The 1970 School Street School Model Show    

     In 1970, community support for Catamount Stadium was still very strong in Milton, Vermont. So, when that green new teacher, Bill Ladabouche, suggested that his school, then called The Milton Middle School, hold a model show to help kick off the new Catamount, everyone responded with enthusiasm - including Catamount. Catamount's Ken Miller lined up some coverage through Vermont's largest newspaper, The Burlington Free Press. School custodian Tracy Ryan, Sr. arranged for his son - in - law, Don Bevins, to bring his beautiful purple and black Dodge late model sportsman to show the kids, and a good time was had by all. One of the delighted kids won the model contest, and one and all went home feeling happy. Bevins won two features at Catamount with that car before hooking up with Canadian legend Jean-Paul Cabana. But, never again would Don win another feature.

    Below, are some pictures from that wonderful evening in late Spring, in Milton, Vermont.

don_bevins_purple_29_1st.jpg (53086 bytes)

Don stops the car to pose for my camera and for his newspaper photo. 

Don_Bevins_Model_Show_8.JPG (89826 bytes)


Don is talking to car builder and chief mechanic Gil Rhoades, Sr.


Don_Bevins_Model_Show_3.JPG (56756 bytes)

As the car comes to a halt,  Principal Dick Stewart [white shirt] talks to him as builder Gil Rhoades, Sr. [black shirt] looks on above the hood.


Don_Bevins_Model_Show_1.JPG (58960 bytes)

Don gets out to join a group of parents and his young admirers.


don_bevins_model_show_11.jpg (57363 bytes)

Several 5th and 6th graders pose with Bevins for the newspaper photo. The tallest boy is Dave Robar, whose dad would go on to own Beaver Dragon's yellow #75 for years. Little did Dave know that then.


Don_Bevins_Model_Show_5.JPG (55431 bytes)

The Catamount representative [white shirt and tie] starts around the back of the car to talk to Stewart. 


don_bevins_model_show_7.jpg (93345 bytes)

Fifth grader Dennis Leach [now in his mid forties] turns around as I begin to shout out instructions to go display their models inside the gym.


Don_Bevins_Model_Show_10.JPG (48598 bytes)

A youngster admires a few of my models displayed on the trunk lid of Bevins' car. Note the #67 Joe Couture Ford.

Don_Bevins_68Chevelle.jpg (65026 bytes)

Bevins with his Cabana - built 1968 Chevelle, about two years after the model show.

Don_Bevins_Seated_68Chevelle.jpg (121155 bytes)

Bevins with his Cabana - built 1968 Chevelle, about two years after the model show.

Bob_Dragon_SSSchool_Show_79.jpg (67166 bytes)

A few years after the model show, Bob Dragon and Beaver [background to the left] came to school and showed their cars. A week or so late, Beaver's car would be nearly totaled at Oxford.


Mod_Model_7.JPG (71497 bytes)

One of my models - a 1937 Chevrolet dirt sportsman coupe, like those run at Fonda in the 1960's.

The Church Street and Zayres Pre - Spring Green Car Shows    

     In the 1970's, the Catamount management used a car show [similar to the one in Barre every year] to promote the upcoming Spring Green race that was usually run in late April at Catamount Stadium. Before the days of the University Mall, but on the same site, a show used to be held in front of the now - defunct Zayres department store. Later, as the mall replaced that old shopping center, the show moved to the pedestrian walking mall on the former Church Street, in downtown Burlington. There are literally thousands of photos from those days; I have only a limited number - enough to spark memories of the events.

    Below, are some pictures from those well -attended shows.

Ladabouche Photo
Peter Bushey's
Mini Stock, on
display at Zayres.

Ladabouche Photo
The 3rd version
of Jim Barton's
57 Camaro parks,
as my son, Seth,
looks on.


Ladabouche Photo
An older version
of the Barton car,at the previous year's Zayre show. It was one of my best lettering jobs.


Ladabouche Photo
The Zayre - sponsored Camaro of George Boudreau, naturally in front of Zayres.

Ladabouche Photo
The same car; different number.


Ladabouche Photo
One of the Harry Rathburn twin Camaros. Behind the car is a who's who of support division names at that time. Recognize anyone ?

Ladabouche Photo

The other of the Harry Rathburn twin Camaros.
Both at Zayres.

Ladabouche Photo
The Larry Caron
Camaro Z28. Tom Waters may
have owned this  car, I am not sure. Zayre show.

Ladabouche Photo
Brad Wright's second Hurricane car. Zayre show.

Lalancette Photo
Bob Pratt's #4
Chevelle, then driven by Clem Despault.
Zayre show.

Ladabouche Photo
Dragon's high - buck Laughlin - chassis car is unloaded at the Zayre show.

Ladabouche Photo
Barcomb's 09, at
Zayre. He tied with Beaver for best car in show. I lettered both cars :)

Ladabouche Photo
Randy Therrien,
father of present drivers Tom and Bobby.

Ladabouche Photo
Barcomb's Nova,
the previous year at Zayre.



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