda shows.

Courtesy of Jim Chase
The Midstate cars included the alpha Ford man, Bill Roese, of Central Bridge.


John Grady Photo
When the late models first
set a tire on the Fonda track,
Tribes Hill's Bill Nelson, Jr was the first man out.

John Grady Photo
Bill Russell had taken
Ed Brockett's SLM
Studebaker, redid it,
and ran it like his hero, Peter Corey. He even called himself The Burtonville Hillbilly.

Via Mike Cranston
Oneida's Norm Moyer was one who moved from Malta to
Fonda. Top notch cars like this mad him a frequent, but not aleways popular winner.


Russ Bergh Photo
Stillwater's Don Antolick
moved from Ford to this
slick Plymouth. He sat almost
on the floor with legs
stright out.

John Grady Photo
Taberg's Ken Platt with
what would become the famed Roerig brothers team. I don't know whether he drove this car at Fonda. Roerigs had started
out with Fords.

Rick Parry Photo
Bill Roese, of Central
Via Mike Cranston
Crescent's Dick Smith was
another, like Moyer, who
used the older body on his
late model. So did neighbor"
Gardiner Taylor, for whom I don't have a photo.
Russ Bergh Photo
Schenectadian Harry
Peek made one of the biggest splashes with the local
newcomers to the class. He
also made a big splash with
the frontstretch wall later
in he year.
Via Mike Cranston
When Schenectady
body man Gene Mangino
debutted this car at
fonda, it first plowed
like a John Deere. He got it going
soon enough.
Bergh Photo via Gater
Dick Pennock, oout of
Warrensburg, was a
favorite of mine at Fairmont
Speedway. He ran well at

Russ Bergh Photo
Jim Devine, from Albany
had a brilliant career
cut short by a traffic
Rick Parry Photo
Jerry Wisnoski, out of Westl
Bridgewater, was anothe Midstate regular.
Via Jeff Buell
Wayne Perkins, from
Greenwich, had left
Malta's SLM class to
run Fonda on dirt.
Ladabouche Collection
Foster Wendell, then from
Gloversville, ran Fonda -
but not with this car.
Tesiero Family Photo
Keith Tesiero came out
of Amsterdam with this
big, square '59 Ford..
Russ Bergh Photo
Bob Deming and his
Cobleskill pal Harold
"Bugs Bunny" Betts
shared this car at
Fonda in '68.
John Grady Photo
Canajoharie's Joel
Canfield, would like his brother John, grow up loving Willie
Chest. Joel would run
against Willie's son, Bob.
Bob Frazier Photo
via Mike RIchards
Ronnie Wood was one of
the few Vermont drivers at
Fonda, at his time. Home
was Ludlow, VT,

Russ Bergh Photo
The 28 Ford of Bill Roese has a meeting of the minds with Denny Webb's Chevy.

Russ Bergh Photo Via Gater
Bill Roese got the worst end of the wreck with Denny Webb.

Via Rick Parry
Art Bradt, Utica.
Russ Bergh Photo
Ralph Holmes, from
Oneida, with his former
Bernie Miller Olds.
Via Scott Belknap
Dick Lighthall, from
Jim, also drove.

Russ Bergh Photo
via Orson Griffith
Poughkeepsie's Tom
Martin almost looks like
a Bill Roese  team mate.
Via Scott Belknap
Veteran Bruce Havens
from Oriskany had driven everything including ice
via Rick Parry
Rusty Duell, of
Warrensburgh - with a car
somewhat newer than what
he would have driven in 1968.
Via Scott Belknap
Johnstowner Bob Frenyea picks up a win around 1969.
Via Midstate Club
Midstate star DIck
Schoonover began
running Fonda after
a season or two.
Via Mike Cranston
Harry Coonradt, former
Albany-Saratoga SLM
Via Paul Dornburg
Joe Johns
on, running
father. Rollie's number.
Via Paul Dornburg
Gerry LaManque, Utica, on the track with  Joe Johns
on's 32.

John Grady Photo
via John Chris Grady
Bob Novak,

Via George Hunt
Al Kugler -getting into
the next generation of
late models.
Via Darlene George
Harvey Brundage, a
slightly later competiitor

Via Arnie Ainsworth
George Proctor may have run this late model at Fonda.
Chet Bunn, said to be on
Fonda in this earlier car.

Conde/Parry Collection
Via Chas Hertica
rry Peek's next car.
Via Mark Lester
Bill Brooking with what looks
a lot like the Don Antolick
Plymouth. He's parked nest to
Jerry Young, whjo spent a year racing in Vermont and who also
had a FOnda LM.

