He might have been the most annoying jokester on the planet and getting straight talk out of him was darned near
impossible, but he WAS the National Sportsman Champion four years in a row. Few can say that.

Courtesy of Daniel Hansell
I found this on the internet. The contributor, Daniel Hansell, thinks it is the first Rene Charland car. The owner would likely be a Hansell.
If true, it is almost certain the car would have run places like Hindsdale, NH, West Brattleboro, VT, Millers Falls, MA, and the Cheshire Fairgrounds,
near Keene, NH.

CLICK HERE to see frames from old 8MM footage of Charland supposedly winning his first feature at Brattleboro Speedway.

Courtesy of Jim Young
In the Glory years, with the John Lopardo-wrenched 3 Mass. Probably at Malta.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
A very young Rene with
a feature win somewhere.

Courtesy of Cormie Family
Young Rene with the famous
airplane - engine car at
Rhythm Inn Speedway.


Ladabouche Collection
Charland with a #12 that
no one knows much about.
He didn't recall the car.

Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
Driving a modified
similar in appearance
to the early car at

Ladabouche Collection
The same shirt; maybe
the same awards banquet.

Racers Bored Message
Board Photo

The 12, in action
at Rhythm Inn.


Courtesy of Cormie Family
Quite the name - dropping
photo: Roy Forsyth, in
the legendary George
Barber 46 hits future
4 time national champ
Charland in the 12.

Gordon Collection
Receiving an award
from racing at
Cheshire Fairgrounds.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
With the Leo Matte
107 at Brattleboro
Speedway, where
he reportedly won
his first feature.


Courtesy of Ross Family
Watching the Gordon
Ross car at work.

Ladabouche Collection
The Fred Rosner - built
coach gave him a big
advantage for a time.

Ladabouche Collection
Later coupe.

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Rene, Jerry Humiston,
and Dick
Dixon at Stafford
in the 1960's.

Courtesy of MP Roy
A win in Canada during
the title chase years.

Perry Photo
Charland posing with one
of the championship

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock
and Bobby Castine

Leaning on one of his #3's
at Airborne around 1962.

Courtesy of The Bullfather
Charland walks by
his hauler at an
undetermined track.


Ladabouche Collection
Running against
Roy Messic - likely
at Stafford Springs.

Courtesy of Mark Charland
Another coupe during
the Championship
chase era.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock
Another of the many
3MA coupes used
in the championship


Courtesy of Bill Farress
It looks like the
Czepiel 888, with a
different numeral.
This one was later
wrecked at Fonda
by Maynard Forrette.

John Grady Photo
A 1960's Utica -
Rome win with
starter Cliff Kotary.

Ladabouche Collection
What might be a
former Charland
Permatex car, used
as a sign at Malta.

Ladabouche Photo
The four NASCAR
National Sportsman
Championship cups.


HAMB Message Board Photos
The classic brown
coupe that had a matching
hauler [below]


Courtesy of Andy Towler
Fan Club Banner in 1963


HAMB Site Photo
Another shot of
the brown coupe and
matching hauler.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of John Rock
and Bobby Castine

Leading a sportsman heat
at Airborne around 1962
with the brown car.

NE Vintage Mod SIte
SItting on the  starting grid at
Fonda with Lou Lazzaro.

Frank Simek Photo
Not such a good day.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
The Smith and Son
sedan at New
London - Waterford

Courtesy of Cho Lee
Rene poses next to
Roger Rouleau at
T Road in his 1965
chase for points.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
A T Road win
with George Hay's

Courtesy of Cho Lee
A T Road Governor's
Cup win with [left]
Bob Doyle, Stuart Martin
of WCAX, and Gov.
Phil Hoff.

Ladabouche Photo
The Geo. Hay car he
used at T Road during
one of his title runs.

Bob Doyle Photo
Courtesy of Cho Lee

Losing to Harold
Hanaford at
T Road.

Courtesy of Mark Charland
The coach at
Utica - Rome.


Source Unknown
The controversial
Czepiel 888,
probably at  Fonda.

Source Unknown
A Rosner - built
coupe, at the home
base, along with some
other Charland projects.

