Those Who Have Made a Name for Themselves After Participating at the Track





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Jamie Aube,
No. Ferrisburg, VT

Jamie went on to be Nascar Busch Tour North Champion and a competitor in the Craftsman Truck Series. Aube has since been employed managing
professional racing teams in other parts of
the country.

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Randy LaJoie,
Norwalk, Ct.

Went on to Busch Grand National and was Champion there. Today, LaJoie operates The Joie of
Seating, perhaps the sport's premier buildr
of racing seats.


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1985                       2001

Kevin Lepage,
Shelburne,VT and now Huntersville, NC.

 Went on to Busch Grand National and Winston Cup

17.Lepage.jpg (61087 bytes)  Lepage_TBird.jpg (25921 bytes)

Kevin's first car [#17 - his age, at the time], actually first driven by older brother, Rick. The final car, Dad's old T-Bird, in which he won the Milk Bowl - despite it being a little obsolete.



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Orleans Racing Website

Steve Hibbard,
Fairfax, VT

At the time of this writing, the St. Albans native was  listed as Shock Specialist on Steve Park's Craftsman Series truck. Steve has his own racing shock absorber business in Vermont, as well. In the opinion of Beaver Dragon, probably no one knows more about what's going on in Busch or the Cup than Steve. Hibbard has also managed a K&N Series team from Vermont.


NASCAR Photo   

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NEAR Photo

Frankie Stoddard,
No. Haverhill, NH

Crewed for Stub Fadden; went on to be crew chief for each of the Burton brothers in Winston Cup. He has had several top jobs since.

FrankStoddardwitStub.jpg (54153 bytes)

Stub Fadden looks over the front end of his Patten Gas Buick while a very young Frank Stoddard works on the other side - at Catamount in the early '80's


Smith Collection

Charlie Smith,
Morrisville, VT

Charlie started out with Lynn
Wood, working the tire truck at
the races. After stints with Bob
Curtiss' #25 and other teams such
as Quint Boisvert, Phil Gerbode,
and Bob Dragon, he developed
further skills with engine builder
Andy Costello. Next he moved down
South, where he started with Steve
Grissom. His later accomplishments
included Crew Chief for David
Green and fabricator for Bill
Davis. Charlie now works with Dennis
and Trampas Demers.



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Dave Dion,
Hudson, NH

Dion had one of the most storied careers in Vermont racing. He tried the Winston Cup briefly, but has found the most success running Fords in the Busch Grand National North.


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Ricky Craven,
Newburg. ME

Ran Catamount briefly for EJ Prescott in ACT days; Ran Busch Grand National and now Winston Cup.



NEAR Website Photo

Ken Squier,
Waterbury, VT

Kenley "Ken" Squier, a native of Waterbury, Vermont, started out riding a bike to race tracks to do announcing. A founder of Catamount, Squier has gone on to national prominence primarily with CBS.

Scott Haskell Photo

Dave Moody
Barre, Vermont

 Moody started out working on the race program staff at Catamount and moved into journalism. He has become somewhat of a protege to Ken Squire and has begun to work on the national level in race announcing - primarily on the MRN race network, a radio group.


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usgpindy.com photo

Steve LeTarte,
Cornish, Maine

The Cornish, Maine native Don LeTarte surfaced on the Catamount scene around 1983, when he bought out the red hot chassis builder Steve Leavitt. Steve, went on to be a top man in Jeff Gordon's team. He is seen in the above photo talking with Jeff and Juan Montoya.

T-BoneCurley_1968.JPG (16572 bytes)
Norman McIver Portrait
via Cho Lee

Tom Curley,
Barre, VT

When I first saw Tom Curley in 1968, he was a Flying Tiger driver of limited fame who didn't seem to be able to avoid spinning out regularly. Years later, the preppy-attired Curley came back and - with tremendous dedication - brought Catamount to the forefront of small-track racing at its time. His name is synonymous with the American-Canadian Tour.

Curley_Speaks_LakeMorey_Coors.jpg (121438 bytes)

Cho Lee Photo

Curley speaks at an American-Canadian Tour banquet in the 1980's.

Squier_Curley_ACT_Pitmeeting_Cain.jpg (62752 bytes)

Mike Cain Photo

Curley [above the blue hat] listens as Ken Squier addresses an American-Canadian Tour pit meeting around 1987.


Ladabouche Collection

Steve Leavitt,
Kezar Falls, ME

Steve Leavitt [right],  son of ACT veteran Gardner Leavitt, established  the successful chassis business that was later bought by the
Letartes. Steve works in the South now.