David Frazer Photographs

         Every once in a while, in this line of work, you hit the jackpot. A man named David Frazer just sent me a small trove of photographs he obviously took
himself with some sort of basic camera a young kid going to the races would carry. The photos I will display here are from Fairmont Speedway 1966 [final year], Devil's Bowl Speedway 1967 [the first season], and Devil's Bowl's second year. Despite the fact that C.J. Richard's full - time photographer all the way from the first year at Fairmont to many years into the '70's was Bob Frazer, there seems to be no connection.

         David, an attorney in New York, took a lot of  rather typical shots; but, he also landed some very unique, important little moments in time. I hope you enjoy.


David doesn't remember going to Fairmont, but his shot shows Fonda Speedway regular Andy Romano - having had bad luck on his only visit to the track.

The Romano sedan [his first]
is loaded for the long trip back to Johnstown, NY.

Lining up the feature. I can make out Doc Blanchard, another Fonda regular up front; Inside is Vince Quenevelle, Sr.; Lebanon Valley regualr Ray Chapman's 18 sits
outside of Russ Shaw in Norm Scarborough's Mustang; Roger Gauthier #28; Sonny Rabideau 311; and Ted Brown in rear. Charlie Laduc's brown Ford is pulled off in the infield.

Graham Trudo's controversial
Ford Hobby Class car sits,
mired in a muddy area as
Fairmont seems to have cleared out for the days. The car got sold off soon after.

The Gael Dundon - owned #3
of Vince Quenneville, Sr. looks much the worse for wear; but they won the 1966 track title that year.

Fans are fascinated with the Frank Smith 311 of Sonny Rabideau, which gave the overhead V-8's a run with a
Ford flathead motor.

Norm Scarborough's Mustang attracts a lot of attention as it is parked in the Fairmont infield.

A toddler gets a real closeup view. I am trying to figure out who the car 111 was. It wasn't the Loomis car.

The Ken Tremont Falcon [driven by Joe Messina at that time] sits, waiting to be loaded for the trip back to West Sand Lake, NY.

Norm Scarborough's Mustang
appears to be filling up with kids rather fast.




Local Shoreham driver
Harry "Boo" Duffany.

Ed Foley gets a little assy as he steps on it coming out of turn 4.

Quebec invader Jean - Guy Chartrand lines up behind
local driver Rudy Charbonneau
of Whiting.

Charlie Laduc's Henry J is recognizable at far right as cars come down the frontstretch.

Cars go down the backstretch - too far away to identify.

More action out

This shot shows those old fencing barriers in the turns that CJ soon removed.

Fans sit out an intermission. CJ could really drag 'em out.

CJ attracted good late model fields for years.

Car 23 on the track - could be Bruce Carman.

Ronnie Wood [blue 50] and Ralph Soulia step on it as the green flies.

This MEGA RARE photo shows the former Bill Stevens S29, now the X9 of one of the Hoffer family. The car did not survive this race, I believe.

Mert Hulbert's primered 78 sits in front of the stands, The car had just been restored after a garage fire and went on to win the initial D Bowl title, with a little help from John Danyow of Champlain Construction out of Middlebury.

Vince Quenneville, Sr
on the track with his former Dexter Dorr car. I think he started the first D Bowl season
with Gael Dundon and ended with Norm Scarborough [but I can't be certain].

Fairmont hero Sonny Rabideau tried the Smith 311 at D Bowl but soon gave up. No place for a flathead. He and Frank ran this car at Claremont, but Sonny began driving for Leo Vallancolurt at D Bowl.

Defending VT State Late Model champion Ralph Soulia. He would be killed in a non - racing
accident that winter.

More of Ralph Soulia.

Local racing legend George Rogers pulls in after a surprise win with an untested car in the 1968 VT State Championship. He would never race again due to illness.

The Ken Tremont Falcon [driven by Joe Messina at that time] sits, waiting to be lined up as this guy makes it back with his hot dog.

The Norm Scarborough Mustang [shown here at Fairmont] would run the first year at Devil's Bowl with Roger Gauthier as driver.





Legendary NY driver Pete Corey showed up with his Leb. Valley late model - bodied modified.

Ray Nutting [the George Rogers - built 351] and Vince Sr. are likely out as last week's feature winners.

Quenneville is out, waiting behind an UNK late model.

Quenneville, Rabideau, and a Dare Devil car pick up kids for kiddie rides on the frontstretch.

A good look at Eddie Allen's former Rene Charland sedan.

Steady Eddie Allen's on the gas coming out of turn 4.

Late model driver Don Charbonneau [brother pof sportsman driver Rudy] is out with Eddie Allen's former Rene Charland sedan.

Ed "Peanut" Foley leads Wes Moody and Quenneville.

Jerry King [99] and Quenneville share the track with a dare devil and a late model.

A good look at Johnstown, NY's Johnny Kollar's 10%, as well as
Foley's 2 and what I think is John Richmond's 93 RI.

Fonda Speedway regular -Johnstown, NY's Johnny Kollar.

Defedning Bowl champ Mert Hulbert wins a heat. This is apparently before he hooked up with Champlain Construction.

A good look at Hulbert [78],
along with Chet Doaner's 55 Corvair and the Ryan 28 of Roger Gauthier.

In this priceless shot, Norm Scarborough and Vince Quenneville closely examine some sort of line off the 38. The two went through all 12 years of public school in the same class.
Nelson Moore's 8Vt is visible here.

This shot shows the either removing or replacing the line in question.

The 2nd season title - winning Quenneville leads defending champ Hulbert here.

Quenneville under caution behind Johnny Kollar's

Quenneville pulls up for checkers as Beaver Dragon is in the  Taggart 43.

Quenneville on the track with Wes Moody's unlettered 63 NY.

Sonny Rabideau takes a heat with one of the many Leo Vallancourt 333's he drove over the years.

More Sonny Rabideau.

More Sonny Rabideau.


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