Via Mark Supley
This picture is a handful. Denny Peternell
, with a wild - looking late model. Behind him
are Bill King and Tom Hammond. Al DInsmore's fastback Pontiac, Buick or
whatever it was is also visible.

Bartlestt Photo Via Gater
Ralph Holmes is not having a good night at Fonda. Car underneath, even less so.

Bob Frazier Photo Via David Peek
The engine size with the Fonda late model allowed Harry Peek [and others] to run Devil's Bowl with the the sportsman class.

Via Rick Parry
Another shot of Bob Deming's
familiar Chevy #11.

Via Rick Parry
RIck Parry Says there was a six cylinder motor in this late model at Fonda. Bob or Ben Murphy [not sure which].

Gater Photo Via Mike Budka Jr
Jay Bleser, in the Bill Brooking 43 flanked by Bob Savoie [17] and Mark LaGrange. This is 1976.

Via Mark Lester
Bruce Button
Via Rick Parry
Bucky Peek, who found a home with the Fonda LM's.
Via David Kilmartin
Buck Peek's earlier entry.
Russ Bergh Photo
Via Rick Parry
Chris Kupiec. I love this
phase of the Fonda LM's.
Via David Kilmartin
Getting into a clearly later era:
Chuck Wainwright.

Via David Kilmartin
Getting into a clearly later era:
Colorful Clarence Hibberd.
Via David Kilmartin
Getting into a clearly later era:
Clem DaBiere.
Via David Kilmartin
Legendary Dick Schoonover with the Ford of equally
legendary Ralph Raastad.

Via David Kilmartin
Getting into a clearly later era:
Don Blanchard carrying on the
name and number for Doc.

Via David Kilmartin
Driver and builder
Don Buschbacher.

Via David Kilmartin
Perennial divison star Earl Mewhorter.

Ladabouche Photo
I'm wondering if sometimes Fonda runner Jerry Young was a friend or admirer of Mewhorter. Look at the resemblance of
Young's car at Catamount, 1972. He wrecked this car at Fonda.
Via David Loeffler
Warrensburgh's Fast Eddy Keenan, familiar also to D Bowl fans.
Via Rick Parry
An earlier Harvey Brundage car..

Russ Bergh Photo Via Mark Lester
Chris Kupiec runs outside of a well -used car 98.

Dave Krantz Photo Via David Kilmartin
Dave Ramsey adjusts a Fonda light pole. He felt it was blinding him and then proved it. [Jus Kiddin']

Via Leighton Shultis
Jack Cottrell, one of the key figures in what might be the golden era of Fonda LM's.

Via Rick Parry
Another [I'm guessing earlier] Jack Miller car.

Via Scott Belknap
Early Belser. Whatta guy !

Via Rick Parry
Jerry Christian.
Via Rick Parry
Jerry LaManque, with the
4 Brothers car out of Clinton.
Via Pat Bartlett
The aforementioned Jerry Young.
This is at Thunder Road, however.

Via Arnie Ainsworth
A later Jim Devine car.

Via Rick Parry
Jim Riggi, with a former Peek car. His cars always looked great.

Via Rick Parry
A better shot to see Joe Johnson

Via Rick Parry
Joel Canfield, with a later car from Canajoharie.

Via Dave Loeffler
John Constantino.

Via Mike Budka Jr
John Fleres, with a big
Mopar, maybe at Malta.
Via Mike Budka Jr
Johny Bruno, of Castleton Corners, VT.
Via K. Tesiero Sr
Tesiero on Fonda. Track a little heavy Keith ?.
Via Rick Parry
Larry Gallup, likely a
2nd generation driver.
Good to still see the
Frank's Speed Shop ad.
ViaDave Loeffler
Dave Hillis. Unusual
body mounting position.
Via Rick Parry
2nd gen. driver Link
Pettit, Jr.
Via Mike Cranston
Lester Dieterle at Malta.
he must have run Fonda
too [ I guess].

Via David Kilmartin
Harvey Brundage is awarded by Chris Kupiec, who may or may not have been a driver yet.

Via Mike Budka Jr
What a classic matchup - Bleser in Budka's storied Camaro and Cottrell in the Howe.

Via Orson Griffith
Mike Arminio, with
the ex-Bernie Miller ex- Ralph Hoimes Olds.

Via Mike Budka Jr
Mike Budka Sr. One
damned important
car owner with one
damned important car..

Via Mike Budka Jr
Master low budget
success, Mike Paquin.

Via Arrnie Ainsworth
The Bald Bandit in the pits
by Bill Roese.
Via Rick Parry
Paul Jensen's first
Via Rick Parry
Phil Carlone hums along
with his 6 cylinder Wimble tribute car as Miller chases and Kupiec self destructs.