Source Unknown
One of the
Czepiel cars

Source Unknown
At speed at

Chrome Horn - Vin Mod Site
At speed with the
Roehrig Bros. 99.

Courtesy of Mark Charland
Some time, in the
Roehrig era, - what
looks like a win.


Courtesy of Mark Charland
With the Roehrig

Courtesy of Mark Charland
A later version of
Roehrigs' 99 coupe.

Courtesy of Dick Schoonover
A Fonda win for
Charland in the
Roehrig Gremlin.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
A later modified
win. No idea whose
car it was.

Courtesy of Mark Charland
Likely same car -
it ended up driven
by George Rettew,
a Charland protege.

HAMB Site Photo
An unfamiliar
coupe. Note
All Star League

HAMB Site Photo
Same coupe,
obviously at

Ladabouche Photo
Having left Catamount
after a less than stellar
LMS experience, he
came back with this
modified for one of the
track's special mod shows.

Courtesy of Hemmings

Charland, with Val Lesieur
and Punky Caron.

Courtesy of Russ Farr
At Devil's Bowl
with former drivers
Jim Spaulding and
Steady Eddie Allen.

Courtesy of Mike Pa
Charland had a turn
with the prestigious
Russ Betz 59.

Norwood Arena Site Photo
One of the Holiday
Magic semi late
model sedans
restored at the
Norwood reunion.

Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
He must have set some
sort of record for the most modified rides by one
driver in a career.

Courtesy of Phil Butler
A modified ride
later in his career.

Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
There is currently
strong debate on
how many Charland
cars looked like
this one. [See Farress
photo above].

Rod Nacewicz Photo
Missing the mark
a bit at Utica -
Rome with the
old familiar brown car.

Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Dave Brown

1972 pit meeting
at Airborne Spdwy.

HAMB Site Photo
The Lilac coupe,
during the points
chase era.


Source Unknown
A pose in the Fred Rosner - built, John Lopardo - wrenched Czepiel 888. This car may or may not have been completely
within the rules for NASCAR dirt track cars at the time, but he ruled Fonda with it - especially in 1967.

Courtesy of Mark Charland
Apparently, Mrs. Champ. She must have had the patience of a saint.

Ladabouche Photo
Rene's Weedsport HOF plaque. I don't necessarily agree with the choice of car, unless he requested it.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
The Lopardo - built late model sportsman, at Thunder Road.
The car flew, but not the
way he planned on it.

Burlington Free Press Photo
Ladabouche Collection
Another photographer,
different view of the

Courtesy of Cho Lee
The Champ makes
the walk back to the
pits talking to
flagger Bob Quinn.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
Back on the T Road
track after the
flight - a little worse
for wear.


Ladabouche Photo
The first version of the
Northern NASCAR LMS,
arrives at Catamount Stadium
in 1973.

HAMB SIte Photo
The Permatex series
Studebaker, trailered.

John Grady Photo
The Permatex series

Ladabouche Collection
The Permatex series
Studebaker, in the
Daytona pits.


Bob Mackey Photo
Courtesy of Mike Watts
The Permatex series
Studebaker. It was
very aerodynamic.

Ladabouche Collection
The Charland Grand
National Ford.

The final year of the
Northern NASCAR
LMS car. Next to fellow
Agawam, MA runner Little
John Rosati.

Courtesy of Mark Charland
The late model was
backed by top quality
Massachusetts talent;
but, Rene had a rough time
with it.

Courtesy of Mike Watts
At Daytona's
Permatex race,
lined up with
Jean-Paul Cabana.

Typically Poor Quality Photos

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Charland flies through the
field, lapping many cars.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Charland , lapping slower
cars on the inside.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Charland is in the middle
of this throng in
Victory Lane.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Charland heads for
Victory Lane after
his first win.

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Charland is in the car at
far left as the feature
field re-aligns.



Ladabouche Collection
The 3MA after the
fire is out. That is
likely Sal Dee in


John Grady Photo
The Albany -
Saratoga French
Barbeque car.

Courtesy of MP Roy
The French Barbeque
that happened in the
mid '60's.

