Doogers' Cars

Courtesy of Russ Shaw
Dooger's 25VT, which
is driven here by Russ
Shaw. It went on to have
such drivers as Flemke
and Charland, too.


Courtesy of Ed Fabian
Dooger's 8VT, a former
Jack DuBrul car. It
may have been the 1st
in Vermont with tuned
headers. It was later driven
by Nelson Moore.

Courtesy of Ed Fabian
The 25 VT, in the
pits, at Catamount.
Shaw [blonde hair] and
head mechanic Stan
Durham [glasses] are

John Grady Photo
The 8VT, with Russ,
at Malta around 1967.

Courtesy of Russ Shaw
Ed, here's the color scheme
you didn't recognize.

Photo Source Unknown
Apparently an earlier
version of the 25VT, at Devils
Bowl. But who's the driver?



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