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Stock car racing judges' and announcers' stands came from the old fairgrounds tracks. This one at the Topsham, ME track was particularly super.


Courtesy of Ed Gould
The absolute crudest deal I ever saw - at Ge-Jo-Clin Speedway, Boltonville,VT

Courtesy of Bob
Bushey Family

Walter Barcomb,
the bigger man in
the hat, didn't spend
much on his stand at
Malletts Bay Raceway
Colchester, VT Below -
from the rear.

Courtesy of Bob
Bushey Family


Wolfe Aerial Photo
Courtesy of The
Wilson Family

The announcer's stand
at Mettawee Speedway,
as seen from the air.


Rutland Hist. Society
Pico Raceway's stand
on opening day in 1951.
Not really much shelter
for Red Wildey. Below -
A blurry front view.

Courtesy of Bud Brooks


Courtesy of Pete Racine
The Dog River Speedway
Northfield, VT

Source Unknown
Monroe County fairgrounds
Rochester, NY had a
very simple stand for such
a big venue.

  Ladabouche Collection
The familiar stand at
Fonda Speedway

Ron Clark Photo
Exeter, ME fairgrounds

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Whites Beach Spdwy
Ballston Lake, NY

Courtesy of Dan  Ody
Whites Beach Spdwy
Ballston Lake, NY

Courtesy of Wayne Boyce
Plymouth, NH


Ladabouche Photo
Otter Creek Spdwy
Waltham, VT

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Ashland Park Spdwy
Warrensburgh, NY

Courtesy of Mark LeFrancois
Fairmont Speedway,
Fair Haven, VT

Tower in Infield, '50's

Courtesy of Chris

Tower by Stands, '60's

Courtesy of Dan Ody
Altamont, NY


Courtesy of Norm Vadnais
VT State Fairgrounds
Rutland, VT

Full Tower, 1962

Some gone 1964

Maine Vintage Site
Armand Sirois, in
front of the very
minimal stand at
Norridgewock, ME


Courtesy of Bob
Bushey Family

The tower at Harvey
Moody's Green Mt.
Raceway, Colchester,

Courtesy of Bob
Bushey Family

The infield tower
for Ivanhoe Smith's
Colchester Raceway.

Courtesy of Rick Parry
The stand at the
fairgrounds in Canton,
NY - St Lawrence Valley

Source Uncertain
The minimal announcer's
tower at Lower Waterford,
Vt's Northeastern

Courtesy of Troy and Bob
Dodge Family

The tower at T Road has
changed little since 1960.


Courtesy of Cho Lee
The tower in the infield
at Safford park, Cheshire
County Fairgrounds, Keene, NH
was simpler than the announcer's
stand shown at right.


Ladabouche Collection
The announcer's area
at Cheshire.

Courtesy of Alexander

The tower at Can-Am
Speedway, Newport, VT
was built this simply in

Sirois Photo
Another simple tower at
Autodrome Ste-Monique
is seen behind the
stunt drivers.

Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Lebanon Valley first
had a Judges' Stand
in the infield. Below -
The next one was built in
into the grandstand
structure. Apparently,
now there's another.

Lebanon Valley Classics



Courtesy of Danish

Steve Danish meets
admirers in front of
a simple announcer's
stand at an unknown

Racers Bored Site
The tower at Stateline
Speedway, Bennington
was very small.

Courtesy of Jackie

Harold "Cannonball"
Baker, an early Vermont
driver, performs in front
of the tower at  Sheldon, VT -
tracks Green MT. Farms Raceway.
He had lost a bet to Jackie

Courtesy of Phil Miller
Route 66 Speedway
had a small, simple
stand on the back stretch,
opposite the spectators.

Maine Memories.com
This 1915 postcard shows a
typical judges' stand at Bass
Park, near Bangor, ME. The tower may or may not have been still there when
they ran races there in 1950.
Courtesy of Steve Pellerin
At least in the earlier days,
Beech Ridge Speedway had
a very small announcer's stand.

Courtesy of RIch Benway
This gives a better look at the
Beech Ridge earlier tower. In the lower section is a newer shot.
Courtesy of Pascal Cote
This Montreal area Quebec
track [likely Riverside
in Laval] not only had an announcer
stand but it looks like a
VIP section - not bad for
the 1960's.
Courtesy of J.G. Chartand
The announcer's booth
at St. Jerome, Quebec's
Bouvrette Speedway was
on the roof of its grand
old covered stands.
Courtesy of Tammy C orbett Ray
Newly - built at the time of
this shot, the announcers' area
at Albany - Saratoga Speedway
built in 1965 was relatively simple.
Courtesy of Scott Bracy Sr.
As seen in the upper portion of
the upper photo, the first
tower at Oxford Plains
Speedway was small
and in between bleacher
sections. It didn't stay that
way - see below.

Courtesy of Staan Kawalsinski.
Look hard and you may make out
the announcer's shack at Pine
Bowl Speedway. It can't be dignified by calling it a tower.
Courtesy of the Gevry Family
Piste de Danville
[Danville Speedway]
in Quebec had that
classic judges' stand,
Courtesy of John Chris Grady
Pete Corey and some fans
in front of the tower at
Richfield Springs, NY
in 1955.
Courtesy of Phil Whipple
The announcer's area
at Northeastern Speedway
was none too spacious.
Courtesy of Sandra Goodwin Fontana
The stand at West Lebanon,
NH's Twin State Jalopy Track
 was a honey.

Courtesy of Elton Ashley
Elton Ashley, one of the guardian angels of Lakeville Speedway, takes a victory lap at his beloved Lakeville. The shot shows the spartan facilities the track had. Check out that elaborate judges' stand.  