Dave Dykes Site Photo
Another shot of
the Malta fire.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
via 176 Racing.com

1965. He took a
spill at the Milk
Bowl in the Geo.
hay 68 he used for
national points.


Unidentified Internet Source
Another of those
familiar 3 window
coupes with the
League sign on the roof.
[Or, maybe the same car
a different color]

Gater Photo

A rare shot that
includes the Roehrig

Bobco Photo
I have no idea.
Still has the
ASL helmet,
but the vehicle
next to him is
too new for that.

Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
Talking to an
ASL official while
he was a member
of the Albany - Saratoga


Courtesy of Tom Ormsby
He has obviously
just said something
to break up the
gang at the
autograph table.

Courtesy of Andre Chausse
About 1973, he was
going to be some sort
of racing commissioner
in Quebec. Here, he poses
in Quebec with a group that
includes promoter Andre
Beaudry at far left.

Courtesy of Bob F.
Being fitted for
one of his later
sedans by Wild
Bill Corliss.

Courtesy of Bob F.
 Wild Bill Corliss
and that same

Source Unknown
 A family gathering.

Unidentified Internet Source
 Unloading one of
those cookie cutter
Rosner coupes.

HAMB Site Photo
 I don't know
what's with the
rebel flag.

Unidentified Internet Source.
 With Jean - Paul
Cabana, in Quebec.

Joel Naprstek Photo
 On the grid at
Ken Shoemaker's
Cairo track with
the Roehrig 99.

Paul Michaud Photo
 At Drummondville
in Quebec.

Bob Farley Photo
On the track
at Stafford Springs
with Gahan.

Racing One Photo
 Talking with Glen
Wood at Daytona
in his championship

Miller Photo
 May to October
was goosing season
to any woman within
arm's reach of Rene.

Image Shack Photo
 More of that
brown coupe.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
 Enjoying time with
Jack Johnson.

Lew Boyd's Collection
 I like this shot
because it shows
Russ Bergh's
Checkerboard Photo
Stand at Fonda.

Shaney Lorenzent Photo
 They look like they're
running a figure 8
race here, in Rene's
early points chasing

Dick Tanner Photo
for Gater Racing News

 Racing with Richie
Evans in what might
be an All Star League

Unidentified Internet Source.
 Norwood Arena
1961 banquet.

Unidentified Internet Source.
 Another Norwood

Mary Fillimon Photo
 A lineup at Old
Bridge Speedway
in NJ.

Courtesy of Tom Ormsby
 A post - coupe era
body - very likely
in Canada.

Sophie Hertkoen Photo
 Posing with the
often - intimidating
Pee Wee Griffin.

Gunther Photo
 A a scooter with
his dog, talking to
Ray Hendricks.
This is probably at
a Dover Downs
All Star League show.

Unidentified Internet Source.
 With the Godfrey
Wentzel coach,
winning one at

Stock Car Racers' Reunion
Site Photo

 At New London - Waterford
Speedbowl with the
Wentzel sedan.

Gater Photo
 With a car borrowed
from Denis Gioux, he
works to pass A-S
team mate Andy
Romano at Stafford.

Courtesy of Dave Dykes
 That 3 window
coupe with only
H for a number.

John Grady Photo
Charland had a
close friendship
with the owner
of Utica - Rome.

Courtesy of Ron Wtezler
 Somewhere, during
a break in the action.

Unidentified Photographer
 Rene was clearly very proud
of his role in the All Star
League. He took every opportunity he could to wear that helmet.

Unidentified Photographer
 Holding a '70's style
bumper sticker with whom
could be his wife.

Grady Photo
The tough old
Marine as Shoemaker
called him, with his
veteran hat on.

Dave Innes Photo
 Earlier years,
and another

Unidentified Internet Source.
A pose during the
championship era.
Frank SImek Photo
 Rene in Vic Lane at Fonda.
This could be the infamous
Wimble "hari kari" race referred
to in the Fonda book.
Bill Flood Photo
 Posing in 1964 at Seekonk.
Unidentified Photographer
With the Czepiel pavement -
oriented 888. Cars set up
like this one could be very
dominant on the Fonda track,
for some reason.
Ginny Rosds Collection
via Dick Hansen

 Rene watching work on
someone's motor - maybe
his, but not necessarily. He
didn't miss many chances to
needle the competition.
Unidentified Photographer
 With the very - familiar
Andrea car

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