Via Craig Pritchard
Randy Glenski, Early
in a great career.
Via Rick Parry
Not well known at Fonda at first, Rusty Duell had a huge racing heritage up in Waarensburgh.
Via Walter Newell
I have no FOnda photo of
New York City native Tim Dykman, who ran Fonda in 1980; but I did letter this car for him when he ran up with us in c car wrenched by Robbie Crouch's father, C.A..

Via Tom Czaban
Tom Czaban, with one of
his earlier cars.

Via Scott Belknap
Tom Hammond, a
classic Fonda racing name..
Via David Kilmartin
Tom WIlliams' exceptional racing cars. One of the big names in that golden age of LMs.

Via Dave Loeffler
Wally Potter.

Via Rick Parry
Wayne Perkins, with
his second car.

Via Ed Harris
An early Wink Hinkley car.

Via Rick Parry
Bruce Milo,
Castleton, VT

Via Rick Parry
Early Jerry LaManque.
May or may not have run Fonda with this car.

Via Rick Parry
The exceptional Dick Schoonover
with another Fonda win.

Via Brian James
This photo is the confluence of a lot of racing lore, all in one. T. Billington [first name not sure] is verfy likely the grandfther of the younger
Billington racing now at Devil's Bowl with his father. The eldest Billington ran places like West Glens Falls and Whites Beach [ where
he would have met Stan Burroughs, the owner of this car]. Buroughs, part of the Johnstown bunch that included the Starins, Burroughs,
Jack Harris, and Jerry Jerome must have given Billington a shot in this car. Didn't go well. And then there's the photographer,
former Fonda sportsman backmarker Doc Nellis.

Gater Photo by Bob Manieiri Via Ed Harris
Two of the division's all - time greats. Walt Koperda [outside] and Joe Macejka inside.


Via Rick Parry
Nick Lazarro. This seems
more like an '80's car.

Via Rick Parry
Al Kugler with
a different car.

Via Rick Parry
George Hunt's nifty Camaro
is from that great era of himself, Bleser, Cottrell etc..

Via Dick Pennock
Another of Dick Pennock's late models.

Via Cliff Haynes
Devil's Bowl star Jay
Brown ran the Valley.
He may have also
tried Fonda.

Bob Frazier Photo
This stout Johnny Peoples
Chevy may have run Fonda
in the hands of Foster Wendell.

Via Joe Perrolto
Geroge Hall with a car
built by Duane Hall.

Via Scott Belknap
John Fleres. I recall this car at D Bowl.

Via Rick Parry
Joe Johnson with a
 gorgeous car.

Via Rick Parry
Fast Eddy Keenan.

Via Mike Cranston
This Mopar of Bill Brooking
ended up at Fonda.

Via Jay FItzgerald
COnrad Carey,
Galway. He must
have run Fonda,

Via Don Regimbal
Dale Wolcott originally came to Fonda from way up North in the Buck Holliday portion of NY.
Via Don Regimbal
Dale Wolcott
would later have the dubious honor of having one of Fonda's worst wrecks.
Via Susan Coville
SOOP- er CD COville.

Via Mike Budka Jr
Dave Hunt.
Via Susan Schoonover
Ho hum another Schoonover win.
Via Vogel Collection
Earl Mewhorter.

Via Rick Parry
All of these are apart of Rick Parry's amazing trove of Fonda photos.


Via John Fleres
Big John, when he had
trimmed that Mopar body down a bit.

Via Keith Tesiero Jr
Keith Tesiero with a later
Via David Lanne
Bruce Button.

Via Mike Budka Jr
Jay Bleser. I loved
this car !
Mike Bruno
At some point, Cottrell apparently ran this bruiser.
Via Mike Bruno
Tim Baker,
Dorset, VT.
Via MIdstate Club
'Nuther Mewhorter rig
Via MIdstate Club
Midstate car Jim
Visingard - may have tried

Via Fusco Collection
Jack Miller wins one.

John Grady Photo
Devine wins at the
track of Champions

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD's
Jerry Pennock's LM in
1967.No idea if he ran
it at Fonda.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old Speedways DVD's
Ronnie Wood from Ludlow, VT in
the same DVD as Jerry Pennock
at Devil's Bowl.

Via Steve Judd
Old Speedways DVD's
Antolick, with a newly - completed car at Fonda.

John Grady Photo
Mangino wins at the
track of Champions

John Grady Photo
Harry Coondradt, with
the car I saw him

drive at Malta.

John Grady Photo
Keith Tesiero, first

John Grady Photo
Another shot of the
Bald Bandit

Via Richard LaGrange
Jim Riggi.


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