In the twenty years of competition, there were more action photos than one could probably count. I will occasionally stock this page with the more interesting and less common action photos I come across. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE - IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING GOOD.

Couture_Beaver_Tiller_1970_Catamount.JPG (103595 bytes)
Catamount Program Photo
Joe Couture [67] leads Beaver Dragon [63] and Tom Tiller [77] as they avoid a spinning Lennie Stockwell around 1968.
bernie_griffith_blowing_fadden.jpg (65358 bytes)
Catamount Program Photo
Bernie Griffith blows his Mopar engine mightily as Stub Fadden gets by.
Ken_wrecked_Boright.jpg (30702 bytes)
Andy Boright Photos
Ken Squier drove in the mini stocks for a while in the 1970's. Here he has had a wreck.

ken's_wreck_at_cat_boright.jpg (185114 bytes)


Andre_Manny_atSpeed.jpg (24760 bytes)
Bob Doyle Photo
Andre Manny tools the
 Gaston Ethier Chevelle
around Catamount in 1972.

Courtesy of Chris Companion
Clem Despault's famous wreck that almost went out to the interstate.

Burlington Free
Press Photo

Bobby Giroux leads Lennie Stockwell  around 1970

Catamount Program Photo
Art Taylor leads Lennie
Stockwell 00 and
Bobby Dragon in 1968

Terry LaFerriere Photo
A very early shot of
Hector LeClaire 59
spinning in front of
Ron Barcomb. Maybe 1967

ACT Archives
Marcel "Mr. Clean" Godard,
at speed  in 1966

Denis LaChance Photo
A 1973 Mopar - laden
field comes to take
the green.

Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
Will Cagle shows up
with twin sedans.

Paul Michaud Photo
Action in the mid 1960's with
Shoemaker or MacTavish in
Wright's 24, Hop Harrington,
Marcel Godard and Bugs.

Courtesy of Jim Watson
Kiddie rides, circa 1970.

ACT Archives Courtesy
of Cho Lee
Local hero Beaver Dragon is smoking up a storm in this
1965 Flying Tiger heat.

ACT Archives Courtesy
of Cho Lee
Ray Forte's beautiful
red sportsman coupe
#30 burned to the

ACT Archives Courtesy
of Cho Lee
Car 78 takes to the
air, as Lennie Stockwell
[00] turns and ironically
faces the exact spot
where his career would
end in a crash in 1972.

ACT Archives Courtesy
of Cho Lee
Midgets came to Catamount
more frequently in its early days
than later on.

Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Clem Despault, his car
already showing effects
from the crash shown
above, heads for trouble
as Myrick Bourgeois evades.

Norman Morley Photo
Catamount mini stocks
scatter on turn 4 in 1977.

Courtesy of Bourgeois Family
Bobby Dragon's first
car, at speed in Turn 1.