On Davis Road, Enosburgh Falls, Vermont

Terraserver satellite photo from the 1990's shows that the track is still somewhat visible. Apparently, the smaller section was used the most.


A fog-shrouded morning shot of the former track site in the 1970's. Probably turn four is at left, by the leaning pole.
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A fog-shrouded morning shot of the former track site in the 1970's. Probably running down the front stretch, with turn one at the far right.
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topographical map shows no clue of the track.

Courtesy of the Harold Baker Family, via Bill Baker
Apparently, the track was a very crude facility which tolerated the typical rough and tumble form of
stock car racing that was more prevalent in the northernmost parts of the state. This article furnishes us with several more names
of track drivers. Jackie Peterson, who insists he never actually drove on this track, says that it was too short and
sharply - cornered for the faster, lighter Chittenden County cars. He said many of them simply flew off the turns. From
the sound of this article, maybe they had some help doing that.

Spencer Stanhope Enosburgh Falls, VT
Harold "Cannonball" Baker Enosburgh Falls, VT
Hal Cleveland Lyndonville, VT
Jerry Dulude Enosburgh Falls, VT
Sterling Johnson Berkshire Center, VT
Basil Royer Richford, VT
Leonard Bard Highgate Center, VT
Freeman Ashton Enosburgh Falls, VT
Wayne Leland Newport, VT
Merritt Patch Bakersfield, VT
Paul Barry Lyndonville, VT
Harlan "Red" Dooley Burlington, VT
Myron "Rollover Ronnie" Farnsworth Burlington, VT
Wesley "Wild Wes" Menard Swanton, VT
Pop Chaffee Montgomery Center, VT
Royal Bonnette Montgomery Center, VT
Fred Bonnette St. Albans, VT
Frank Hart Alburgh, VT
Rex Shattuck Burlington, VT
Jerry Bigelow Lyndonville, VT
Ray Nadeau Newport, VT
Chuck Westover Alburgh, VT
Lloyd Brown Swanton, VT
Carl Trayah South Burlington, VT
Ralph Peasley Swanton, VT
Bob Wright Newport, VT
Dick Bohannon Alburgh, VT
Paul Brannon Newport, VT
Ernie Barcomb Winooski, VT
Bob Judd Newport, VT
Herb Trayah South Burlington, VT
Earl Machia Sheldon, VT

Courtesy of the Harold Baker Family, via Bill Baker
These cars are very similar to ones I have seen race at Newport, VT.

Courtesy of the Harold Baker Family, via Bill Baker
Bill Baker, whose father raced at Enosburgh, thinks this, and the photo and the ones above and below are from the Enosburgh Speedway.

The sharpest of the three Enosburgh photos shows the black #5 of Harold "Cannonball" Baker
leading a car with what clearly looks like an EverReady Battery 9 as its number.

Historical Aerials. Com Photo
Davis, as it looks in the 21st Century.

Possible Competitors

Courtesy of the Gilbert Family

Earl Machia, shown at Catamount in 1968, came from Sheldon - very nearby to Enosburgh.

Courtesy of the Gilbert Family

Richford's Harold "Cannonball" Baker
clowns around on the track at Sheldon after
losing a bet to Jackie Peterson.


Peterson Collection

Jackie Peterson, So. Burlington, VT

Courtesy of the Bob Bushey Family

Herb Trayah, Burlington, VT

McIver Portrait Courtesy of Cho Lee

Rex Shattuck, Burlington, VT

Courtesy of the Gilbert Family

Frank Hart, Alburgh, VT
would have brought his son along.

Photos Courtesy of Jodie Trayah via Steve Jangraw

This bunch of wild men probably tried Davis at least once. Jackie Peterson said the track was so short the  Chittenden County cars kept flying off the turns. This includes Carl and Herb Trayah, Herbie Cobb, Norm Chaloux, and Ed Charbonneau. Ira Farnsworth may be in there, as well.

There is some possibility this could be
taken at Enosburgh [if they had bleachers].

Courtesy of Harold Baker Family, via Bill Baker

Harold Baker [far right in background] examines the
car of Gordy Owen at an undetermined track. Owen may have driven at Enosburgh, but this shot is too recent.

Courtesy of Baker Family via Bill Baker

Harold Baker [left] with legendary
announcer Ken Squier, who might have
announced a few times at Enosburgh.



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