With Catamount's brave new world of late model sportsman racing in full swing, the track decided to go back to its only - recently - abandoned roots and host a NASCAR modified tour show in August of 1972. Probably in deference to the love many of the mod drivers had for Catamount, which had been in the All - Star League, which had hosted many a race for them to collect points, and around which the Milton citizenry had been very kind to the touring modified teams - the field attracted that night was quite large.
          I took a few photos that night, in failing light, with the world famous Kodak Instamatic camera, and they hadn't come out well at all. But now, with a better scanner, I have gotten them to look halfway decent. So, here are the teams I shot that night. MIlton may have loved them, but I found them to be very aloof and standoffish.

Ladabouche Photo
Bob Karvonen,
Winchendon, MA

Already running Catamount with an LMS that year.

Ladabouche Photo
Andy Romano,
Johnstown, NY

In background - 22 Dave Lape.

Ladabouche Photo
Rene Charland,
Agawam, MA

Already running Catamount with an LMS that year.

Ladabouche Photo
Richie Evans,
Rome, NY

Multi-Time NASCAR  Nat'l Champion

Ladabouche Photo
Maynard Forrette,
Ansterdam, NY

The Roehrig 99, usually a Fonda car

Ladabouche Photo
Buzzie Reutimann,
Zephryhills, FL

Father of David Reutimann
Ladabouche Photo
Jerry Cook,
Lockport, NY

Two-Time NASCAR Nat'l Champion

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