Courtesy of Troy Day
The earlier version of
Wiscasset's tower [or
Courtesy of Steve Conklin
The stand at little knonw
Tir - Valley Speedway was
a shack in the center of WHat passed as stands. [Boards set into the
side of a hill].

Courtesy of Bill Kaigle and
The Milton Historical Society
 The checkerboard tower at
Milton, VT's drag strip ended
up at Catamount Stadium as
the handicapper's building
in the pit area when the strip
finally closed.

Courtesy of Shawn Byrne
 Devil's Bowl's tower
in 1967, its first year.
Courtesy of Big Bigelow
The iconic judges' at The Vermont State Fair in Rutland. Lebanon,
Valley's flagger flags the end of a
heat in 1961.
Courtesy of Al Hauver
via Scott Wheeler
The judges' stand at
Newport, VT's Veterans'
Park was well inside
the original horse track, inside
which the stock cars ran..

Courtesy of Big Bigelow
The judges' stand at
Midstate Speedway,
Morris, NY.
Courtesy of Ernie Bodreau
The old aannouncer's tower
at Claremont Speedway
[Twin State].
Courtesy of Joe Grossetti
Coxsackie Speedway-
small stands; even smaller
announcer's tower.
 Courtesy of John Wolgenmuth
The judges' stand at
Flemington was in that
classic fairgrounds style.
Courtesy of  Dan Ayotte
The announcer's booth
at Unity Raceway, Maine
looked small but
Courtesy of Vicki Sorrentino
Prior to 1957, the stand
at Lebanon Valley was
in the infield.

Courtesy of Bob Puckett
The mighty Martinsville
once had humbler

Courtesy of Joe Batil
Not as old as some but still having that vintage flavor, Cape Cod's
Chatham Speedway had a very
simple tower.

Courtesy of Jim Kelly
The Victoria Speedway
judges' stand was
attacked by Mel Austin.
Courtesy of Joe Cryan
via Flemke.com
The announcer's booth
at Nazareth was perched
rather precariously.
Courtesy of Barre Rocks.com
Many years before the start of Thunder Road, Barre, VT had
its trotting track, which did
feature some open wheel
racing before the site
became Spaulding High School.
Cute little judges' stand

Courtesy of David Topham
This is Smokey Boutwell,
at either Hudson or Dover Speedway.
Courtesy of Lost Dirt Tracks Site
The announcer's stand at
Newport, VT's Can-Am Speedway
was simple and understated, like the track itself, newly built in 1979.

Courtesy of Michael Friel
The announcer's stand at
the newly - built Wall Stadium.
Courtesy of Tom Schmeh
This shot got most of the rear
of the announcer's booth at the
old Brewerton Speedway.

Shany Lorenzet Photo
via Ray Luce
Thompson, CT. Early
photos shows big stands
and little announcers' area.
Courtesy of R.A. Silvia
via Steve Pellerin
Driver Rudy Guliani [yup,
a different Rudy] at the
Old Orchard Beach mile
"kite track" in 1937. SOme
sort of officials' stand behind.

Courtesy of Walter Newell
Pete Silva and crew, beside
Stan Merserve in Maine. A classic
race track tower in background.

Courtesy of Greg Veinote
The officials' booth at Spud
Speedway, Caribou, ME
during a period of down time and disrepair.

Courtesy of Scott Englund
The same officials' booth at Spud
Speedway, Caribou, ME
during better days.
Courtesy of Marcel Bosse
Maybe a different officials' booth at Spud Speedway, Caribou, ME
during better days.

Howard White Photo via Bob Simons
The Waterford Speedbowl, at it's 1951 opening. Lots of bleacher space; very modest announcer booth.


Courtesy of Steve Pecor
The final configuration of the tower and luxury boxes at Catamount Stadium, Milton,VT

Ladabouche Collection
The construction of the
original announcer's tower
at Catamount in 1965.


Source Unknown
The tower at Sanair.
The Canadians do it
up big.

Leb. Valley Classics Site
Even the older Lebanon
Valley tower was pretty

Steve McKnight Photo
Airborne promoter Mike
Perrotte watches the
action from that
track's elaborate tower.

Pascal Cote's Website
The entire [abandoned]
Autodrome Ste-Damien
sits, like a ghost, intact.
Note the tower is
freestanding, much like
Catamount's was originally.

Courtesy of Pascal Cote
The Montreal area Fury Speedway
in Fabreville apparently set the
tower between its two separate
bleacher sections.
Courtesy of Lyndon Fair Site
The old judges' tower
next to the small stage
may or may not have \been
there when this fair site
in Lyndon, VT served
briefly as the East Lyndon
Jalopy Track in 1950.

Delameter Photo
Courtesy of Ken MacIsaac
In 1986, Oxford Plains
decided it was time to
get serious about the
Announcer and VIP
Courtesy of Gerard Major
via Paacal Cote.
Another look at the
tower at Riverside
Speedway, Laval, QC.
Pretty good for 1959.
Courtesy of Chuck Brownell.
NY State Fairgrounds,
Syracuse 1962,
Courtesy of Kevin Durgin
This shows what Beech Ridge
did later to improve the lot
of announcer and VIPS
Courtesy of Allen Brann
One of Oxford Plains'
towers looms in the background
of the Dale Shaw photo.
Courtesy of Richard LaGrange
When Fonda removed its
iconic announcer's tower
the facility moved to above
the famed covered stands..
Courtesy of Chris Hussey
This is whacha call
yer racin' tower !.
Courtesy of Dave Loeffler
Barefoot Bob McCreadie
havin' uh awful accident
in front of a Fonda tower
enlarged from the



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