Model competitions were - for a few years - a regular event at the old middle school in Milton, Vermont. As a teacher there [as well as a racing nut], I would encourage the students to build model cars and - every Spring - we would have an early evening model contest at school. One year, thanks to custodian Tracy Ryan, we arranged to have Catamount sophomore driver Don Bevins, of South Burlington bring his gorgeous purple and black Mopar Dodge #29 as a special treat for those in attendance.
     One other year, both Beaver and Bob Dragon, as well as Don Turner, brought Catamount race cars to a show. The photos show those wonderful events we had in the 1970's. Today, these innocent things are much too hard to arrange in today's complicated world. I miss them.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Bevins at speed with the Dodge which he piloted to 2 wins in 1970.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Bevins [leaning against
fender in black] watches
kids enjoy the car at
School Street School.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Gil Rhoades, the
car builder, looks on
as a representative of Catamount is nearby in
a sport coat.


Bill Ladabouche Photo
School Street neighbor
Lionel Bilodeau [blue
shirt] talks with
principal Dick Stewart.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Students react to the teacher [me] calling them in to begin
model car judging.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Bevins prepares to
load up the Dodge.
David Robar [tallest boy
in white shirt] would go on to
see his dad own Beaver
Dragon's yellow #75.

Burl. Free Press Photo
Bevins prepares some
boys to pose with him
for the local Burlington
Free Press

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Builder Gil Rhoades
[foreground at right]

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Bevins poses for me
upon unloading
the shiny new LMS.

Courtesy of Rich Palmer
Bevins poses at

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Bevins briefly ran a
Cabana backup car.

Photo SOurce Unknown
Bevins in his snazzy,
Cabana-built Chevelle

Photo Courtesy of Rich Palmer
Bevins with [arguably] his prettiest car ever.

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